Monday, April 9, 2007

MGM MOVIE theme park South Korea project

MGM will open a new theme park in 2010 in South Korea. Thinkwell company is designing it, and here are three renderings to show you more: the entrance, Hollywood way , and a bird's eye plan view.

More details with the presentation text from the Thinkwell web site:
"Scheduled to open in 2010, this $1.02 billion MGM Studios-based destination resort conceived and designed by Thinkwell Design & Production consists of a world-class theme park, entertainment retail complex and hotel.

Not a traditional ride park, MGM Studio Park, an innovative new experience theme park, will consist of unique themed attractions, innovative rides, experiences, original shows & spectaculars and a brand new kind of movie attraction that’s an immersive, all-day VIP experience.

Hollywood Way, the entertainment retail complex connected to the entrance of MGM Studio Park, is a fantasy backlot come alive with amazing retail, exclusive dining and one-of-a kind MGM branded experiences, nightlife, entertainment and more."

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