Thursday, March 22, 2018

D&M Poll: What About Having a Gorgeous Two Meters Long Cutaway Nautilus ?

We learn with an interesting Laughing Place article HERE that "WDI, under the leadership of Bob Weis, will take on the responsibility of developing consumer products such as merchandise, games, publishing and apps”. At first sight it can look like an odd idea (WDI Imagineers probably have better things to do ), but may be they’re the best ones to create products that fans will love.

So, talking about collectibles merchandise, i'd like to have your opinion about an idea that i had and would like to suggest to DLP. It is about a Nautilus item - as we are the only Disney park having a Nautilus in which we can enter inside - and it's a Nautilus product that has never been done before, though a model kit exist. 

Look above and below at two rare pictures of Tom Scherman - Imagineer and Nautilus specialist without whom we wouldn’t have a Nautilus in Paris - standing with the cutaway Nautilus that Tom did a long time ago. Plenty of Nautilus replicas have been previously released, in different sizes, but nobody ever released a cutaway Nautilus like the one below where you can see the different rooms inside Nemo's submarine, with miniature furniture in each, etc...

The idea would be to release one, except that here it’s all in one piece when the one that would be sold would be in several parts which, put together, would make a Nautilus as big as it is here on these pictures. You can’t do a smaller cutaway Nautilus because it would mean that the small elements inside the rooms would be proportionally even smaller than here and it would be too difficult to do well. Also, you can't sell it in the park the size like it is above because it’ll be too big to carry for guests in the park or even to be shipped for those who would order it through DLP mail order service. Not to mention that it will be probably also too expensive.

So, the idea would be to sell it in 4 or 5 parts, starting by the one with Captain Nemo's famous Grand Salon, and then each six months or so, to release a new part, and at the end when all the parts would be released it would make a cutaway Nautilus as big as here. I've heard years ago from the great Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily - who did the awesome collectibles for Disneyland 50th Anniversary - that they had a similar project, so may be Kevin and Jody could do it. And, if he is still alive and always working, the great Robert Olszewski who did years ago all Disneyland in miniature surely would be able to recreate each Nautilus rooms and furniture in miniature size.

Wouldn't it be cool? I'm sure that Nautilus fans would love to have a cutaway Nautilus in their home. So, please leave your opinion below, and don't hesitate to do it as i know that DLP is following D&M and your opinion might have more weight than you think. By the way, i've been told recently that the results of the polls that i did some months ago on D&M asking what kind of attractions you would like to see coming at DLP in the future were taken into account by DLPI, and it's even partly thanks to those of you who answered "NO" at 86% at the question "Would you like the Tower of Terror to be changed in a Guardians of Galaxy ride?" that we succeeded to finally keep the ToT as it is in the WDS! True. One may think that Disney don't listen to the fans and that they do what they want, which is often right, but sometime they're not sure of the right decision to take, and it's here that fans opinions can help to tip the scales in favor of one side rather than another.

So, all this to say that if you like this idea of a collectible cutout Nautilus, say it below!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! It would be nice to have such cutaway model, maybe even with a hull you could open or close.

Thorsten said...

Hi from Germany,

a very good idea but it depends on how much it would cost incl. shipping.

I would love to see more props and it would be great if we could have a Disneyland Paris model just like the once from Olszewski some years ago for the US parcs.

- Thorsten

Xavier said...

I call my Nautilus scale model from Tokyo Disney Sea "my precious"... ^^