Sunday, February 23, 2020

Photos, Videos : Tokyo Disneyland New Fantasyland Beast Castle Update

Tokyo Disneyland new Fantasyland area with Beast Castle and Belle Village will open on April 15 and Japan Youtuber DvideoZ has posted some great videos with very close shots of the castle and its incredibly themed decor.

You have the two videos below and i did some screenshots of the most interesting theming details, allowing to see how much detailed Beast Castle is with dozens of gargoyles all around, check it out!

Close to Beast Castle is Belle's Village, with shops and restaurants, here are some of the facades.

On this first video of DvideoZ you'll see close shots of Beast Castle from 4.30 min.

And on this next video of DvideoZ you'll see shots of Belle Village from 8.20 min. Make sure to follow his channel HERE!

Pictures and videos: copyright DvideoZ