Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2020, The Year of All Dangers

Those of you who follow me on Disney and more probably know that i'm as much specialist in astrology than i am in Disney theme parks, and i sometime do astrological updates about the transits of important planets when it happen. So, today i have one update for you, and those of you who think that astrology is bullshit without knowing anything about it can jump directly to the next posts below.

I wanted to do it in fact last December as i do usually at the end of each year, and especially for this year as i would have called the update "the year of all dangers", which i do finally as it is the title of this update. And then i was lazy to do it in December, thinking i had still a few weeks more to do it in January, and on January 2 the crisis with Iran happened with the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, and i thought "fuck, it's too late know, we may be at war with Iran in a week and if i write it now people will think that it's to easy to announce bad things coming when they already happened, etc...". And then, both Iran and U.S have cool down and the drums of war stopped. But destiny has different cards in its sleeves and shortly after the coronavirus outbreak started. So, i finally post this astrological update as astrology, contrary to what some of you may think doesn't say explicitely WHAT will happen but explain WHY things happen ( good or bad ) at the moment they happen. It also allows to know how long it will last ( always for good or bad events ).

So, WHY is it "the year of all dangers"? Because there is an exceptional conjunction of planets this year in the same sign - in the Capricorn sign - which never happened in 1000 years, meaning we don't have example about what it can bring. Let's start with the conjunction of Saturn ( known as the "Grim Reaper" ) and Pluto ( the lord of the underworld ), two planets of "death" with a transcendental goal for an individual but collectively bringing death and destruction ( as you need to destroy before rebuilding or access to a new life ). The last time Saturn and Pluto had a bad transit together was ...in September 2001 when they were opposite, and we know that the world has never been the same after Sept 11 as it was before ( both Saturn and Pluto are slow moving planets but on Sept 11 the Moon was also in conjunction with Saturn and it's the Moon which is a fast moving one which gave the spark for the explosion ). What i mean by that is this: the planets have each a different type of energy, meaning that they have an effect on the mind, some transit will make you over-optimistic ( Jupiter ), others will make you depressive ( Saturn ), others will make you dreamy ( Neptune ), etc... That's what the planets transits do, in fact and so far, that shouldn't be too difficult to understand. Now, some planets, especially Mars and Pluto will make you impatient, angry, or even destructive depending of the positions they will have with the planets on your natal chart.  In this example, one can be angry but keep everything inside, until another planet arrive and gives the spark for the explosion which was waiting inside. The mad guy who did the massacre from its Mandalay Bay suite in Las Vegas two years ago had a conjunction of Mars on his natal "black Moon" all the week he prepared and did his carnage, and the black Moon rules, as the great French astrologer Joelle de Gravelaine who was a specialist of it once said "all kind of desire, orgy and carnage included".

Back to 2020, now: when i was thinking how dangerous this transit of planets would be i was, in all honesty, not thinking about a virus outbreak, but rather to a war whether with Iran or North Korea, or even Venezuela - it's not the places of potential conflicts which are lacking. So far - i say "so far" because as we'll see in a few seconds the war option hasn't ended yet - it seems that death ( Saturn / Pluto ) choose the virus option. The problem is that Jupiter, another highly powerful planet, also entered in the Capricorn sign. Jupiter has a reputation to be a "good" planet, which brings luck and protection, which he does indeed. But Jupiter also INCREASE things and rules the "long distance travels". When one has Jupiter in transit in his natal sign he will have desire of long distance travels and most of the time he WILL travel, and it's the right time to do it as Jupiter will bring protection during the travel. What we have with the coronavirus outbreak is a deadly virus, originally located in Central China, which finally creates a worldwide outbreak spreading around the world and still increasing daily with no end in sight. That's where the Jupiter effect happen, the conjunction Saturn and Pluto IS "death" and Jupiter arrives and make this "death" travelling around the world.

A few things you need to know about Saturn effects: Saturn always mark the end of "something" - when you're 14, when Saturn is opposite to the position he had the day you're born, it is the end of childhood. Just like when you're 28, when Saturn comes back to the same position he had the day you're born, it is the end of the teenage age with all its transgression without limits. Saturn makes you understand that it's time now to be an adult, and it's the real start of the adult age. 29 years later, at 58-59, Saturn marks the end of a professional career or the time for retirement, or if you did really bad things during the previous 29 years, it'll be the time you'll pay for them ( Harvey Weinstein ) as Saturn is also the one which "brings the karma in boomerang". So, as you can see, most of the time the death effect of Saturn is symbolic, it's not a physical death - except in some particular configurations or after 75 years old as Saturn, in addition to make you depressive will also drain you. The transits of Saturn can make you so tired that after 80 years old it's hard to survive to it, at a moment when the vital energy is often low. Note that Saturn also rules "fear" and i suppose you've noticed how people in some countries are currently almost in panic mode - of course because of the coronavirus outbreak but the fear factor of Saturn is amplified by the the usual increasing effect of Jupiter, bringing the whole fear often to an irrational point.

But recently i wanted to check something and thought to have a look back to see what were the planets positions during the last big virus outbreak - of SARS - which happened from Oct 2002 till July 2003. Did Saturn and Pluto, two slow moving planets still had an aspect together? I just had a look, and yes they were still in opposition like they were in Sept 11. Which is kind of interesting because i wouldn't have thought to make a link between a Saturn and Pluto transit for a virus outbreak, i thought that viruses were rather belonging to Neptune "department" ( as Neptune rules medical sector ). But with both Saturn and Pluto joined together as they are this year there sure will be a lot of deaths. When i saw last year this transit coming and was talking with friends about it i used to told them "There WILL be dead people, a LOT of dead people". There is now more than 70000 people infected and 1670 people who died from the outbreak, and believe me, i'd rather would prefer to have been wrong.

And we're not done yet as we're just mid-February and the Saturn / Pluto / Jupiter transit will basically last all year with a little break from the end of March to late June when Saturn will enter briefly in the Aquarius sign before going backward and enter Capricorn again. But even that is not good news as Saturn, when it will be in Aquarius, will be in square position ( a difficult one ) with Uranus in Taurus ( by the way, those of you born between January 20 and 25, at the start of the Aquarius sign, must be specially cautious during these three months, and those of you born between January 15 and 20, must be cautious all the others months of the year, also due to the transit of Saturn on their Sun in Capricorn ). We'll see what happen but Uranus rules revolution, sudden changes and is unpredictable, and Uranus is currently in the sign which rules money and material possessions ( Taurus ), while Saturn will be in Aquarius, a sign whom the master is ...Uranus, meaning that Saturn ( death and fear ) will be energized by the explosive, unpredictable energy of Uranus, master of the Aquarius sign, while at the same time being in square transit with the current position of Uranus in Taurus. There is a possibility that the virus outbreak reach such proportions that it finally creates a serious economy crisis. It's already starting but the full economy crisis is not yet there.

Now, don't go away as there is a "one more thing", unfortunately: Mars is also joining the party and enters in Capricorn TODAY, and usually Mars stays 2 months in a sign. And it's really no good news: although Mars is the energy which puts you "in action" he also rules conflicts and agressions - don't forget it was the "God of War" in ancient times, and for good reasons. We'll see how it goes but it either could be a moment when people, specially those in China who are stuck in their home / town / province starts to revolt OR it could be indeed a start of conflict or war somewhere on the planet, though i think that Trump don't look for a war in this election year. Mars is "fire" energy, and just see the situation like throwing fire on an almost already uncontrolable situation at the point of explosion, and you'll understand that danger is still ahead. At the end of the year - but not before - Saturn and Jupiter will both enter Aquarius so at least the conjunction of the energies of death and destruction of Saturn and Pluto will be behind, but Saturn ( death and fear ) will still be amplified by Jupiter, and both will still be in square position with Uranus, so i'm sorry to say that the story is far to be ended. As for the coronavirus outbreak, if you ask me, personally i don't see it ending before the end of the year. I wish to be wrong, but i don't feel it that way, i think we're still at the start of it, and it could be much much worst.

As we are in a U.S election year, i'm sure some of you are dying to know who has the best chances to win. Well, i'm sorry to say that Trump - although having an opposite ( bad position ) of Saturn to his natal Saturn and Venus all year - could very well win the election. He will have a very good trine ( 120° angle, good position ) of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto to what is called the "middle of the sky" point, which don't define who you are but how you want to appear to the world - or how the world see you, the image that the world has of you. With this kind of trine position, Trump might appear both as conqueror (Jupiter ), full of power ( Pluto ), strong and reliable ( Saturn ) and this could make him win.
On the other hand, how are the planets for Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg? Bernie Sanders has currently some good aspect with Jupiter and Pluto, both in good trine position with his Sun in Virgo but he will also have a bad square transit of Pluto and Saturn to his Venus in Libra and to his Mars in Aries, and i can be wrong but i wouldn't put my bets on him. Buttigieg is actually the one who has the best planets this year, with Jupiter and Pluto close to his Sun in Capricorn which normally brings luck and power ...if he didn't had also Saturn on his Sun degree. Saturn is also "Murphy"s Law" ( everything that can go wrong will go wrong ) and no doubt that problems are still ahead for him. As for Michael Bloomberg, he is the other one with the best positions, having excellent trine positions to his natal Mars, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. Bloomberg is an Aquarius native, and if he wins the next three years might be difficult for him when Saturn will be in Aquarius, but he could win this year. I'd say that Trump, in addition to his usual luck ( due to his natal trine of Jupiter to his Sun in Gemini ) had good chances to win, followed by Bloomberg, and Buttigieg behind, but if Buttigieg wins - and succeed to go through the Saturnian storm -  it will be thanks to the incredible luck and protection that Jupiter can bring when you have it in your sign.

That's all for now for the astrological update, and it's more than enough, isn't it!

Artwork: copyright Yves Bady

Sunday, February 16, 2020

BREAKING: Disneyland Paris Has Now Until 2036 to Build a Third Park as a Ninth Amendment to the 1987 Convention Extends the Possibility of Creating a Third Park by Ten Years.

Disneyland Paris: Euro Disney has now until 2036 to build a third park A ninth amendment to the convention established in 1987 extends the possibility of creating a third park in Marne-la-Vallée by ten years.

You have below, the English translation by Google of the article of Le Parisien, that you can read in French HERE, but what does it means? It means, first that a third park will NOT be build for 2026, it also mean that DLP has until 2036 to build it BUT it could be even later as "this 2036 deadline may again be the subject of an addendum "until the date on which a threshold of "at least 22 million annual visitors will have been reached by the two existing parks, it being understood that in such a case, the realization of this third major attraction must be provided for in a detailed program signed no later than March 23, 2040". Today, the average annual attendance is 15 million visitors."

In addition, you'll note that the amendment does not specify explicitly that it will be a third park ( the 1987 convention also didn't ) but that it has to be "the creation of a third major tourist attraction". Disney fans will understand this as a third park but for Disney it's different, it leaves the door open for something that could be eventually different than a theme park.

Translation of Le Parisien article:

The current extension of the Marne-la-Vallée complex concerns one of the two existing parks, namely Walt Disney Studios. But the construction of a third park remains a possibility.

When we talk about the current extension of Disneyland Paris, some think that it is the creation of a third park. But no. The three new universes scheduled by 2025 - "Marvel", "Frozen", "Star Wars" - will be well included in Walt Disney Studios. This second complex opened in 2002, ten years after the inauguration of Disneyland Park.

However, the creation of a third park remains a possibility. It is included in the convention signed in 1987 between the State, the region, the department, the RATP, the public developer EpaFrance and Euro Disney.

In a letter dated December 11, the regional prefect Michel Cadot requested the agreement of the department of Seine-et-Marne on this subject. On February 7, the departmental council adopted the ninth amendment to the agreement, the first since September 2010. It states that the possibility of deciding to build a third park is extended until 2036 instead of 2026.

Above, the land for the third theme park is located in front of the Newport Bay, Sequoia Lodge and Santa Fe Hotels.

A new endorsement linked to the bar of 22 million visitors

"If on March 24, 2036, the pivotal company [Editor's note: Euro Disney] or its assignee has not requested inclusion in a detailed program corresponding to the creation of a third major tourist attraction [Editor's note: a third park] likely to attract millions of additional visitors each year compared to those who come to visit Disneyland Parks and Walt Disney Studios, the EPA [Editor's note: EpaFrance] will be able to market the unused land.

This area is located east of the circular boulevard, in the Magny-le-Hongre and Bailly-Romainvilliers territories.

The addendum, which has not yet been signed by all the parties but will be, specifies that this 2036 deadline may again be the subject of an addendum "until the date on which a threshold of "at least 22 million annual visitors will have been reached by the two existing parks, it being understood that in such a case, the realization of this third major attraction must be provided for in a detailed program signed no later than March 23, 2040". Today, the average annual attendance is 15 million visitors.

Land counterparties at this time

In addition to the third park component, this deadline "aims to support the tourist development of Euro Disney which announced an investment of 2 billion euros" as well as "urban development for construction in Coupvray, Chessy, Serris or Bailly- Romainvilliers with 1,800 additional housing units and 250 residential units, initially planned in areas outside the Disney perimeter, as well as 450 additional specific housing units dedicated to Disney employees. "

The agreement is also extended from 2030 to 2040. The possibility of deciding to build an east wing of the Nature Villages is extended from 2020 to 2030.

"These different postponements should allow The Walt Disney Company to maintain a regular pace of investment in the territory, says the department. In return, the Disney right-of-way is reduced from 2,229 hectares to 2,118 hectares, Disney abandoning its general purchase option on the La Justice / Lilandry rights-of-way at Coutevroult and de l'Épinette at Montry. "

Pictures: copyright Disney

Jungle Cruise Map Now Given to Disneyland Guests Who Exit the Ride

According to a Disneyland News Today post on Twitter "If you go to the exit of Jungle Cruise you can ask for a map of the attraction and take your own paper version home!".

In fact, the map was released in B&W in 2015 on the Disney Parks blog in a PDF version HERE, and here it is, below i've just added a slightly bit of colour to make it look a bit "older", and did as well another more "green" version.

Pictures: copyright Disney, DLNT

Have a Private Tour of Universal Studios Hollywood with Steven Spielberg !

I repost today this amazing video of Steven Spielberg giving a private tour of Universal Studios Hollywood to Anthony Breznican some years ago, and Steven is the one who is driving!

If you've never seen the video, don't miss it as it's a rare occasion to see Spielberg as he is in real, and, as someone said in a comment the first time it was posted, you'll learn more about Spielberg in these 10 minutes than in all his promotional interviews!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

How Disney's Animal Kingdom Pandora Flight of Passage Ride Works

Thanks to Coaster Labs new video learn how Pandora Flight of Passage works! His new video will explain to you not only how the ride works but also all the special effects used in the queue itself!

Flight of Passage was by far the most anticipated ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom. This ride combines an innovative ride system with stunning 3D animation into one jaw dropping ride. With all this amazing technology, it's no wonder this ride left fans so anxious to ride. But how does Avatar: Flight of Passage Work? Let's find out!

lAlso earn how Star Wars : Rise of the Resistance works at WDW & Disneyland and how Universal Islands of Adventure Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure Works with Coaster Labs previous videos that you can see in the D&M article HERE.

Video: copyright Coaster Labs

Harrison Ford Confirms That the Filming of Indiana Jones 5 Will Start in Two Months !

In a conversation with CBS correspondent Lee Cowan to be broadcast on "CBS Sunday Morning" on February 16, Harrison Ford talks about returning as Indiana Jones in the fifth installment of the beloved franchise and reveal that the filming should start in two months!

Video: copyright CBS

BREAKING: Hong Kong Government Obtain Disney's Consent to Use Part of the Land Kept for HKDL Phase 2 for Coronavirus Quarantine Facilities

Hong Kong government obtain Disney's consent to use part of the land kept for HKDL phase 2 for coronavirus quarantine facilities. "Secured the consent from the company to offer part of the site of phase 2 land designated for Disney theme park for future expansion. At this stage, the HK government is still looking for a suitable location, but it hopes to use the phase 2 land of the resort if necessary."

This is the land that you can see on the picture above, which is kept for HKDL second park. As the park is closed for now, last week Hong Kong government was thinking asking Disney to use HKDL hotels for people under quarantine, but of course there was no way Disney was going to agree on that,with all the decontamination problems which inevitably would happen once the outbreak wil be over, etc...

Luckily Disney had this empty land to offer in exchange, on which it should be not too complicated to build temporary quarantine facilities, and as HKDL second gate won't be built anytime soon, it shouldn't be any problem.

Watch the video below with a Hong Kong official talking about this.

Below, good aerial picture of Hong Kong Disneyland, showing on the right the land kept for the second park, the land that Disney agreed for a use in quarantine facilities, if needed. According to This is Mr B, Disney has set a threshold for building the second park, which is to reach 10 million visitors within a year, and construction of the phase 2 is planned for / or after 2025. If Hong Kong Disneyland reach 10 million entrances in 2025, or at least 8 million, the second phase will be kept. ( Hong Kong Disneyland's best performance in the past years was 7.5 million ). If there are not 8 million visitors in 2025, you can say bye-bye to the phase 2 of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak and the temporary closure of the park HKDL was seriously hit by the unrests in Hong Kong. How much hit? This CNN article HERE posted last year will give you an idea - CNN by the way confirms that Hong Kong Disneyland has agreed to lend Phase 2 vacant land to the government as potential quarantine facilities, as have said city officials in a press conference yesterday:

“We need quarantine facilities for surveillance. We will leave no stones unturned … We have secured the company’s consent to use part of the site if it is needed,” said Edward Yau Tang-wah, head of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau.

The HK government has not released any schedule or plans on whether or when the designated site will be used. There are currently 56 cases of confirmed novel coronavirus in Hong Kong.