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Incredible Special Offer on the Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality Book

La SUPER OFFRE SPECIALE sur le livre Disneyland Paris, De l'Esquisse à a Création est tours valable jusqu'au 10 Septembre! ( English readers please scroll down in this article to read after the french text, thanks )
Comme indiqué précédemment, le livre Disneyland Paris n'est plus disponible en édition française imprimée mais il reste des exemplaires en version imprimée en Anglais et tout acheteur d'un exemplaire du livre en édition imprimée anglaise recevra non seulement le PDF du texte en français mais aussi GRATUITEMENT le livre en format eBook en version FRANÇAISE qui est identique à la version imprimée et en plus contient 62 liens vidéos des attractions, hotels et making-of du parc! Et les formidables cadeaux surprises sont également toujours envoyé à tout acheteur!

ATTENTION:Pour profiter de cette offre et pouvoir télécharger le livre en version eBook vous devez impérativement ( ou un de vos proches ) posséder un appareil Apple ( iPhone, iPad ou iMac )

Le prix pour cette offre promo est de 65€ ( au lieu de 85€ ) + 22€ de frais d'envois en colissimo recommandé ou 29€ pour un envoi en Belgique.

Règlements accepté par Paypal en envoyant le montant total (inclus les frais d'envois) via Paypal à: ou par carte bancaire ( ou éventuellement par virement bancaire ).

Il faut m'envoyer également un email à la mème adresse email: avec votre nom et l'adresse d'expédition. Ne manquez pas cette offre spéciale d'été!

Pour ceux qui souhaiterait acheter uniquement le livre en version française eBook, c'est possible et voici les liens pour les différents ebook stores suivant l'appareil mobile que vous utilisez ( Apple ou Android ):

Pour appareils Apple sur l'Apple iBooks store:

Pour Amazon Kindle:à-Création-ebook/dp/B07FYRWKVT/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1533002730&sr=8-10&keywords=disneyland+paris+de+l%27esquisse+a+la+creation

Pour mobiles Android sur Google Store:à_la?id=EsdmDwAAQBAJ

Le prix de l'eBook seul varie suivant les ebook stores ( uniquement pour des raisons de pourcentage que chaque store prend sur la vente de l'eBook et qui ne sont pas les mêmes ) et je conseille l'achat sur l'Apple iBooks store ou sur celui de Google Play Books, c'est là ou l'eBook est le moins cher ( entre 25 et 30€ ). Cette version eBook est formidable, les couleurs des photos sont splendides et surtout il y a les 62 liens vidéos qui sont une exclu de la version eBook.

ENGLISH VERSION: From August 12 to September 10 each buyer of an English printed copy of the Disneyland Paris book in English edition will receive for FREE the book in eBook format in its French version ( sorry no eBook of the english edition yet ) which include 62 links videos of attractions, hotels and making-of of the park! And the amazing surprise gifts are also always sent to any buyer!

IMPORTANT: To enjoy this offer and be able to download the book in its eBook version you must own ( or your friend or parent ) an Apple device ( iPhone, iPad or iMac ).

The price for this promotional offer is 65 € + 22 € shipping cost colissimo recommended or 29 € for shipping to Belgium.

Payment accepted by Paypal by sending the total amount ( including shipping fee ) via Paypal to: or by credit card with Paypal EVEN if you don't have a Paypal account.

You must also send me an email to the same email address: with your name and shipping address. Do not miss this special summer offer!

For those who would like to buy only the French eBook, it is possible and you have above the links for the different ebook stores according to the mobile device you use (Apple or Android).

If you want to buy the book in english printed edition only, without the eBook, the other summer special offer at 60€ + 22€ shipping worldwide is still valid, send me an email at:

Watch the FULL book on the video below!

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Disney's Secret Society of Explorers and Adventurers

You all know for sure the great Wikipedia website, but do you know the Disney Wiki website? It's a Wikipedia for everything Disney and to introduce it to you i'm posting here their page about the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, a secret society with links to Disney attractions. This article is basically a copy and paste of the Disney Wiki page that you can find HERE.

The Society of Explorers and Adventurers or the S.E.A. is a fictional organization in various attractions at the Disney theme parks, originating in Tokyo DisneySea with a major expansion in scope beginning with Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Point area.

S.E.A.'s original crest found at Fortress Explorations The Society was first founded on August 12, 1538 in Italy at Porto Paradiso. Consisting of scientists, explorers, researchers, artists, travelers and adventurers from around the globe, S.E.A. is dedicated to the continued exploration of the world's oceans and exotic lands. Four guiding concepts are represented on SEA's original Fortress Explorations crest: Adventure (represented as a Galleon), Romance (an Armillary Sphere), Discovery (a Compass), and Innovation (Artist Tools), selected as the best ways to represent the original charter and mission statement, which simply read "We the Society of Explorers and Adventurers shall acquire knowledge through exploration".

S.E.A.'s original crest found at Fortress Explorations 

A more detailed Mission Statement of the Society reads:

“The mission of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers is to collect, conserve, and curate valuable cultural and artistic artifacts from around the world and make them available to the public in an artistically pleasing and sensitive manner. It is furthermore the mission of the organization to equip and mount socio-cultural expeditions to discover, explore, chronicle and protect the artistic achievements of human society, past and present, exalted and forgotten.”

―SEA Mission Statement found at Oceaneer Lab and Mystic Manor

Prominent members of the group in the late 1800s included Harrison Hightower III, Lord Henry Mystic, Barnabas T. Bullion, Mary Oceaneer, Dr. Albert Falls and President Jason Chandler.

Behind the scenes

Created for Tokyo Disney Sea and first being named in the Fortress Explorations walkthrough attraction, S.E.A. was inspired by Pleasure Island's Adventurers Club at Walt Disney World. ( Read D&M previous article about it HERE ) When the club closed with the rest of Pleasure Island, props from the club were spread around the various parks and resorts, and some of these props' new homes resulted in the Adventurers Club being retconned as Merriweather Adam Pleasure's chapter of S.E.A.

A more aggressive effort to expand S.E.A. on an international scale began with the opening of Mystic Manor for Hong Kong Disneyland in 2013. A portrait featuring Lord Henry Mystic and Harrison Hightower with other members of the Society was created as a springboard for potential expansion down the line, with Mary Oceaneer arriving on the Disney Cruise Line's Disney Magic the following year in 2014. References to SEA would emerge in the Magic Kingdom in 2013 with Barnabas T. Bullion's addition to Big Thunder Mountain's queue and the Skipper Canteen in 2016. At the D23 Destination D 2016: Amazing Adventures event, Imagineers and DIsney Parks and Resorts president Bob Chapek remarked that SEA's emergence in parks around the globe would continue in the years ahead.

Members of the  Society of Explorers and Adventurers:


Tokyo Disney Sea Mediterranean Harbor

The original headquarters of the Society is located at the Fortress Explorations attraction, which still serves as a place for inducting new members. Another SEA facility at the harbor is the Magellan's restaurant.

Tower of Terror (Tokyo DisneySea)

Harrison Hightower III was a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers that often operated in corrupt and illegal methods in collecting artifacts. This would become his downfall when in 1899, his discovery of Shiriki Utundu in a remote African village, would lead to his demise and the closure of his home at Hotel Hightower. By openly disbelieving and scoffing at any notion of the idol's power, he angered the trickster god and disappeared on New Year's Eve that year. The hotel was re-opened to tours in 1912 by the New York Preservation Society, though Hightower's restless spirit still remains in the hotel, tormented by Shiriki Utundu. ( D&M: Physical appearance of Harrison Hightower III is inspired by Imagineer Joe Rhode )

Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Manor

Set at Henry Mystic's outpost in Mystic Point in 1909, Lord Henry Mystic established a home and meeting place for the Society in a remote rainforest in 1880 and opened parts of his home to the public as an art museum in 1896. Henry Mystic's pet monkey Albert ends up getting into trouble when he opens a recently acquired Balinese Music Box with the magical ability to bring inanimate objects to life.

Haunted Halloween

Since SEA became a part of the park with Mystic Point, some of the Adventureland offerings during the park's Halloween events have incorporated the organization into their stories.

In 2014, Horrors of the Amazon focused around an adventurer named Jonas Brisbane who hoped to join their ranks. In 2015, the story of the Jungle Cruise overlay Curse of the Emerald Trinity was instigated by Professor Reed, a man kicked out of SEA for his greedy actions and desire for forbidden artifacts.

Walt Disney World Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom)

Big Thunder Mining Company, owner Barnabas T. Bullion, is identified as a member of the Society in letters in the queue corresponding with Jason Chandler. Both he and a colleague at the Museum of the Weird, known as Madame Zarkov (who also has been known to frequent Merriweather Adam Pleasure's Adventurers Club), advise against further mining activity at the mountain in light of the various supernatural happenings plaguing the site. ( D&M: Physical appearance of Barnabas T. Bullion is inspired by Imagineer Tony Baxter )

Skipper Canteen

At this Magic Kingdom restaurant, Doctor Albert Falls had a special SEA meeting room in a hidden room in his library. Club fezs belonging to him, Henry Mystic, Albert, Mary Oceaneer, Merriweather Adam Pleasure can be found in a display case and maps featuring legendary creatures drawn by Oceaneer and Chandler can be seen hanging on the walls.

Typhoon Lagoon

A 2017 addition to Typhoon Lagoon, Miss Adventure Falls is a family-style raft attraction that takes guests on a splashing journey through the fabled Captain Mary Oceaneer’s past. Legend has it that Captain Oceaneer, a treasure-hunting heroine, and along with her other pet parrot Duncan have traveled across the sea collecting unique artifacts before she became stranded at Typhoon Lagoon many years ago by a rogue storm.


Only a few small SEA references have been implemented at Disneyland thus far. On Big Thunder Trail, cargo being sent to Jason Chandler is seen loaded on a red stagecoach along the trail. In a seating area of Adventureland's Bengal Barbeque, the group portrait and some postcards from Blauerhimmel can be seen hanging on the wall.

Disney Cruise Line

In the Oceaneer's Lab, on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, numerous portraits of Mary Oceaneer, and her Parrot; Salty, can be found. These portraits show Mary to be a Treasure Hunter and a Diver, with her diving suit on display, in the Oceaneer Lab, as well as treasure found on an expedition to Castaway Cay.

Make sure to explore Disney Wiki, a treasure site for informations about all your favorite Disney characters!

In addition i post here a video posted this week by Offhand Disney in which he talks, precisely, about the Society of Explorers and Adventurers:

Pictures: copyright Disney

The Era of 8K Video Will Start in 2020 With Tokyo Olympic Games !

4K Video is now available in most digital cameras and mobile phones and now, thanks to an interview with Yosuke Yamane from Panasonic, we learn when 8K video will come on the market ( for everyone, not only for professionals ), and why. The answer to "when" is 2020 and to "why" is: the Olympic Games in Tokyo:

"Towards the year 2020, 4K will evolve to 8K. Panasonic has supported the Olympic Games for a long time and in 2020, when the games are in Tokyo, the era of 8K will start, and we will develop the hardware to develop the 8K picture."

"8K Photo will completely change the photo shooting style with 33MP resolution. Whether that’s a 4K crop from 8K or 2K cropping from 8K or it’s 33MP images on the stills side."

Great news, though when we see that one minute in 4K weight almost 1Gb, you'll better need to have a computer powerful enough to edit the huge 8K file which will weight even more.

 Full interview of Yosuke Yamane HERE.

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D23 Gold Members Enjoy Additional Savings and Member-Only Benefits

Plus, D23 Expo 2019 Design Challenge Themed to Haunted Mansion

BURBANK, Calif. – August 16, 2018 – On Thursday, August 23, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club will begin selling tickets for the next D23 Expo, which will take place August 23-25, 2019, at the Anaheim Convention Center. The largest Disney fan event in the world, D23 Expo celebrates all the wonderful worlds of The Walt Disney Company under one roof, including the best of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars across film, television, theme parks, products, online, music, live entertainment, and more. D23 Expo 2019 marks the sixth biennial Expo held in Anaheim.

Once again, the Expo will celebrate the past, present, and future of Disney with signature entertainment, celebrity appearances, panels, presentations, sneak peeks, and immersive experiences. A massive show floor will feature exhibits, shopping, and photo opportunities from all across Disney and its partners. D23 Expo 2019 marks the return of fan favorites, including the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony, honoring the talented men and women who have made indelible contributions to the Disney legacy; an all-new exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives; Talent Central, where fans can meet their favorite Disney stars; and a daily parade on the show floor.

Plus, the Mousequerade costume contest is back with actress Yvette Nicole Brown and fashion designer Ashley Eckstein returning as judges for the popular event, which includes dozens of eye-popping creations from fans around the world.

In addition, the D23 Expo 2019 Design Challenge will be themed to the popular Haunted Mansion, which first opened at Disneyland in 1969 and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Fans are encouraged to create ghoulishly delightful designs, from paintings and drawings to sculptures and models, inspired by the beloved attraction and its 999 happy haunts. Twenty-three pieces of finalist artwork will be on display throughout the D23 Expo weekend at a gallery on the show floor. The winning artist will be chosen prior to the start of the D23 Expo and will receive a cash prize of $2,300. Details for Mousequerade and the Design Challenge will be revealed this fall.

D23 Expo 2019 will showcase all of the latest stars in the Disney universe. In 2017, celebrity appearances included Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Whoopi Goldberg, Jordan Fisher, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Hamill, Kristen Bell, Chris Hemsworth, Mandy Moore, and the stars of Disney’s Descendants. Additionally, Disney executives and creative talent came together to deliver special presentations, announcements, and experiences to Disney fans throughout the three-day extravaganza.

This year, discounted single-day and multi-day tickets for D23 Expo 2019 will be available exclusively to D23 Gold Members, and Gold Members who purchase their tickets from August 23–November 20, 2018 will enjoy an additional special “Early Bird” discount. D23 Gold Family Members can save as much as $288 off the price of admission, based on the purchase of four three-day tickets at the D23 Gold Member “Early Bird” rate. General admission tickets are $89 for a one-day adult admission and $69 for children. Three-day money-saving tickets are also available. Discounted hotel and Disneyland Resort park tickets are available to all Expo ticket purchasers. For more information on tickets and the ticket prices for Gold Members and general admission, visit

A limited number of VIP Sorcerer Packages for D23 Expo 2019 will be available exclusively to both D23 Gold and Gold Family Members at $2,500 per ticket. The Sorcerer Package includes a three-day admission ticket with a commemorative Sorcerer credential; reserved seating at presentations; a preview day with a tour of the show floor and advance shopping opportunities; a Haunted Mansion-themed welcome reception; a packed D23 Expo gift pack, including an exclusive bag provided by D23 Expo 2019 sponsor American Tourister, and more. Members can purchase up to two Sorcerer tickets. Additional details and a complete list of Sorcerer Package benefits are highlighted at

D23 Gold and Gold Family Members will also be entitled to special benefits throughout the weekend including exclusive discounts and offers at select Disney retail and partner locations; a commemorative gift; and limited priority queueing for Hall D23 and the Expo Arena. Look for announcements about these opportunities in the coming months. To join D23 and enjoy these benefits, visit

For the latest news and updates about D23 Expo 2019, visit

Picture: copyright Disney

The Best DLP News of the Week is Confirmed by Disneyland Paris : Cinemagique Attraction is Coming Back at WDS Theatre Anytime Soon

The rumor started today and we hadn't to wait too long to know if it was true as it was confirmed late afternoon by Disneyland Paris on Inside Ears: the beloved Cinemagique attraction will be back at DLP Walt Disney Studios Theatre, most probably this fall. It will be of course the same movie with hopefully the same in-theatre effects.

DLP did not give any details, just saying that “more information will be shared at a later stage” and  it’s still unclear at exactly what date the attraction will be back or for how long it will return, but it's good news anyway.

Of course this means that the Avengers United stunt show will stop playing in the same theatre but it was supposed to play only during the Summer of Marvel Super-Heroes, so it's logical that it stops. The show will probably be back next summer, with probably improved special effects - like the drones part - which needed it. It's not a bad stunt show but it needs improvements, and i'm sure that at DLP everyone is aware of it.

In the meantime the comeback of Cinemagique is "the best DLP news of the week" as it is an emotional movie, a bit dated yes, but still a great tribute to Cinema history and Martin Short and Julie Delpy are great in it. Don't miss it when it will be back if you visit DLP WDS at that time because you won't see Cinemagique in any other Disney theme park!

Picture: copyright Disney

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"Journey To Halloween Town', New Exciting Addition to HKDL Halloween Season !

Coming this September for HKDL Halloween Season, "Journey To Halloween Town", a walkthrough journey through the world of nightmare Before Christmas is a new addition to HKDL already famous Halloween season. Thanks to This is Mr B we have HKDL concept-arts, and an official description below!

"Frightful antics will ensue this Halloween, when Jack Skellington and his friends create mayhem and turn the park upside down! The Pavilion will be transformed with spooky magic, allowing Guests to visit Halloween Town, featuring iconic music and scenes from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'

Venture into Dr. Finklestein’s Lab, where Jack Skellington's friend Sally desperately needs your help. You just might see Jack himself while exploring.

Make sure you stay alert, as the evil Oogie Boogie will be out to get you and your friends!"

That is for sure an exciting addition to Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween Season, and i can't wait to see the result of it!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Thanks to This is Mr B

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Epcot Guardians of Galaxy Coaster Construction Update, and more

I've got an Epcot Guardians of Galaxy Construction update for you today, with pics and video thanks to D&M contributor in Orlando. The video was shot at sunset and with a cloudy sky so it's sometime a bit dark, sorry about that.

As we know the tiles on the Universe of Energy facade have been removed and that's how it looks right now. Don't worry, it will be all clean and pretty at the end of the works.

A zoom on the inside of the building reveal that all decors of the previous and now extinct Universe of Energy attraction has also been removed.

This was previously the room where the curtain would go up after the first movie and vehicles with guests were entering the Dinosaur scenes.

Nearby nothing has changed on the Wonders of Life pavilion but the visual intrusion of the Guardians of Galaxy coaster show building is difficult to avoid.

Now, something pretty strange is happening backstage as the land behind the Guardians of Galaxy coaster show building has been cleared...

...including a big land on the other side of the backstage road. The question of course is: WHY? as they have already plenty of room for the steel needed for the show building or the coming in or out of the trucks. We'll keep an eye on what will happen on this land in the future.

You'll see more in the video, so here it is:

One more thing with this view of the land on which will be build the "Space" restaurant...

...which most probably will connect with the Mission Space building nearby.

See you soon for a new WDW Update!