Friday, January 3, 2020



From December 20 to January 5, 2020, you can get 35% off the French or English eBook editions of the 360 pages Disneyland Paris book, From Sketch to Reality! You can order the eBook for 18 euros instead of 29 euros, and it's a digital book, so there are no shipping costs and you will get it immediately! The eBook will be readable on your computer or mobile devices, allowing you to always have the book with you, included in the park! And every buyer also get some GREAT additional gifts!

All you need to do is to send me an email at: with your name and specifying which edition you want ( French or English edition ). You can send your payment with Paypal to:

You will also need to tell me if you will read the ebook on an Apple or PC computer or on an Apple or Android mobile device. I will then send you an email explaining how to download the eBook.

Never seen the book? Check the visuals and presentation video below.

Version Française: Offre Spéciale de Noel! Du 2O Décembre au 5 Janvier 2020, 35% de réduction sur les éditions eBook Française ou Anglaise du livre de 320 pages Disneyland Paris, de l’Esquisse à la Création! Vous pouvez commander l’eBook pour 18 euros au lieu de 29 euros et, comme c'est un eBook, il n'y a aucun frais d’expédition et vous le recevrez immédiatement! L’eBook sera lisible sur votre ordinateur ou appareils mobiles, vous permettant d’avoir toujours le livre avec vous, y compris dans le parc! Et chaque acheteur recevra également de formidables cadeaux surprises!

Tout ce que vous avez à faire est d'envoyer un email à l’auteur du livre Alain Littaye à: avec votre nom et en spécifiant si vous souhaitez l’édition française ou anglaise. Vous pouvez envoyer votre paiement via Paypal à

Vous aurez également besoin de faire savoir si vous souhaitez lire l’eBook sur un PC ou un ordinateur iMac ou sur un appareil mobile Apple ou Android. On vous enverra alors un email vous expliquant comment télécharger l’eBook.

Découvrez le livre dans les visuels et la vidéo présentation ci-dessous.

"KENOBI" is an Impressive Star Wars Fan Film !

"KENOBI - A Star Wars Fan Film" is an 18min fan film with no official affiliation to Lucasfilm or Disney. Directed by Jason Satterlund and produced by James McLean & Jamie Costa, "Kenobi" is happening on Tattoine and starring Jamie Costa as Oby Wan Kenobi, Tommy Snider as Owen Lars, Maxine Phoenix as Beru Lars , Audie Rick as a young Luke Skywalker and James Arnold Taylor as Captain Leegus.

For a fan film, it's a pretty good film, no doubt. Good production, good filming and acting, and good visual effects, i just think that the editing should have been a bit more tighten specially in the first 5 minutes, but apparently Star Wars fans love it. The movie was financed by crowdfunding on Indiegogo and although it is a fan film the long list of credits at the end doesn't really looks like a cheap fan production…

Below, some posters created by fans for an Obi Wan Kenobi film ( a TV series is coming on Disney + )

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Latest Hong Kong Disneyland Castle Construction Video

A new Disney Castle will have its Grand Opening this year and we all know which one it is: the new Hong Kong Disneyland castle, scheduled to open this Spring. HK Main Street Gazette has posted a new construction video, as well as another one showing the castle model at Construction Innovations Expo 2019, with more Imagineering animation about it, check both of them below and more HKDL videos on their Youtube channel HERE.

As for the poster image above it is one displayed at a new HKDL shop at Hong Kong airport in front of Gate 65 and i thanks a lot Jorg, D&M faithful reader, to have sent the pics to me! If you're a HKDL fan, download the picture as it would make a great wallpaper for the lock screen of your mobile phone.

Editing: Apparently the embedded has been blocked for others sites, so watch the videos on Youtube HERE and HERE.

In bonus, here is the picture of the shop at HKDL airport where you'll also find some cool magnets of each HKDL lands!

Videos: copyright HK Main Street Gazette

Watch 2020 New Year's Eve Fireworks at Disney Parks Around the World !

Happy New Year and all my best wishes for 2020 to all of you! Hope you had a great New Year's Eve and for those of you who were not in Disney Parks last night here are videos of the 2020 Fireworks in Disney parks around the world!

First parks to enter 2020 were those of Tokyo Disney Resort, here is the 2020 fireworks as seen from Tokyo DisneySea!

Due to the recent events in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland had cancelled the New Year's Eve 2020 countdown party in the park so let's jump to the next Disney park to enter 2020 and here is the fireworks at Disneyland Paris!

In the U.S Walt Disney World was the first to get into 2020, here is the Fantasy in the Sky New Year's Eve spectacular fireworks whih was aired LIVE by Disney Parks!

Disneyland Anaheim was the last Disney park  to enter 2020 and her eis the video of it!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Legendary Futurist and Concept Designer Syd Mead Passed Away at 86

Legendary artist Syd Mead, visual futurist, motion picture concept designer, industrial designer, and automotive designer who was an inspiration to everyone working in these design fields, has died at the age of 86 of complications of a lymphoma.

Disney fans will also remember him for his concept designs for TRON ( below ) or Tomorrowland ( above ),  and of course Blade Runner. D&M pays tribute to this great artist with a selection of his artworks below, make sure to click on each to see them in big size.

Syd Mead also did this artwork showing a futuristic castle and i thought what a great idea it was!

Pictures: copyright Syd Mead, Disney