Friday, March 23, 2018

Disney and More Needs Your ( Urgent ) support !

VERY Important message: Folks, you couldn’t know it because i succeeded to keep posting each day and D&M looks as usual, but in fact the last two weeks have been dreadful for me. And i am sorry to say that Disney and more truly needs your urgent support, and it’s no joking’!

Disney and more started 11 years ago and since April 2007, at the exception of the ads or special offers for my Disneyland Paris book, the site never had any publicity - voluntarily as just like everyone i don’t like sites with Ads everywhere - not even a “Paypal donation” button at the end of the articles, except for a very short period, years ago. Sounds cool but it also mean that the site - and so, myself - don’t live on Advertising revenues, or anything else others than the sales of the book. Unfortunately, something happened recently which put my situation in true jeopardy. So, for the first time in 11 years, i have to ask for your support.

What happened has in fact a name and it’s called “Murphy’s law”. Murphy’s law, basically, means that “everything that can go wrong will go wrong”. We’ve all been through moments like this, when not only nothing works as it should, but every project is stopped no matter what you do or is delayed infinitely, and at the end it’s your own life which is in danger. In this case, and although I always enjoy a lot posting daily articles on Disney and more and find for you the most interesting links for this Facebook page, i learned this week that some money that i was expecting soon won’t come in before months and, as the projects i'm working on won’t also bring revenue before months, i know now that i won’t make it.

So, i find myself in an emergency situation, so truly urgent that i have to ask for your support, and God knows that i really hate to have to do this. The best way to bring your support to D&M is through a donation by directly sending directly the amount you wish to my Paypal account at: It can be any amount whether it is 5, 10, 20 or 50 $ or €, or any amount you wish in any currency, and each donation will be rewarded by a very cool gift.
Editing: Just saw on Paypal that those of you who don't have a Paypal account can send their donation by going to:

I sincerely thank you by advance for your generosity and your comprehension.


Thorsten said...

Hi from Germany!

It is my pleasure to send you some money because not only that I love your book you are the best information site about Disney and Disneyland Paris.

Keep on going !

All the best
Thorsten sent!

Anonymous said...

Just make a small donation, hope it can help you although is nothing compared to the illusion of reading each of your updates. Gracias!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for all your work - I sent a donation

guru said...


David said...


Sad to hear that, I have your book at home (great work). I would think some small AdSense-ads on the site wouldn't disturb too many of us loyal readers. Afterall, even Disney uses ads/sponsorships within the parks and some of it's You Tube Channels ;-)