Friday, April 13, 2007

NEW Tokyo Disney sea Sindbad Story book voyage video

The Sinbad attraction at Tokyo Disney sea re-open recently after 5 months of transformation, and the Alan Menken/Glen Slater song "The Compass of your heart".

And the miracle happened! The attraction have now a more "musical" theme than the previously "oriental mysterious " theming, and the new song gives an incredible "energy" to the ride experience. Some scenes have been changed, and new one have been added.

Here below you have three you tube links. The two first video are the new version - in two parts - and the third one is the old version, so you can see the differences.

the two first one are you tube videos by tsukasahfromtdr
and the third one from parkhopper


Sheryl Lim said...

I always liked songs composed by Alan Menken. This ride was excellent for me. Animatronics movement very fluid and the song...very very nice :)

Just wish there is an english mp3 I can get so I can hear what all the song has to say :)

Anonymous said...

"Sinbad: The Musical" was amazing.

On previous visits to DisneySea, I had always been very impressed with the high quality of the Sinbad ride - the story, the audio-animatronics, the lighting.

But, my visit on May 18, 2007 was my first experience with the re-imagined Sinbad.

I've been humming the new Sinbad song to myself ever since, even now, a week later, as I drive to work.

I've been to every Disney theme park in the world (annual pass to WDW in Florida), and am simply amazed by the new Sinbad at DisneySea. Well Done! I'd love an english translation, though....

Anonymous said...

I was my first time to TDS and Sinbad's Storybook Adventure is simply AMAZING!!! I went 2 years ago, and I can't get rid of the song. It's totally like an adventure:)