Saturday, November 9, 2019

Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission, a Star Trek Discovery VR Experience Is At Last Coming, Debut on Nov 13 !

At last! Star Trek fans will be happy to hear that Sandbox has created a new VR experience inspired by “Star Trek: Discovery” and the iconic Holodeck and you'll be able to experience it at locations around the world.

If there is a VR experience that should have existed from the start it's a Star Trek one, the legendary Holodeck of the series being the closest to a VR experience. Now, Sandbox is bringing it to you, through a combination of real-time motion capture cameras and VR technology, players will immerse themselves in a unique social experience that brings the Star Trek universe to life with Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission. Players will warp into an exciting adventure as a U.S.S. Discovery crew member on an away team mission.

Steve Zhao, CEO and founder of Sandbox VR said: “We want fans to know that this isn’t like any virtual reality you may have experienced or heard about before…this is something bigger and better. For those that may not know what to expect with the graphics or the hardware, we can describe the experience as VR as it’s meant to be…it’s not a game, it’s not a movie, it’s not traditional VR, it’s a full-body experience that completely transforms you, where you become the experience itself.”

Built in partnership with CBS Interactive, Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission fully immerses you in the world of Star Trek like never before. You and your friends will join the crew aboard the U.S.S. Discovery. In your role as Starfleet officers, you'll have the chance to stand on a transporter pad with your own two feet and get beamed to your Away Mission.

Guiding you on your mission is Starfleet officer Sylvia Tilly (voiced by Mary Wiseman). As an Away Team, you will investigate a mysterious distress signal originating from an unexplored alien world.

Using iconic Starfleet equipment like the phaser and tricorder, it is up to your crew to work together to solve the mystery and survive the perils along the way.

Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission is coming soon to a Sandbox VR location near you, and right now Sandbox VR centres are already open at Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, coming soon at New York, San Diego, Chicago, Austin and Dallas, and already open in Asia at Hong Kong, Jakarta, Macau and Singapore.  To experience Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission is pricey, though, as it will cost you $48 for a mission that seems to be no longer than 40 minutes. You can book now on Sandbox website HERE and watch the trailer below!

Pictures: copyright Sandbox

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Walt Disney Company Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Earnings for Fiscal 2019.

The Walt Disney Company reports fourth quarter and full year earnings for fiscal year 2019. Disney profits top Wall Street estimates as streaming wars begin: You have all details for each in the Business Wire article HERE, but here is Disney’s statement for the results about Disney Parks and resorts:

Parks, Experiences and Products revenues for the quarter increased 8% to $6.7 billion, and segment operating income increased 17% to $1.4 billion. Operating income growth for the quarter was due to increases from merchandise licensing, Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club.

Higher operating income at our merchandise licensing business was due to an increase in revenue from sales of merchandise based on Frozen and Toy Story, partially offset by lower sales of merchandise based on Mickey and Minnie.

Growth at Disneyland Resort was primarily due to higher guest spending, partially offset by expenses associated with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which opened on May 31, and, to a lesser extent, lower attendance. Guest spending growth was primarily due to increases in average ticket prices and higher food, beverage and merchandise spending.

The increase in operating income at Disney Vacation Club was due to higher sales at Disney’s Riviera Resort in the current quarter, which included a timing benefit from the adoption of new revenue recognition accounting guidance (see page 6), compared to sales of Copper Creek Villas & Cabins in the prior-year quarter.

Results at Walt Disney World Resort were comparable to the prior-year quarter, despite the adverse impact of Hurricane Dorian in the current quarter. Increases in guest spending and, to a lesser extent, occupied room nights and attendance were offset by higher costs. Higher costs were driven by costs associated with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which opened on August 29, and cost inflation. Guest spending growth was primarily due to increased food, beverage and merchandise spending and higher average ticket prices.

Operating income at our international parks and resorts was comparable to the prior-year quarter, as growth at Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disney Resort was largely offset by a decrease at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The increase at Disneyland Paris was driven by higher average ticket prices and attendance growth. At Shanghai Disney Resort, higher operating income was due to an increase in average ticket prices, partially offset by lower attendance. Lower results at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort were due to decreases in attendance and occupied room nights reflecting the impact of recent events.

Picture: copyright Disney

First Poster and Teaser Trailer for Pixar « Soul » and First Trailer for "Wendy" !

The first poster and teaser trailer for Pixar « Soul » have been released - t e animated movie will be in theatres June 2020 - watch the teaser trailer below!

Also, the first trailer for "Wendy" has been released too. The classic story of Peter Pan is wildly reimagined in this ragtag epic from Benh Zeitlin, director of Beasts of the Southern Wild. Zeitlin’s modern adaptation of the classic children’s story is told from a young Wendy’s perspective.

Lost on a mysterious island where aging and time have come unglued, Wendy must fight to save her family, her freedom, and the joyous spirit of youth from the deadly peril of growing up. The movie will be in theaters February 28, 2020.

Picture and video: copyright Disney - Pixar, Fox Searchlight

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

DLP Walt Disney Studios Expansion Construction Permit Brings New Infos on WDS Lake and Water Shows

We have new infos about Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios expansion, and it's official infos! Not coming from Disneyland Paris directly but from the construction permit that has been granted to the park. And the permit also include precious plans that you will find below.

The permit include many pages of administrative points, not interesting for you, so i choose some excerpts which are the most interesting points for DLP fans. These confirm what we knew or suspected already, i.e that the new lake will include backstage a water area which will be a"place of storage and maintenance of the equipment intended for the realization of the shows" on the lake, i.e fountain, projection and fireworks shows but also most probably a water parade with floats going then backstage like they do at Tokyo DisneySea. The new lake construction is apparently scheduled to be completed for 2022.

Here is a first plan showing the whole Disneyland Paris resort area. The WDS expansion area is the one circled by an orange line. Click on each plan to see them in big size.

This next one brings a closer view to the WDS expansion area, circled in orange.

Check on this next plan the water areas in light purple color.

And this last one shows clearly the water areas ( in blue color ) and the new buildings around the lake. So you can identify them, i've indicated which one is for the Frozen land or the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge land or show building.

Another interesting point is that we can see that there will be no space, unfortunately, to add later on the left side of the Frozen area the sleigh coaster that will be part of the Frozen land at HKDL. The water canal on the left going from the lake to the backstage area, as you can see on the artwork below, should prevent to built the coaster there like they will do at HKDL, and although they will still have land available on the right between Frozen land and Galaxy's Edge i doubt they will build the sleigh coaster there as it could mean backstage view. Technically it would be possible but i wouldn't put your bets on it. Also, what is written "Berme" will be in fact artifical hills.

Here is the translation of the not-to-be-missed description text excerpts and you can see or download the full PDF file ( in French ) HERE. 


The beneficiary is authorized to carry out the project of extension of the Walt Disney studios park on the commune of Chessy as prescribed in the articles of this decree.

The Walt Disney Studios Park extension project covers approximately 30 hectares that will be developed for the realization of the following attractions:

A pleasure lake with an area of ​​2.87 hectares with restaurant and services on 2200 sqm approximately.
A new Frozen land on a footprint of about 7000 sqm.
A new Land Star Wars on a footprint of about 10,200 sqm.
The project integrates the realization of two types of water body:

A permanent body of water that the area at the nominal level is 2.87 hectares.
Several non-permanent water bodies that correspond to the preferred open-water infiltration areas proposed for the management of small rains. The cumulative area of ​​these entities is 0.28 hectares.
The cumulated total area of ​​all the water plans thus reaches 3.15 hectares.
This 2.87 hectares recreational lake is a logistical element for the realization of the shows planned in association with the new lands objects of the extension of the park: pyrotechnic show, light show, aquatic animation.
This body of water will not receive activity practiced by the public, like sailing or swimming. Its use is not intended to ensure the quantitative or qualitative control of water runoff from the site, although it is a receptacle for falling rainwater. It also has no ecological vocation.

Located in the center of the extension project it consists of three entities:

The main circular water body, 1.67 hectares in size, is the center of the extension and support for show activities.
A rectangular technical basin with a surface of 0.53 hectares, place of storage and maintenance of the equipment intended for the realization of the shows.
An area of ​​0.67 hectares of water connects the two entities to allow boats dedicated to show logistics to reach the main basin from the technical basin.

Three structures also contribute to the maintenance of the pleasure water plan, a bridge spanning the waterway, with an overflow device and a circulation and treatment device for the water mass designed to ensure recirculation and physical treatment of the 67,000 m³ it contains at the rate of twice a week without the addition of any chemical or biological additives. The treatment system will include granular filtration (sand filter) and physical disinfection (ultraviolet reactors).


Le bénéficiaire est autorisé à réaliser le projet d’extension du parc Walt Disney studios sur la commune de Chéssy telles que prescrit dans les articles du présent arrêté.

Le projet d’extension du parc Walt Disney studios couvre 30 hectares environ qui seront développés pour la réalisation des attractions suivantes :

Un plan d'eau d’agrément d’une superficie de 2,87 hectares agrémenté de restaurant et services sur 2200 m² environ.
Un nouveau Land Frozen sur une emprise d’environ 7000 m².
Un nouveau Land Star Wars sur une emprise d’environ 10 200 m².

Le projet intègre la réalisation de deux types de plan d'eau :

Un plan d'eau permanent dans la superficie au niveau nominal s’élève à 2,87 hectares.
Plusieurs plans d'eau non permanent qui correspondent aux aires d’infiltration privilégiée à ciel ouvert proposé pour la gestion des petites pluies. La surface cumulé de ses entités s’élève à 0,28 hectares.
La surface totale cumulé de l’ensemble des plans do atteint donc 3,15 hectares.
Ce plan d'eau d’agrément d’une surface de 2,87 hectares, à vocation paysagère, constitue un élément logistique pour la réalisation des spectacles prévu en association avec les nouveaux univers objet de l’extension du parc spectacle pyrotechnique jeu de lumière animation aquatique.
Ce plan d'eau ne recevra pas d’activité pratiquée par le public du type navigation ni de baignade. Son usage de ne le destine pas à assurer la maîtrise quantitative ou qualitative des eaux de ruissellement du site, bien qu’il constitue un réceptacle des eaux pluviales tombant dans son emprise, il n’a par ailleurs aucune vocation écologique.
Situé au centre du projet d’extension il est constitué de trois entités :

Le plan d'eau principale circulaire, d’une surface de 1,67 hectares, centre de l’extension et support des activités de spectacle.
Un bassin technique rectangulaire d’une surface de 0,53 hectares, lieu de stockage et de maintenance des équipements destinés à la réalisation de spectacle.
Un bras d'eau d’une surface de 0,67 hectares relie les deux entités afin de permettre à des embarcations dédiées à la logistique de gagner le bassin principal depuis le bassin technique.

Trois ouvrages participent par ailleurs à la maintenance du plan d'eau d’agrément, un pont enjambant le bras d'eau, à dispositif de trop-plein et un dispositif de circulation et de traitement de la masse d'eau dimensionnée pour assurer la recirculation et le traitement physique des 67 000 m³ qu’il contient au rythme de deux fois par semaine sans apport d’aucun additif chimique ou biologique. Le système de traitement comprendra d’une part une filtration granulaire (filtre à sable) et une désinfection physique (réacteurs ultraviolets).

Pictures: copyright Disney

Disneyland Paris Christmas Season Magical Commercial, Booking Now Open for Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel !

From November 9 till January 6 it's the Christmas season at Disneyland Paris and the park has released a truly magical commercial with Santa Claus and his elves that you're gonna love!

Also, Bookings Now Open for Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris! Disney has just announced that Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is now open for booking, and will officially open to guests on June 15, 2020. To make a booking go on DLP website HERE.

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will be inspired by a New York art gallery, in tribute to the city that was the birthplace of the Marvel Super Heroes and the various artists who created them. When it opens in summer 2020, it will be the very first hotel dedicated to the Art of Marvel, inviting guests to discover the iconic stories and characters behind the epic universe.

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Monday, November 4, 2019

DLP Walt Disney Studios Spiderman Ride Construction Update

Image result for disneyland paris  spiderman ride artwork

We'll start the week by having a look at DLP Walt Disney Studios Spiderman ride construction site where walls of the new building are going up quickly! The ride won't open before 2021 and there nothing less sexy than concrete walls, so don't get too excited as it's far to look like it does on the artwork above, but everything needs a beginning and it's on good way for a 2021 opening. Thanks as always to Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster for his pictures.

A temporary and removable shopping truck has appeared in the WDS.

Near the Ratatouille area the small chalets for the Christmas season are now in place.

Also, I'm doing until the end of the week a great special offer on both the French AND English eBook editions of the acclaimed Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality book, a great way to both bring your support to D&M and to get this great book that everyone love!

You can order it to me for 18 euros instead of 29 euros and, as it is an eBook, there is no shipping fee! All you have to do is to send me an email at: and you can send your payment with Paypal at You also can send the 18€ directly to: and if you send it this way, please send it in the mode "for family and friends".

You'll also need to let me know if you want to read the eBook on a PC or iMac computer or on a Apple or Android mobile device. I will send you then an email telling you how to do to download the eBook, and then you'll be able to have the book with you and read it at home, on your mobile device and even when you'll go at DLP!

If you've never seen the book you'll find pictures below and a video at the end of the article HERE.

WDS Pictures: copyright DLP Welcome