Saturday, July 14, 2018

Discover WDI Props Dept With this Fun Video Showing Adam, 11 Years Old, Dreaming to become a Walt Disney Imagineer Prop Master

There is an incredible new video just posted by the Disney Family channel in the series "My Disney Dream Job", with a 11 years old kid dreaming to become a Walt Disney Imagineer Prop Master. With his mother he was invited to visit WDI props dept - the visit of the props warehouse that we discover for the first time is a wow - and meet WDI Imagineers Ted Robledo and Jim Clark, currently working on Tokyo Disneyland Beauty and the Beast expansion.

The kid is incredible and fun because he has so much energy that he is limit out of control as you'll see in the video, and you can feel the imagineers praying that he don't destroy involuntarily some of their precious props! Here are some pictures of the props warehouse.

His visit with WDI Imagineers is also interesting as Imagineers are the ones working on TDL expansion and some artworks are displayed on the wall - including some renderings for the Beauty and the Beast land we may have never seen. You know me, i did some screen captures instantly! Click to enlarge the pictures below.

Here are also two previous released artworks wallpaper size.

Okay, have a look at this fun video now, you won't regret it! I predict that Adam will become an incredible prop master if Walt Disney Imagineering hires him!

 Pictures and video: copyright Disney

Friday, July 13, 2018

Breaking : Incredible New Details For Tokyo DisneySea's Frozen, Raiponce and Peter Pan Lands!

We have amazing new details about Tokyo DisneySea's expansion and more specifically the size of each land or rides! The text below is a Google translation from original article HERE. This is a raw translation from the Japanese original text, slightly enhanced by me:

Tokyo Disney Sea Expansion: 23 buildings including motion base attractions and water flow rides!

A facility outline of the Tokyo DisneySea large scale expansion project Oriental Land plans for Urayasu, Chiba prefecture becomes more clear:
TDS expansion will consists of a hotel building with a total of 71,700 square meters, a total of 7630 square meters for a motion base attraction, a total of 3620 square meters for a first flume ride, a total of 8910 square meters for a second flume ride of same B. The total size of 23 buildings is 103,040 square meters. The total construction area is 49,750 square meters, the highest height is 38.2 m of the hotel building. Nikken Sekkei is in charge of the design, the construction company is undecided. It is aiming for completion in March, 2023.

Full view of the new theme port:

The project includes a new theme port in three areas that recreates the world of Disney movies "Frozen", "Rapunzel" and "Peter Pan" with 4 attractions, and 475 rooms of the highest rank Disney hotel with 2 restaurants and other facilities. Investment amount is about 250 billion yen.

Name and scale of facilities in 23 buildings are as follows:

Peter Pan land: Motion base attraction = 2 floors total 7630 m 2 - Pirate ship = 150 m² - Lockwork building = the same 100 m² - Restaurant A = 1750 m² - Self-propelled ride = 540 ㎡ - Standing warehouse building A = same 10 ㎡.

7630 sqm for a Peter Pan ride is never seen before,  if the numbers are right this will be a huge show building and promise an exciting ride for Peter Pan fans!

Raiponce and Frozen lands: flume ride A = 2 stories total 3620 m² - flume ride A entry building = 15 m² - Restaurant B, restaurant C = 2 floors total 4640 m² - flume ride B = 2 stories total 8910 m² - standing warehouse building B = 10 m² built in a flat store - Area rest room = 280 m² - Merchant store = 100 m² - Ice / drink wagon = 50 m² - Popcorn wagon = 20 m² - Product wagon = 20 m² - Vending machine = 30 m².

In the numbers above i think we can take as principle that the "flume ride A" is the Raiponce ride when the "flume ride B" is the Frozen one. Still, 3620 sqm on two stories for the Raiponce flume ride is not small at all. And 8910 sum for the Frozen ride on two stories is huge.

New Hotel Building = Underground to 1st Floor to 9th Floor Building: Total 71,170m² - Hotel Security Booth (Employee Plaza) = 20m² in Hiraya - Higashiya = 45m² - CEP Building (Energy Center) = 3 stories total 3380 m² - Area branch office (private electric facility) = 220 m² built in a flat shop.
( end of translation )

Find all details about Tokyo DisneySea new port and lands in D&M previous article HERE.

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New Trailer for Live-Action Winnie The Pooh Film "Christopher Robin"

Disney has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming live-action Winnie The Pooh film "Christopher Robin" and the trailer features a plenty of new footage from the film withEwan McGregor as Christopher Robin playing with his old friends again in Hundred Acre Wood.

 The story is set in the year 1949, and Christopher Robin is an efficiency manager at a luggage company, tasked with finding the resources to prevent many of his workers from being laid off. That will mean missing the vacation he has planned with his wife, Evelyn (Hayley Atwell), and young daughter, Madeline (Bronte Carmichael). They’re heading to the Hundred Acre Wood while he’s stuck in London with work, when he gets a visit from his old friend Pooh. But he’s not the same person Pooh remembers...

 The movie will be released in theaters on August 3rd.

Editing: Disney released a series of character posters last night that i'm adding to this article.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

First Videos of Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi Opening on July 25th !

Warner Bros Abu Dhabi will open its doors to the public on 25th of July 2018. When the highly-anticipated Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi opens this Summer, it will feature six immersive lands including DC’s Metropolis and Gotham City, as well as Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch and Warner Bros. Plaza. For more about the lands of the park jump to D&M previous article HERE.

We have the first videos showing the inside theming of this huge indoor park and please note that these videos were filmed during a Medias preview 2 months ago with the park not yet open. So, most of the rides are not working and no guests inside so of course it looks a bit empty but that's normal. Let's start first by the park map above and pics of the different lands below.

Let's start by a short official teaser for the park.

Next video is a walkthrough in the different lands of Warner Bros World.

Another quite good walkthrough video showing more theming.

The next video is a tour of the indoor park with a park executive during the medias preview.

We'll have video of the rides once the park will be open, specially the ones of the E-Ticket rides which are the most awaited, so stay tuned on D&M!

Disney Springs 3rd Parking Structure and Sky Bridge 4K Video

Hey, I've got more 4K video of WDW construction site for you today with the video below showing Disney Springs 3rd Parking Structure - picture above - and Sky Bridge - picture below - currently in construction!

There is many more videos of WDW construction sites in the D&M exclusive video report article HERE, don't miss it!

Pictures and video: copyright D&M

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

D&M Exclusive: Universal Orlando "Harry Potter Forbidden Forest" Coaster Track Now in Place 4K Video

We're back at Orlando with a new incredible video, this time at Universal Studios, showing the construction site of the awaited "Harry Potter Forbidden Forest" coaster, the one you can see below on this drone picture posted by Bioreconstruct.

As you'll see in the video, the coaster track has been laid on the highly anticipated Forbidden Forest family-friendly coaster that looks to be launching forward and will also have a backwards section. The construction is moving fast and should be open by 2019 to compete with Star Wars Land!

This will be for sure one of the most thrilling moment of the ride as the train will go up this almost vertical piece of track before stopping briefly and then running backward through a show building.

Okay, here is the great construction site video and there is more about the Forbidden Forest coaster after it!

Now, as i'm sure you want to learn a bit more of what to expect in this incredible coaster, watch this video posted by Alicia Stella, in which she describes all the ride and the scenes you'll go through. Although Alicia says that her description is based on rumors most of it seems to be confirmed, so no need to say that there is a spoiling alert here!

There is more as Amusementinsider has posted a CGI video of the ride, based on the most recent rumors and description.

The Harry Potter Forbidden Forest coaster ride will open in 2019, and from what i've been told they're moving at 100mph on the project as Universal Orlando wants be ready and open it before DHS Star Wars Land opening.

Pictures: copyright Universal, Warner

Video : Universal's Cinematic Celebration, Now in Rehearsals at Universal Studios Florida

Universal's Cinematic Celebration, the new Nighttime Show started its technical rehearsals at Universal Studios Florida and the first videos of it are posted on Youtube. Same technique than DCA World of Color fountain show, this new show brings thrilling and fun moments inspired by characters from popular Universal Orlando Resort attractions and blockbuster films to life with popular franchises such as Jurassic World, Harry Potter, E.T, Despicable Me and the Minions, and Fast & Furious.

The show feature full panoramic water screens – including multi-layer water screens – pyrotechnics, projection mapping and more than 120 dancing fountains. Definitely watch the video below full screen!

From Universal: Get excited because “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” is opening soon. In preparation, you might have the chance to experience the nighttime lagoon show during its technical rehearsals at Universal Studios Florida.

You may have some questions about what technical rehearsal means, so here are the answers from Universal:

What is a technical rehearsal?
Technical rehearsal is a time for us to offer a limited number of guests the opportunity to preview our newest show as we make finishing touches in preparation for its official opening.

What can I expect during technical rehearsal?
During technical rehearsal, “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” will open on a limited, unscheduled basis. Also, some of its elements may not be operational as we continue to test and refine all technical aspects of the show.

What are operating hours for “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” during technical rehearsal?
Operating hours will not be set in advance and will vary as the show opens on a limited, unscheduled basis.

What can I experience during a technical rehearsal? During the technical rehearsal, you may be able to experience the entire show or certain elements as we work on putting the finishing touches on the show. Please keep in mind some elements of the show may not be operational as we continue to test and refine all technical aspects.

Get ready for an epic cinema under the stars during “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration,” starting this summer. You can view the show from the new permanent, dedicated viewing location in the Central Park area of Universal Studios. There you’ll be able to watch the lagoon come to life.

Video: copyright Rix Flix

Flythrough of ALL WDW Expected Additions/Updates or Rumors For the Next Three Years

Youtuber Zombie Tubular has posted this great flythrough of all Walt Disney World Expected additions, updates or rumors for the next three years, up to WDW 50th Anniversary! As you'll see it'll be difficult to complain that nothing is happening at WDW!

Video: copyright Zombie Tubular

New Nighttime Spectacular “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland” Debut at Tokyo Disneyland

After 4 years of waiting Tokyo Disneyland gets its nighttime fireworks spectacular “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland” with a new projection show that light up Cinderella Castle like never before.

“Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland” is the new nightshow for TDL celebration and had its premiere last night. It features all the special effects you can expect from the best Disney Resort in the world with projections, lasers, fireworks, fountains, and more.

Watch the full show on this video filmed by DvideoZ last night, and watch it full screen! You can also listen or download the full soundtrack of the show HERE.

Video: copyright DvideoZ

Picture: copyright Disney, Oriental Land

Monday, July 9, 2018

D&M Exclusive : Walt Disney World Construction Sites Video Tour + Epcot Guardians of Galaxy Show Building Concept-Art?

I've got a big video update for you today and it's about almost all current WDW construction sites and we have videos of each of the sites, except the one for the TRON attraction.

Let's start by the first video showing the construction site of the awaited Epcot Guardians of Galaxy roller coaster. By the way, none of the videos you'll see today were shot being backstage, which doesn't mean that we didn't had to zoom sometime. 

At the start of the video you'll think a concept-art and the kind D&M contributor who filmed the video thinks it's a concept-art showing how will look the GoG show-building once completed. Where is this one coming from? Well, if he's right - that it is the GoG concept-art - it was hidden in plain sight as it is shown right at the start of the Guardians of Galaxy Awesome Mix show but apparently no one did the link. In the show it is presented as "Xandar, Capital of the NOVA Empire" but it don't appear really in a GoG movie and he thinks, considering the shape of it that it is probably a concept-art for the decor which will envelop the show building located behind the former Universe of Energy building. Considering that the metallic structure can be seen right now from World Showcase lake, they surely have to find a way to theme this building so it don't become an eyesore, and this adds on the possibility that he is right. 
Here is the concept-art - you also have a zoom on it at the top -  as there is the show stage in front of it you can see the drums in the front and the glass vertical structures left and right are part of the show decor, they're not on the concept-art.

Okay, let's have a look now at the video, would we?

Next video shows the backside of the Ratatouille attraction show building at Epcot World Showcase. This one is far to be completed!

Let's move to Disney's Hollywood Studios area now and the first video below shows what will be the new parking entrance kiosk, the one that will be ready for opening when Star Wars land opens.

Not so far from it is where will be built the awaited Star Wars Hotel and here is a video showing the land where the hotel will be built. As you see it is located right behind DHS Star Wars Land.

Next is a video showing the Gondola station at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. As you'll see the works are going pretty quickly on this gondola system, it probably will be ready for next year.

Always at the Caribbean Beach Resort, the next video shows the all new under construction towers.

Looks a bit huge to me, no? It will be probably difficult to escape the sight of it when you'll stay at the Caribbean Beach?

We move now to the Coronado Springs Resort where is currently build the new expansion tower that is supposed to look like this once completed.

For now it look like this, still lot of facade painting to do.

The last video was also filmed at the Coronado Springs where they also build a lake view restaurant!

The restaurant will look like the above rendering once built.

And that's it for today's tour of WDW construction sites!

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Artworks: copyright Disney