Thursday, August 30, 2007

Disneyland rare souvenir guide books

The old Disneyland souvenir books are now rare to find, specially in good conditions. Today's topic present some of them - and guess what - you can own them, as i am putting those below on sale , right here on Disney and more. Only one copy available for each of them, so, don't wait too long if there is one you'll like to buy!

The very first - and the one really difficult to find - is the 1955 souvenir book, " The story of Disneyland ". Half size of a A4 format, it presents the park with renderings as the park was not finished to be built when they did it. Here are some pictures of the inside pages, and as you can see, each double-page have great design. The price for this very rare collector is 80$ and the shipping is free wherever you are in the world!

As i've said, only one available, if you want it , just send me an email at:

In the next days, i will update this article with 6 more guide books of the years 1957, 1959, 1963, 1968, 1972 and 1978.

Photos : copyright Disney

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Venetian Macau , world's largest themed casino open

Believe it or not , but the world's largest casino is not anymore in Las Vegas, but on the Macau island, 50 minutes by ferry boat from Hong Kong Disneyland!

In fact, Vegas companies are highly investing in Macau since some years ago and this new Venetian hotel and casino resort have a cost of 2.5 Billion $ !
It include 3000 hotels suites, 1150 game tables , 7000 slot machines , 350 shops , a 1800 seats convention center and even a 15000 seats stadium!

Mind you, the Venetian is not the first of Macau version of an original Vegas casino as Steve Wynn open months ago his "Wynn Macau", and a Mgm Grand hotel is opening, too, at the end 2007, as well as a Cirque du soleil show begin to looks more and more like Vegas on this south east asia island!

Tokyo Disney Sea wallpaper pictures Part two bonus

Guess what? The other day when i put on line the TDS wallpaper pictures, i've forgot to transform the original shot in RVB colours ( instead of CMJN which is use for printing ) . Of course, the colours were all wrong , so i've cancel the topic and create a new one with the photos with the right colours.

But sometime , even with a mistake, you can have good artistic surprise. And, although most of the photos with wrong colours were really not nice, for two of them - the exterior Little Mermaid lagoon building day and night shot - something interesting came out of that unvoluntary mistake.

Here they are, and these unreal colours are even better for a use as wallpaper.

Original photos: copyright Disney and Oriental Land co

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Anaheim Garden walk project - Artwork

Do not miss the new update of Al Lutz on today. Not only Al's update is fantastic as usual - you will now all about the future of DCA and Disneyland, but, too, about the future Disney hotels that could open in the future Anaheim Garden walk project.

Al will tell you more about this, but here are some additionnal renderings about 19.3 acres project located 5 minutes walk from the entrance of Disneyland. Click on each rendering to see details in bigger size.

There will be Hotels, as i've said, but also outdoor shopping and dining area that has already received commitments from national chains such as Bubba Gump's, Bar Louie, Cheesecake Factory, McCormick & Schmick Grill, P.F. Chang's and Roy's of Hawaii.
The first phase of restaurants located along Katella Avenue is slated to open in November.

Here are some details for those of you who like numbers.

LOCATION: Between Katella & Disney Way at Clementine
The property is located between Disney's front gate to The Magic Kingdom and the new California Adventure, and Disney's newly announced Third Park.

OWNER: Anaheim GW, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company

RETAIL DEVELOPER: Excel Realty Holdings, LLC

STATUS: Under Construction

PRODUCT TYPE: Mixed-Use Lifestyle (Retail and Hospitality)

ACRES (estimate): 19.3 acres

TOTAL SQUARE FEET: 440,000 s.f. Total GLA Retail, Dining and Entertainment
942,361 s.f. Hotel (866 rooms)
560,000 s.f. Timeshare (400 units)
1,088,750 s.f. Parking

PROJECTED AUTO SPACES: Parking, 3,200 autos plus 15 buses

ENTITLEMENTS: Fully entitled to be built as a phased project

Artwork: copyright Excel Realty Holdings LLC - Anaheim Garden walk project

Monday, August 27, 2007

Behind the Scenes of the Enchanted Tiki Room

Undoubtedly the very first attraction with audio-animatronic at Disneyland, the Tiki Room have Enchanted millions of guests since its opening.

Today we'll have a look behind the scenes , but first of all some images. As we know the Tiki Room is located at the entrance of Adventureland.

The attraction poster is now famous.

Let's have a closer look with this video where Walt will introduce you to the Tiki Room secrets - youtube link thanks to freedogshampoo

Here is another b&w version of this famous picture of Walt inside the attraction.

And for those of you living outside the U.S or Japan who never had the luck to see it, here is a video of the whole show by ru42

Always with a Polynesian theming, the Tahitian terrace was close to the Tiki room during many years and even share another poster with the Tiki room and the Plaza pavillion.

Finally, let's not forget the two great replicas of the Tiki bird and the Tiki drummer designed by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily for Disney, no longer available on the site but you can find them on ebay very probably.

And, talking about merchandise, i am currently selling this great Disneyland Tiki Room big figure released by the park for its 50th anniversary, and is now sold out . The item is 17" high x 17" large and this sculpture of the Tiki Room building is stunning. Everything is include, with the six Tikis and the Tangiroa tree. Building inside and Tangiroa tree have light. Great Tiki Room design all around it! The ultimate collectible for a Tiki Room fan.
The item is new and the price is 250 U.S dollars ( which is approximately the price it was sold at the park when it was released ). If you want it, just send me an email at: , and i will tell you how to proceed for the payment - you can pay with Paypal.

Photos and First video : copyright Disney

Second video by ru42 : Filming copyright ru42

Great Tokyo Disney Sea wallpaper pictures ! Part two

Here is a selection of high-res wallpaper images of the most beautiful theme park in the world: Tokyo Disney Sea. This is the part two, about Indiana Jones Adventure and Little Mermaid lagoon, other pictures will come in a near future. Some of the images are vertical, so you may have to re-size to have them horizontal. Don't forget to double-click on the one you like to see it in bigger size.

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