Monday, July 9, 2018

D&M Exclusive : Walt Disney World Construction Sites Video Tour + Epcot Guardians of Galaxy Show Building Concept-Art?

I've got a big video update for you today and it's about almost all current WDW construction sites and we have videos of each of the sites, except the one for the TRON attraction.

Let's start by the first video showing the construction site of the awaited Epcot Guardians of Galaxy roller coaster. By the way, none of the videos you'll see today were shot being backstage, which doesn't mean that we didn't had to zoom sometime. 

At the start of the video you'll think a concept-art and the kind D&M contributor who filmed the video thinks it's a concept-art showing how will look the GoG show-building once completed. Where is this one coming from? Well, if he's right - that it is the GoG concept-art - it was hidden in plain sight as it is shown right at the start of the Guardians of Galaxy Awesome Mix show but apparently no one did the link. In the show it is presented as "Xandar, Capital of the NOVA Empire" but it don't appear really in a GoG movie and he thinks, considering the shape of it that it is probably a concept-art for the decor which will envelop the show building located behind the former Universe of Energy building. Considering that the metallic structure can be seen right now from World Showcase lake, they surely have to find a way to theme this building so it don't become an eyesore, and this adds on the possibility that he is right. 
Here is the concept-art - you also have a zoom on it at the top -  as there is the show stage in front of it you can see the drums in the front and the glass vertical structures left and right are part of the show decor, they're not on the concept-art.

Okay, let's have a look now at the video, would we?

Next video shows the backside of the Ratatouille attraction show building at Epcot World Showcase. This one is far to be completed!

Let's move to Disney's Hollywood Studios area now and the first video below shows what will be the new parking entrance kiosk, the one that will be ready for opening when Star Wars land opens.

Not so far from it is where will be built the awaited Star Wars Hotel and here is a video showing the land where the hotel will be built. As you see it is located right behind DHS Star Wars Land.

Next is a video showing the Gondola station at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. As you'll see the works are going pretty quickly on this gondola system, it probably will be ready for next year.

Always at the Caribbean Beach Resort, the next video shows the all new under construction towers.

Looks a bit huge to me, no? It will be probably difficult to escape the sight of it when you'll stay at the Caribbean Beach?

We move now to the Coronado Springs Resort where is currently build the new expansion tower that is supposed to look like this once completed.

For now it look like this, still lot of facade painting to do.

The last video was also filmed at the Coronado Springs where they also build a lake view restaurant!

The restaurant will look like the above rendering once built.

And that's it for today's tour of WDW construction sites!

Pictures and videos: copyright D&M

Artworks: copyright Disney

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