Saturday, August 27, 2016

DLP Update : Disneyland Paris Announces the Season of the force, a Tour of Parks Renovations, and more...

I've got a new Disneyland Paris update for you this week-end, thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster. But first, as we are four days before August 31, i remind you that the great Summer Special Offe ron the awesome Disneyland Paris book is ending in four days and it's still time to order your own copy at 60€ only ( + 15€ shipping worldwide, except Belgium and Italy for which shipping is 25€. Payment can be done by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer, see more at the end of the article or send me an email at:

And now, let's move to the parks! The weather in France is now extremely hot. There is a brightness so unusually strong, severals pictures were difficult to shoot. It is so hot and beautiful, i wonder how DLP Cast Members do to survive...



Main Street USA station still awaits the return of his « EDRR » medallions. And a nice Welcome Committee awaits us under the station by playing some Star Wars and Frozen themes.





Refurbishment of the facade of Ribbons & Bows Hat Shop until November.



DLP Castle under a totally clear blue sky with no clouds, this don't happen every day!



Let's go to Discoveryland… and by the way when you arrive at the entrance of the land, yes, there is no doubt!





Discovery Lagoon has been cleaned and refilled and the the roof of Space Mountain: Mission 2 will be soon cleaned and repainted.






The incredible low wait for Space Mountain Mission 2 (and Pirates of the Caribbean) shows the disastrous summer that is experiencing the destination. At noon, there was only a five minutes wait for each of the attractions, and this when large areas and attractions are still closed for rehabilitations. This sad score will not be without consequences for the Resort for the coming months with reduction in all departments budgets. For example, the rehabilitation of Studios Tram Tour was canceled and rescheduled as a simple refurbishment, when a new staging of the decors elements was expected. Restrictions that can even go into the programming of the 25th anniversary. Also some restaurants are now closed in view of the low number of visitors (ex: Pizza Planet). And about DLP Cast Members, if this crisis of visitors continues, the Park may  reduce the staff while hiring new CM are currently stopped. We are in a classic management crisis.

Well, let’s continue!
The Pizza Planet Restaurant is closed and the sign has been removed.


On the area of « Star Tours: The Adventure Continues » scaffoldings are installed around the future meeting point of Star Wars characters




This week the Park was shooting its advertising for DLP 25th anniversary (starting april 2017) and the Season of the Force (from January to March 2017)


Let's move to the castle too see the mechanical crane allowing artists to perform the repainting of the castle.






At Adventureland, the Galleon is currently under scaffolding… but we secretly hope that the cracked mast and the sails which were dirty because of the climate will be replaced.




The renovation of Adventure Isle is not totally complete, as the part with the « boat wreck » located between Swiss Robinsons Treehouse and the Galleon hasn’t been touched during the renovation of the island. The reopening to the guests of this part of the island could be compromised.


12 000 ! This is the number of Pineapple Whip sold by Disney in just two months! It is a very good score for a new product launched without advertising, on a single point of sale with nothing special.



At Frontierland, the renovation of Big Thunder Mountain continues with the painters specialized in climbing, but also the return of rocks at the base of the isle, meaning the end of the renovations on this part of the site. Also,  some plants are back on the mountain.









Let's move to Walt Disney Studios Park, would we ?










The big announcement this week for 2017 was undeniable the SEASON OF THE FORCE!
"Soon, in a future not so far away, Disneyland Paris will awaken the Force with an all-new and exclusive celebration of the Star Wars saga featuring live characters and stunning entertainment.
For a limited time only, in early 2017, Disneyland Paris will be gripped by the Season of the Force:
The Walt Disney Studios Park will present a giant night-time spectacular, which will transport guests into the heart of the Star Wars saga. This show, only available at Disneyland Paris, will combine live entertainment, breathtaking special effects and an epic sound and light show projected on the Park’s most iconic architecture.
Throughout the day, guests will also come face to face with heroes from the Star Wars universe. Encounter a patrol of Stormtroopers, face some of the most powerful members of the Dark Side or join the rebellion with the friendly Chewbacca.
This experience is guaranteed to dazzle everyone, from the youngest Padawan to the wisest Jedi. From 14 January to 26 March 2017, come to the Walt Disney Studios Park and let the force be with you with Star Wars, Season of the Force."


Here is a first TV Ad released by the park to promote their upcoming Season of the Force.

A bit more thanks to DLPToday:

Feel the full power of Star Wars with the Disneyland Paris Season of the Force From 14th January to 26th March 2017, Disneyland Paris awakens with the Season of the Force. Summon your inner Jedi and lead your young Padawans to Walt Disney Studios Park for an intergalactic extravaganza, where a spectacular nighttime show blasts you to the heart of the Star Wars saga. During the day, the light or dark side, you must choose. But be sure to pick wisely, as the fearful First Order march perilously close and stormtroopers patrol the streets. And if it’s more of the Force you’re after, fulfil your destiny at the Jedi Training Academy in Disneyland Park.

The light or dark side, you must choose
Let the Force guide you to Production Courtyard in Walt Disney Studios® Park for an extraordinary example of galactic might. Will you submit to the dark side? Or does your path lead to the light side?

Behold the power of the dark side
Blast off to Walt Disney Studios Park and witness the wicked wonder of Captain Phasma leading a battalion of stormtroopers on an iconic military march.

Projection show on Hollywood Tower Hotel:
Let the Force light up your night
Make your way to Walt Disney Studios Park for a sensational show in front of Hollywood Tower Hotel, as light projection, special effects and live characters turn darkness into spectacular scenes from the Star Wars saga.

Are you the rebel they’re looking for? Keep a cool head in Walt Disney Studios® Park because some stormtroopers are patrolling Production Courtyard and they’re on the hunt for rebel spies.

The Place of the Stars will be a great place to watch this Star Wars night show on the Tower of Terror (most probably inspired by the fireworks at WDW Disney Hollywood Studios). That said, the trees could significantly hide the view during the show if nothing is done.




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