Friday, July 26, 2019

WDW Update : Amazing Pictures of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios and Others WDW Iconic Attractions

I have for you some amazing pictures of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios and others WDW iconic attractions to end the week! As you'll see on the pictures below they show Galaxy's Edge which seems to arise from the jungle! All the pictures have been shot from the balcony at the top of the new Gran Torino tower with a Canon camera and of course a tele lens. Let's have a look at these amazing pcis, would we?

First pictures below, Disney's Hollywood Studios Galaxy's Edge. Make sure to click on each picture to see them in big size!

On the two next pics, if you have a closer look you'll see a bit of DHS Toy Story Land, close to Galaxy's Edge.

Always at Disney's Hollywood Studios the Tower of Terror.

Next at DHS, the Rock and Roller Coaster show building recently repainted in blue.

Not so far from Disney's Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach!

Here seen from the back, the mountain of Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Always at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the floating mountains of Pandora.

And we will end with this last picture showing Epcot Spaceship Earth, with on the right the show building of the Guardians of Galaxy coaster, and in the foreground the back of the Swan and Dolphin Hotels.

I'll have more WDW updates for you in the coming days, smake sure to stay tune on Disney and more!

Pictures: copyright Disney and more

Thursday, July 25, 2019

DLP Walt Disney Studios and Disney California Adventure Spiderman Attraction Vehicle Unveiled

The new Spiderman ride coming to both DLP Walt Disney Studios and Disney California Adventure will be the next Marvel attraction to open in 2021 and so far only rendering of the exterior buildings have been released by Disney. Now, WDWNT has posted the digital rendering below showing the loading room and the ride vehicle.

I couldn't find if the concept-art was officially released by Disney or only leaked by WDWNT...
Editing: Just been confirmed that the concept-art is in fact an internal visual that was not supposed to be released officially ( that's why the usual "copyright Disney" is not on it ) and has been leaked by WDWNT.

The important point here is that it shows a vehicle themed with the red and blue Spidey colors where 8 people will sit - twice 4 guests back to back like in Toy Story Mania, except here they'll be 4 on each side instead than twice 2 back to back in TSM.

The vehicle will then move in the show building and will stop in front of screens where the rumor says that guests will sling webs like Spiderman. When the ride blueprints were unveiled recently Disney fanswere a bit disappointed as they thought that it will be simply a new kind of Toy Story Mania kind of ride with guests wearing 3D glasses, etc... But what D&M can tell you is that it will be indeed a sling shot ride but not in its formal way. I can't reveal everything but let's say that the trackless vehicles won't only slide on the floor - they will slide, but not only...

I remind you Disney's official attraction description so far: “Both parks will feature an exciting new attraction where guests of all ages can join the heroes in action. Disney is expanding its story universe by creating a new organization, the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, to be the setting for this experience. Though WEB is grounded in classic characters like Peter Parker, it is an organization that all guests can be a part of – one that invites guests to engage with these iconic heroes like never before. Besides WEB, there’s also brand-new, cutting-edge interface as part of this fun, interactive attraction. Through a blend of never-before-seen technology and practical effects, guests will get to experience for themselves what it is like to have the abilities of a Super Hero.”

WDWNT also has noticed that the vehicle was in fact hidden in plain sight in the poster announcing the Marvel Land for Disneyland Resort, this poster...

Don't see the vehicle? It's here:

In another post today WDWNT also posted renderings of the facade of the W.E.B. Suppliers store to be located at the exit of the ride at Disney California Adventure. More pics on WDWNT HERE.

There is little doubt that we will learn more about the ride at the D23 Expo Parks and Resorts presentation next month. Both rides are anounced for an opening in 2021!

Pictures: copyright Disney

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Disneyland Paris Update! All about the New Animation Celebration Show with Artworks and Leaked Blueprint, WDS Marvel Land, Disney Village, and more...

All-right, we're in for a new Disneyland Paris update today thanks to great pictures from Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster as well as from OutsideEars. We'll start by "Animation Celebration" which will replace "Art of Disney Animation" at DLP Walt Disney Studios, and is scheduled for an opening at the end of the year, most probably after Frozen 2 will be released.

If nothing will really change on the outside , except a re-painting to the original color scheme as it was on opening day in 2002...

...the inside is going through important modifications for a whole new experience based on the Frozen animated film, a show that should be played 12 times a day. The folks of OutsideEars have leaked on their Facebook page the blueprint, here it is below.

More explanations about this blueprint and what will be the "Animation Celebration" show. According to OutsideEars: Once past the preshow which will remain almost identical - and yes, the famous Disney multi-plan camera will stay there - the guests, now standing, will discover a brand new interactive show mixing puppets and actors, on the theme of "Frozen". This two-act show will take place in the two current rooms which are currently being modified for the new scenes and needed technical elements - including LED screens in the background.

A bit more about the show from what was unveiled at InsideEars event last April during which we learned that the first part will be with Anna, Krystof and Sven with whom guests will sing (here is probably the reason why the seats have been removed and guests will now be standing).

Anna will then invite you to follow her in the second room where guests will also sing with Elsa, standing in a setting of the Ice Castle.

Once the show will be over, the audience will come out into the post-show area where will happen the main changes. All the previous interactive games will be removed but a Zoetrope will be moved where the dubbing studio was previously. The photolocation area will move at the opposite of its current location to make room for the creation of a new backstage area for actors (rest room, costuming, office). The boutique and the drawing studio will remain unchanged and the latter will even be restored with the creation of 2 desks of the 18 that count the workshop  that will be adapted for persons with reduced mobility.

Each theater will accommodate 225 people with:
- 200 standing places
- 6 chairs for persons with reduced mobility
- 19 seats for people who have difficulty standing.

More news from the WDS with the works going on on the Spiderman attraction replacing Armaggedon which has now been entirely destroyed. A crane appear recently, meaning that the construction of the new show building will start soon, and it will be a two-floor building as on the second floor will be some backstage offices, which of course will be invisible for the guests.

The Tram Tour station as said before will have a new location and the tour itself is supposed to have a new "Cars" theming, most probably during Catastrophe Canyon which, good news, will stay. Max did recently a very good video showing the Tram Tour as it is currently, a video for which he even received the congratulations from people of DLP, so have a look at it below!

Changes also happened on DLP main parking lot where a new signage was created to make it easier to find the carpark aisles which had their sections renamed with also the installation of a totem at the start of each aisle. Quite nice, these totems will be very useful to guests to identify more easily the parking location of their vehicles, especially as the car park will be soon covered by a farm of solar panels. In addition, two new sections appeared between the camper vans and bus parking lots, so don't be surprised if you're headed to the right section of the car park during your next visit.

The drinks distributor located between the toilets and the kennel also has now a new blue decoration.

At the Disney Village (Downtown Disney) a Hard Rock Café Corner has been installed. Beyond the fact that it is not integrated, this outlet seems to be a test to see whether or not the Company will move in the near future to Disneyland Paris.

Also near the Disney Village the second entrance to the RER subway station is at last open. Located near the Gaumont theaters and Disney Village car park, and not that far from DLP WDS entrance, it will be ideal for guests who don’t want to wait a long time for bags control.

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