Friday, October 5, 2018

First Guests Enter Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, Now in Soft-Opening !

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, the new park located at less than 30 minutes from Shanghaî Disneyland and the new major attraction in Shanghaî is now in soft opening, though the park is still in construction and the main rides not open yet! Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park was designed by Gary Goddard Entertainment - now Legacy GGE - and the first pictures shot from inside of the park appeared in Chinese medias, let's have a closer look at these!

Pictures of the entrance with the giant WOW letters and killer whales sculptures.

Firsts guests enter the park!

Here is the park map!

After going through the turnstiles, the first thing that guests see is the big "Steel Dolphin" Intamin launch coaster.

Note the jet ski show on the picture below.

A selection of aerial drone pictures of the park. Click on each to see them in bigger size.

Let's move to Rainbow Falls Volcano with the Volcano Whale Shark Hall and the Underwater World building nearby. Whale sharks and Manta Rays will arrive soon.

The Skyway gondolas are already working.

Arrival of the skyway to Polar Mountain at the other end.

A zoom on the top of Polar Mountain - and no, it's not Elsa Ice Castle!

Inside the Polar Mountain is a Beluga exhibit, with so far two Belugas

The Sand Castle restaurant.

The Coral Cathedral Jelly Fish and Coral exhibition Pavilion.

The 360° projection dome show.

The Seal - Sea Lions show / exhibit and pavilion.

The huge Dolphins theatre for the Symphony of the Seas Dolphins show, with the smart idea of a projection wall in the background.

Apparently the park also include a 4D attraction...

...and Carousels and kiddie rides at the Gold Coast area.

There is also a "Christmas Town" area...

...and even African drummers, here apparently in the courtyard of the Coral pavilion.

The entrance of the Penguin restaurant.

Here is a first Chinese news video, more videos of the park will be available anytime soon.

One last picture for the road with this night shot below of the park entrance. The entrance for Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park will have an attractive price around 30% cheaper than Shanghaî Disneyland and when all rides and shows will be operational, in a month or so, there is no doubt that the park will start to be a competitor to SDL. Shanghaî Disneyland will still be of a higher category but anyone at SDL who would think that Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park will not be a problem for Shanghaî Disneyland would have a serious problem of insight...

D&M thanks all the people who shot these great pictures of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park as well as Michael from the forum who found them. Make sure to visit Themeparx HERE for more photos available of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park.