Friday, August 9, 2019

Disney and more Needs Urgently Your Support !

Editor's Note: Folks, I have no good news today as Disney and more needs urgently your support, and it's serious so please make sure to read this below!

I've started D&M 12 years ago and in these 12 years, believe it or not, i've posted around 5600 articles. That's 466 articles per year, which is quite insane. Most of them were not short articles, as you know, and I always spent a lot of time to make them as perfect as possible, something that i'm sure you probably feel. During all these years i succeeded to keep Disney and more without any publicity - except for my Disneyland Paris book - as just like you i really don't like to have Ads everywhere in an article. Until now it was okay for me because the sales of the book were bringing some revenues but now that there is no more copies of the DLP book, things are getting of course more difficult.

I always enjoy posting every day as well as on the D&M facebook page, as much as i'm sure you always enjoy the D&M updates. In addition, Disney and more is a gold mine of pictures, artworks, videos, and more, like no other site as all pics are always in the best size and definition available and without any watermark most of the time. Also, I don't want to have to put a pay wall to enter D&M because i hate pay walls, just like everyone. But no need to be a genius to understand that if there is no pay wall, no publicity and no more printed books or others items to sell, there is a serious problem of revenues.

In these 12 years i think i have asked only twice or so for your support so it's difficult to say that i abuse of doing this, but today the situation is truly serious and this time i really need to ask for your support and generosity. As usual the easiest way to send your support is through Paypal and i've created a page on Paypal where you can place your donation. I think there is a minimum of only 10€ but you're welcome to send more, of course. Also, as i don't want to have to ask for your support each month i've put a goal of a 10000€ amount so it should help to resolve the problem at least until the end of the year, and in the meantime with a bit of luck some projects i'm working on will finally enter into action - and this include one that you will love.

HERE is the link to the Paypal page to send your support 

If you can't access the page, you also can send directly your donation to:    and if you send it this way, please send it in the mode "for family and friends".

I know that we all get used to have everything for free on the net, but we know it's not really true. As someone put it: "when it's free, you are the product" - you know, all these sites who cynically make money with your datas. Like everyone I hate that, and there is nothing like this with D&M, and it will never happen. I know that you enjoy D&M because if not i wouldn't have 4-5000 pages read each day and 40000 followers on Facebook. So, asking for a 10€ minimum donation doesn't sound exaggerate to me, is it?

There is also a good news: everyone who will donate will be rewarded by great surprise gifts. And you will even have the choice of the gifts, and all are great ones! So, after you sent your donation, don't forget to send me an email with your name to let me know at : so i can send you the surprise gifts to thank you.

Most of all, i thank you by advance, from the bottom of my heart, for your generosity.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Watch Imagineer Bei Yang Explaining at SIGGRAPH 2019 How Did WDI to Create Galaxy's Edge Millenium Falcon Smuggler's Run Ride

At SIGGRAPH 2019 Unreal Engine Panel, Bei Yang, Technology Studio Executive at Walt Disney Imageneering did a presentation explaining the amazing technology which was needed to create the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Smuggler's Run ride. How they achieved to make a projection with real time rendering - as guests pilot the Falcon - and how the Falcon cockpit is in fact placed inside a dome on which is projected the ride movie.

Some might find Bei Yang explanations a bit hard technically but believe me, it worth the watch. Just jump directly to 52min 30sec when his presentation begin.

Pictures and video: copyright Unreal Engine - Walt Disney Imagineering

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

AMAZING Impressions of Disney characters by DLP Guest Brian Hull inside Disneyland Paris hotel!

Something very fun to end the day with these AMAZING impressions of Disney characters by DLP guest Brian Hull inside Disneyland Paris hotel!

Video: copyright Brian Hull

Is the New Universal Patent Showing a Tower Ride System For a Wizarding World Floo Network Attraction ?

Blooloop has found that Universal Studios recently filed two new patents for two different tower rides, one with interactive features, and one with rooms stacked up a tower with a rotating lift system. In this article i'll talk only about what kind of attraction the second patent could be related to, so please jump to Blooloop HERE for the patent about the interactive ride.

So, the second patent - drawings above and below - describes “a plurality of rooms stacked atop one another with the ride vehicles being able to go in and out of the rooms and rotate and twist and ascend and descend the tower. The ride system allows for flexibility in the path taken by the ride vehicle, thereby enabling a number of different potential experiences for the guests".

All the question of course is: for what kind of themed attraction would Universal use this new patent? Well, according to a D&M reader "this is the Floo Network dark ride /puzzle theater for Epic Universe, Universal Orlando's new theme park announced last week and opening in 2023 or so. It will be themed to the Ministry of Magic and it is supposed to be the large show building in the Fantastic Beasts land on the top right corner of the Epic Universe concept art", this one below.

Now, what is this "Floo Network", you ask? We can learn more about it on the Harry Potter Wiki page HERE:
"The Floo Network is a mode of wizarding transportation in which a witch or wizard goes from one place to another by means of Floo Powder and a fireplace. Many fireplaces are connected in the Floo Network, and the traveller need only speak the desired fireplace they wish to arrive very clearly as they stand in the emerald green flames.
The British network is governed by the Floo Network Authority, a section of the Department of Magical Transportation of the Ministry of Magic. This department is located on Level Six of the Ministry. The Floo Network Authority controls which fireplaces are connected to the Floo Network, which requires specialised magic. Travelling by way of the Floo Network can be done without specialised magic, and can be preferable for wizards too young to Apparate or those without access to other forms of transportation, such as broomsticks."

Interestingly, it seems that Universal started to develop a ride on a theme of the Ministry of Magic Floo Network years ago, and In 2017 they announced they were making a Floo Network ride for Universal Orlando. The 2017 drawings showed smaller cars - picture above - but the artworks from the new patent shows that the concept has expanded with may be even a drop at the end like at Tower of Terror.

IF - and that's a big "if" - the ride will be indeed themed on the Floo Network - which, again, allow wizards to travel quickly from one place to another - from what we can see on the patent drawings my guess is that the ride will start like the first drawing at the top of this article, with all guests in the Ministry of Magic placed in cross looking at each other and then each of the platforms on which they are seated will turn rapidly, eventually move up or down to enter another place at another floor.  The bet here is not 100% sure but i think there is enough elements to bet on this new patent being for the Floo Network ride, though until an official announcement from Universal you may still consider it as a rumor.

Pictures: copyright Universal Studios

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

WDW Update: First Pictures of Disney Hollywood Studios Galaxy's Edge

I've got for you a new WDW update today with the first Pictures of Disney Hollywood Studios Galaxy's Edge! Let's say it right from the start: the land, at the exception of its entrances looks almost identical than the Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. Of course they used the same blueprints and some might regret that there is not more differences between the two lands, but as we know it's something theme parks - not only Disney - usually do as if they don'tit means new costs from the "research and development" department.

Anyway, let's have a look around DHS Galaxy's Edge, would we?  First picture above shows the main entrance to the land, on the "Muppets" side, not the one from Toy Story land.

The next picture below shows the building with the market inside and here there is a big difference with the one at Disneyland. Not only the facade don't have the same color - here it's a kind of dark brown -but this big grey cylinder on the right was also not grey but rather the same color than the two smaller ones on the left- see also picture below, and in my opinion i don't think that it's a good idea at all to leave this huge cylinder with this grey color. Specially considering that there is another one on the other wall on the right that you can't see on the picture here.

Some of Galaxy's Edge spires and ships...

Stromtroopers are there...

...and apparently control soemoen from the Resistance...

...running away from them.

More Droids pictures from the Droid factory...

Details of Don-Onkar's Den of Antiquities shop.

Another Star Wars creature, but this one is in one of the market shop if i'm right.

Entrance of the Cantina.

And here is some shots of the Millenium Falcon!

The "Resistance" girl is now guarding the Falcon!

Rey is here, too!

The Fastpass queue for Smugglers' Run is shown below with this empty pathway.

More queue decor...

Inside the Falcon...

And that's it for today's update, stay tuned on D&M for more WDW updates!

Pictures: copyright Disney and more

Monday, August 5, 2019

Hong Kong Disneyland Cast-Members Join Hong Kong Strike, Several HKDL Attractions, Shows and Restaurants Closed Today

That's it, Hong Kong Disneyland Cast-Members go on strike, along with thousands workers all over Hong Kong, including Hong Kong airport where 2300 aviation workers are on strike and 200 flights cancelled because of airport chaos.

From CNN's Ben Westcott: "Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the areas called to go on strike today. Organizers aren't just calling people to strike in Hong Kong's metropolitan centers - they're also calling for a strike in Disneyland. The amusement park is eerily empty today, with only about 50 people milling around outside the park and about a dozen going in. It's a far cry from the park's usual long lines, which can stretch to an hour's wait on busy days - especially on sunny summer days like today, when children are on vacation. Some attractions are shut at Hong Kong Disneyland today. Inside the park, signs notify visitors that some of the attractions and rides are closed today - though this may also be due to renovations. Food carts and restaurants are shuttered. Even "It's a Small World" is closed."

Indeed, as many HKDL cast-members are joining today's major Hong Kong strike, several rides in Hong Kong Disneyland are closed today. Hong Kong Disneyland official website has posted this message: "Hong Kong Disneyland and Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre are open today, though the opening of certain facilities might be affected. Thank you for your understanding".

HKDL official App list these as "closed today": Big Grizzly Mountain, Mystic Manor, RC Racer, It's a Small World, Jungle Cruise, Tarzan Treehouse, Adventureland Rafts to the Treehouse, Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad, Jedi Training and others, and main shows like "Mickey and the Wondrous Book" and "Moana: a Homecoming Celebration" are also cancelled. Some of the park restaurants like Explorer's Club, River View Cafe, Sea Breeze Bar are also closed. So, with all these closed there was really no point to go the park and Mickey and the gang probably must have feel alone today. If you're planning to go to HKDL tomorrow, better check what attractions will be open before going...

Now, There is something important that you need to know and that you’ll read nowhere else, to understand what is happening currently in Hong Kong and the world and in the weeks to come. As it happen that i had made studies of Chinese Energetic Medicine ( also known as Acupuncture ) in a previous life, here is some teaching from it: Since a few days, there has been a change of energy as we enter in the “energy of the Autumn” which is the METAL element. Like each year between the end of July and the beginning of August the “metal” energy ( from the five elements as defined in Chinese energetic medicine ) enters in action for three months.

The metal energy feeds the lungs and the large intestine and in human being life rules the age between 50 and 68 or so. But there is something else : as my acupuncturist teacher - who was a genius - teached me long ago the "real destruction is the metal”. What it means is that it’s the moment of the year where THOUGHTS of destruction pop up in human’s minds. Most of the big wars started during the metal season like World War II, or the Koweit invasion by Saddam Hussein, and as the metal energy rules until the end of October, it can happen after August, like Sept 11 which happened also during the metal energy period. Interestingly, because the metal energy IS the real destruction, in ancient China they were keeping the prisoners for death penalty until the fall to execute them because they were considering - and they were right - that the fall and its metal energy period was the right time to execute someone.

This year the metal energy is supposed to start on August 5 but a few days before you can usually feel it. It’s also why there was two mass shootings Saturday in the U.S, seven bombs in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday, etc… What is really important to watch is what will happen in the next two weeks, specially in Hong Kong as until the next full moon we are in the period called “the rise of the energy” which happen each time a new energy is launched, i.e the moment where it can be the most violent. Watch closely what Beijing and HK government will decide in these two weeks as i can tell you they will be tempted to go up for force measures.

The metal energy rules also power, and especially financial power, that’s why most of the stock exchanges crashs also happen during the season of the metal ( like in 1929 or 2008 ). And we better hope that temperatures will not rise excessively in the next three months as in this case the hot temperatures ( heat is “fire” ) during the “metal” season creates what is called “a fire of the metal”, meaning that it’s even more destructive. We had this in Paris 15 years ago or so, they were riots in Paris suburbs during three weeks and during these three weeks the rioters spent their time to put on fire almost everything in METAL ( cars, buses, warehouses, bus stop shelters etc… ). The “fire of the metal” which was in the air made them wanted to put the fire everywhere, or to fight with anything made from metal, some were even throwing cast iron radiators from their building roof on the police down there! After three weeks, the French government decided that it was enough and decided a cover few. But we were already at the end of October and i knew that the winter energy was going to start in the next days, and winter energy is the "water element". And, in the energies hierarchy, “the water extinguish the fire” in the mind as it does in material world. And it’s exactly what happened, three days later there was no more riots, not specially because of the cover few but because the THOUGHT had changed in rioters mind for the peaceful water energy instead than the destructive one of the metal energy.

All this to say that you need to watch what is going to happen not only in Hong Kong but in the rest of the world for weeks to come as things could get awry pretty quickly ( but of course specially in Hong Kong ). And also in your mind, if you get angry and want to kill someone, that also will be because of the Metal energy ruling in master until November 5 this year. So, cool down!

Pictures: copyright Disney, CNN