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Editor's note: Two great topics on Disney and more this week-end ! High-Res pictures of the prince Caspian grand european Premiere at Disneyland Paris, and right after, don't miss the videos of Disneyland's Innoventions Dream Home Exhibit !

Prince Caspian Premiere at Disneyland Paris - High-Res Photos and Videos

Yesterday was the big day for all the cast of Prince Caspian, as Disneyland Paris organised a major special event for the european release of the movie. Producer Mark Johnson, director Andrew Adamson, actors Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Mosely, Anna Popplewell, the children Pevensie, Vincent Grass, Doctor Cornelius and of course Ben Barnes playing Prince Caspian were all there as you can see on the top picture. After an arrival at Disney Village that you can watch on the videos below, they went in the park.

A medieval show happened on central plaza in front of the castle, Lot of french stars and actors were there, too. Among them Manu Katché, Julie Gayet, Géraldine Pailhas and Christopher Thompson, Laura Flessel, Emilie Dequenne, Inès de la Fressange, David Halliday, Richard Dacoury, Antoine de Maximy et Clovis Cornillac.

And when the night came, the guests enjoyed a magical medieval evening always around the castle!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Disneyland's Innoventions Dream Home Exhibit - Photos and Videos

Nearly 50 years after the opening of the House of the future, the new Disneyland's Innoventions Dream Home is now open!
The grand Opening was June 16, and filmed all the ceremony and the exhibit - you'll see below more videos on specific parts of the exhibit thanks to the good work of the great team of ehomeupgrade, but before you get more details with the official press release below, let's begin by the beginning, i.e the opening.

Imagine a home so perfectly attuned to the needs of a family that it can anticipate and fulfill them, virtually without anyone lifting a finger. Now imagine that the home offers family members high-tech connectivity, not just with one another but with people, entertainment and information in the world at large.

Guests at Disneyland can soon do more than imagine it. Beginning June 17, the Innoventions Dream Home in Tomorrowland is bringing that world to life as a limited number of guests have the opportunity to preview the home.

The Innoventions Dream Home is both a show and a showcase, offering guests of all ages a hands-on experience with new in-home technologies, some that are practical and some that are astounding. Microsoft, HP, Life|ware and homebuilder Taylor Morrison have joined with Disneyland Resort to demonstrate how a connected digital lifestyle can simplify and enhance many aspects of daily family life.

"We're thrilled to open the Innoventions Dream Home with the help of our partners," said Ed Grier, president of the Disneyland Resort. "We are confident our guests will find new ways to connect to their world in this immersive, entertaining experience."

The experience includes guest interaction with the residents of the Dream Home - the fictional Elias family – who will be excited to welcome all guests into their new home at the end of June. Members of the family move from room to room, utilizing the technology as they prepare for a big celebration. Guests who enter the Dream Home can observe and play with all its comforts, including:
Innovations from Microsoft that enable today’s digital lifestyle, seamlessly connecting family members to live and recorded entertainment and memories
Connected entertainment devices and PCs from HP that help the family members stay connected and simplify their daily activities
Wireless technology adapted by Life|ware that allows the Dream Home’s devices to recognize individual family members as they enter a room and tailor the room to their individual preferences

Here is the "lifeware' demo video

“It’s both ‘high-tech’ and ‘high-touch,’” said Greg Atkins, writer and director for the free-form Innoventions Dream Home experience. “We’ll be showcasing technology that connects families to each other, their home, the surrounding community and the world. And many of the innovative things our guests will be playing with are actually available today.”

The user-friendly technology of the Innoventions Dream Home is on display from the moment guests approach the entrance to “360 Tomorrowland Way” (a whimsical reference to the circular “carousel” structure of the Innoventions building). Each room offers new experiences and surprises.

Front Yard

A member of the Elias family greets guests as they approach the front door of the Dream Home. Today, the family member announces, everyone is invited to visit as the family prepares a party to celebrate younger son Robbie’s amazing soccer goal, which earned his team a victory in the Nationals and a spot at the International Soccer Championships in China.

The Front Yard also introduces guests to the ease, function and connectivity of the Dream Home. With the touch of a button, the family can change the outside appearance of the Dream Home. Today, they’ll be decorating for Robbie’s celebration, but they can also easily decorate for the holidays.

The Dream Home “recognizes” members of the Elias family as they enter the home. The dog door even recognizes the family dog!

Foyer & Great Room

Upon entering the Dream Home, guests may explore on their own in several directions. Whichever direction they choose, they will enter through the Foyer and Great Room, which showcases many of the connected personal features of the home.

As the Dream Home notes the presence of individual members of the Elias family, the surroundings in the Great Room – pictures on the walls, music in the sound system – automatically adjust to the preferences of the family member who is in the room.

At the Grand Piano in one corner, a would-be virtuoso can take a master class from a teacher on the other side of the country. Technology lets the teacher do a full demonstration, complete with technique, on the Dream Home piano.

In the center of the room, next to the family’s easy chairs and ottomans, is a “coffee table book” that is actually an interactive touch screen with content from the library. The book will display the original manuscript of “Alice in Wonderland.” Guests and Elias family members can turn the pages of the book simply by touching the screen.


Like most kitchens, the Elias family Kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. It’s where the calendar is kept, and where family photos and works of art are displayed. New technology enables all of this, with a virtual bulletin board that posts all the latest messages about soccer schedules, along with digital photos and versions of the kids’ hand-drawn creations.

Since this Dream Home Kitchen is fully interconnected, appliances can “talk” to one another. So can the grocery items! If Mrs. Elias puts a bag of flour on the counter, the computer voice of “Lillian” will provide recipes and instructions to prepare the meals. If ingredients are missing or out-of-date, the interconnected pantry and refrigerator will share the information and create a shopping list on the virtual bulletin board.

Here is the "smart kitchen" demo video

Dining Room

Like most families, the Elias family gathers around the dinner table to discuss the day’s events, and the day of Robbie’s soccer victory has been a special one. The Dining Room table is a large interactive surface, inlayed with computers, and when the family sets down their mobile phones on the table, photos and videos spill across the screens. Then the family can interact with, view and enlarge the images with a simple touch.

The Dining Room table can also be used to create art, do homework, and assemble video puzzles – with multiple family members all at once.

A Dining Room memory cabinet displays photos and art appropriate to any occasion, triggered by objects placed on its shelf.

Here are two videos of the Microsoft "Surface" dining table, and the technology looks great!

Family Room/Home Office

The entertainment center in the Dream Home Family Room is a movie lover’s dream. With the touch of a button, the room transforms into a state-of-the-art home theater. The curtains close, the lights adjust, the 7.1 surround sound kicks in, and the 100-inch television screen comes to life with one of the movies stored in the Media Center.

Across the room is the Home Office, with desk and chair inspired by the classic design of Walt Disney’s own Studio office. Here, Elias family members can attend to the business of the day, including communication with the Chinese soccer team that will meet Robbie’s team when it arrives for the contest. A 3-D Printer enables the Chinese hosts to send a congratulatory three-dimensional gift directly to the Elias home.

Teen Daughter’s Room

At her desk, the Elias family daughter can connect with friends or her favorite entertainment. As she develops new interests, she can easily change the photos and posters in her room.

But she may be spending much of her time in front of the Magic Mirror, a virtual mirror that projects accessories, hairstyles and the clothes from her closet onto her reflection, fitting the styles to her body so that she can try out different “looks” as she prepares for her brother’s party.

Tip: Watch as she holds the dress up for consideration. The virtual skirt even sways as she twirls around!

Here is a video of this "magic mirror"

Younger Son’s Room

Robbie has a room that would be the envy of any adventurous kid. His bed is a pirate ship, complete with onboard cannon. In the manner of all great Disney attractions, the room combines the latest technology with classic storytelling.

When a family member takes a seat by the bed and begins to tell the story of Peter Pan, the story jumps off the pages. Everyone in the room is immersed in the story with special effects, including video that appears on the ship’s sail and the surrounding walls. Tinker Bell may even breeze past some of the room’s fixtures, causing them to shake and tinkle. The bed-cannon can shoot holes through the virtual clouds, just like the cannon on Captain Hook’s ship.

Very unfortunately, there is no video available yet of the son's room, but let's end with a video of a demo of the amazing HP Touch Smart PC, it worth the look!

You can learn more about the Disneyland's Innoventions Dream Home on the Disneyland press web site, fun facts, official video, etc, HERE

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Youtube videos; copyright and ehomeupgrade

New Wall-E " Cities " trailer and " Lots of Bots " featurette !

We are at 10 days of the U.S release of Wall-E, and Pixar is offering us a new trailer called " Cities ". You can watch it below, and the editing of this one is full of action !

Now for the part two: in this new Wall-E featurette " Lots of Bots " director Andrew stanton is this time talking about the wall-E robots, and as usual, it worth the look.

Photo and videos: copyright Disney-Pixar

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A " Presto " preview !

Disney and more long articles will return soon, but in the meantime, when i succeed to find a fast internet connection available, i will try to post some short but interesting "news" topics For instance, don't miss below a few seconds preview of the Pixar short "Presto" and , for the latest insider news about Disneyland, Anaheim, there is a new and great update - as usual - of Al Lutz on Mice Age HERE

Photo and video: copyright Disney-Pixar