Thursday, December 6, 2007

Disney's California Adventure original artwork

California Adventure , thanks to the one billion dollars huge placemaking will change a lot in the next years, and everybody seems to be happy with the new concept unveiled recently. No doubt that the park will be totally different , with an even more detailed theming, great e-ticket attractions, etc...

So, before the first version of DCA disappear forever, let's have a look back to the original art of the first version. Most of the images below are new scans in high-res, so as usual click on each image to see them in bigger size.

This first one is a birdview of both parks

This next one is a kind of digital rendering of the entrance

Here is the entrance of the Hollywood Pictures backlot

This is a first concept for the Animation building

And here is how it look finally

This rendering is for the Muppet 3D area

Here is the artwork for the Monsters inc facade

Let's have a look now at the different Grizzly river run area

This one shows the Grizzly peak recreation area

Let's have a look now to Condor Flats

Here is a rare one about the Soarin' attraction

This one show the Bug's life area

Let's move now to the Pacific Wharf

Here is the artwork for the Boudin bakery

And here is the one for the Mission tortilla factory

Three different and beautiful artwork for Paradise Pier

Here is a sketch for the Golden Zephyr

And different sketches for King Triton Carousel

Let's end with a look at the future with this rendering of the Carthay Circle Theater which will be built at the northern edge of the new Walt Disney Plaza !

All artwork: copyright Disney

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walt Disney Studios at night - Pictures by Alexandre Rosa

The Tower of Terror soft-opening begin next saturday for annual pass holders, and today, i would like to show you how the WDS look at night. After all, because the park close generally between 6 and 7pm , nearly 8 months each year, the guests can't enjoy the great lighting that WDI imagineers have done for the park. It's a pity, because, as usual, the lighting work is fantastic as you will see.

All the photos shown here in this eye-candy article are by Alexandre Rosa, a young and talented french photographer , and all your congratulations must be send to him!

So, let's begin by the beginning, i.e the entrance of the park, above.

As the Studio 1 decor is indoor and "eternally" at night, so i am cheating a little bit , but the decor is so great that, well, here are the pictures!

The Mickey statue at the entrance of the Toon Studio

The Animagique attraction entrance

The Monsters inc photo location

The Cars attraction

The Cars "street" decor

The Aladdin magic carpet ride

Crush's coaster facade

Toon Town "entrance" backdrop

The path to the Tram tour - before the lighting of Tower of terror was complete

The Cinemagique " studio 2 " building

"Rendez-vous des stars" restaurant entrance

The Armageddon attraction facade

Moteurs, action stunt show entrance

The Rock and roller coaster facade

And the Backlot express restaurant

And the new Hollywood Blvd and Tower of terror, you ask? Well, this, my friends, is for next week! In the meantime, i suggest you to go on Alexandre website where you will see more great pictures of the WDS at night - If the link don't work copy and paste this url adress:

All photos in this article are : copyright Alexandre Rosa