Wednesday, February 26, 2020

BREAKING : Construction of Quarantine Centers on Hong Kong Disneyland 2nd Park Land Started On February 18th

Remember that Disney gave recently his agreement to Hong Kong Government to build a quarantine centre on the unused land kept for HKDL second theme park?  Well, apparently Hong Kong Government directly hired China Harbor Engineering as contractor to build the quarantine centre at Penny's bay on the site adjacent to Disneyland parking lot. Construction of the Penny's Bay quarantine center began on February 17th with the goal to complete the first batch of 100 quarantine facilities in May 2020.

Below, Google translation of an article in Chinese, so far to be a perfect translation:
"The news was announced last week on HK mainland website and the board was asked for details, reasons and the cost of the direct appointment. It was replied two days later, saying the project was commissioned by the civil engineering development department in accordance with government purchasing procedures. The Engineering co. Ltd, is responsible for land formation and infrastructure construction at the quarantine centre, but they failed to respond about the cost of the project, the reasons why it directly hired the company and why no invitation for tenders were done.

Public opinion criticizes the government for having commissioned contractors to build quarantine camps without calling for tenders. Government officials have revealed that the government will use the lottery fund to allocate 190 million yuan for the construction of a quarantine center at Penny's Bay, on the land planned for the construction of a second park in Hong Kong Disneyland and the engineering project was approved by the members of the public works group. The company "China Harbor Engineering" is responsible for the construction."

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