Friday, January 25, 2019

1990's Universal Studios Orlando Billboards Announcing Legendary Attractions...

Who remember the great Universal Studios Orlando billboards of the 1990's, anouncing Universal legendary attractions that we miss so much like Kongfrontation, Earthquake, Ghostbusters, etc...?

Here is four of these billboards that anyone coming from Orlando Airport could see driving down the highway.

Pictures: copyright Universal Studios

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Walk Inside Shanghaî Disneyland Very Private Club 33 Thanks to Exclusive Pictures by Heather Concannon

As you may know Shanghaî Disneyland has a Club 33 with a restaurant and a balcony offering a great view from above on SDL parade or the fireworks of the evening show "Ignite the Magic". What you may NOT know is that it's impossible not only to have access if you're not a member of SDL Club 33 but also to shoot pictures inside. I know it because i've tried when i've visited Shanghaî Disneyland in August 2016 and, even if after introducing myself as Disney and more editor,  the Club 33 cast-members refused to let me go upstairs and became hysterical when i shot just one picture, that you'll see below.

All this to say that we must be very very VERY grateful to Heather Concannon as, thanks to Heather, who kindly authorized me to post them in this D&M article we have the first pictures ever of the inside of Shanghaî Disneyland Club 33! To thanks Heather for these great pictures, make sure to visit Heather Instagram page HERE, her Facebook page HERE and her Twitter page HERE.

So, here we go for the visit of Shanghaî Disneyland Club 33, shall we?

On the picture above Heather Concannon stands under the Club 33 archway which is located in a corner of Mickey Avenue, SDL Main Street: "You made a left and next to Shanghai's version of the Emporium they had a little doorway that said 33 above it" says Heather " You had to ring a doorbell to get in." The picture below showing the gorgeous art-deco ceiling light of SDL Club 33 reception on the ground floor is the only one that i could shot when i was at SDL last year.

Now, SDL Club 33 restaurant has a business casual dress code, so you can't get in wearing your park clothes and Heather and her family had to drop off their bags and change clothes before entering SDL Club 33 restaurant.  The picture below shows the atrium where Heather and her group waited to be seated.

Actually, Shanghai's Club 33 theme is inspired by Disney's 1940's "Fantasia." and the next picture shows the staircase as view from the first floor with stunning chandeliers and the sugar plum fairies from Fantasia Nutcracker Suite.

The room where they had dinner was Club 33 Garden View room,  a big circular room filled with round tables and a lovely floral centerpiece.

"I took a thousand photos of the centerpiece, because I thought it was beautiful," said Heather Concannon. According to Heather "The entire space felt classier than what you may be used to seeing inside a Disney park restaurant".

There is too more private, intimate rooms with curtains off to the sides, offering a more romantic setting, with always gorgeous artwork on each walls.

Heather Concannon and her group ate at a large round table in the room, large enough to seat 10 people.

The napkin holder matched perfectly with the design on the plates, which, just like the coasters on the table have the number 33 printed on them.

You may wonder how Heather and her family who are not members of SDL Club 33 succeeded to enter and had dinner. Well, actually they were in Shanghaî Disneyland with Adventures by Disney and apparently the tour include a dinner at the Club 33, which is good to know. Because of that they ordered off of a pre-selected menu with a five-course meal, and here is a picture of the menu, with a choice between a short rib or fish for the main entree. They were also given two glasses of red or white house wine with their meal.

The appetizer was a grapefruit sorbet with green apple wasabi granite and dill oil.

One of the main entrées was a slow-cooked Australian wagyu short rib with chili glaze, apple salad, and parsnip purée, and the picture below shows the short rib choice. According to Heather each part of the five-course meal was a small portion so you didn't get filled up too quickly.

After the dinner, the Club 33 balcony allowed them have a unique view of the park, with the Tron ride on the left, SDL Enchanted Story Book castle, and Gardens of Imagination carousel on the right, which, by the way, also has a "Fantasia" theme. "Once you walk through the restaurant, they have a firework-viewing area. That's what the balcony is for", said Heather.

"The view is worth it, especially because it's so crazy to watch the fireworks in front of the castle [in Disney World] these days," said Heather. "It was nice to be able to watch it and hear the music and experience it with just our group and two other couples."

You can also go home with some Club 33 souvenirs like one of the coasters with the 33 number on it but "They had a store where you could purchase a polo, a tie, a bag," says Heather. "I bought a pen, a notebook, and a mug because I figured I'm never doing this again in my life."

I can't thank enough Heather Concannon for these exclusive pictures of Shanghaî Disneyland Club 33, a place where most of us probably will never get in and, again, make sure to visit Heather Instagram page HERE, her Facebook page HERE and her Twitter page HERE.

Pictures: copyright Heather Concannon, Alain Littaye

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

BREAKING: Shanghai Disney Resort Announces a “Zootopia”-Themed Land Coming to Shanghai Disneyland !

Today, Shanghai Disney Resort announced that a “Zootopia”-themed land is coming to Shanghai Disneyland - artwork above - marking the second major expansion since the resort opened in 2016. Based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ hit animated movie, this exciting development will be the park’s eighth themed land and the first-ever “Zootopia”-themed land at any Disney park.

Zootopia will be unique to Shanghai Disneyland and will feature a new, major attraction that seamlessly blends Disney’s storytelling and state-of-the-art technologies in order to bring this fan-favorite movie and its characters to life. Guests will be invited to experience the mammalian metropolis of Zootopia “where anyone can be anything,” with a new major attraction that will seamlessly blend Disney storytelling and state-of-the-art technology to bring this fan-favorite movie and its characters to life – including Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Entertainment, merchandise, and food and beverage offerings will invite guests to fully immerse themselves in the Academy-Award-winning animated movie.

There’s plenty of reasons to be wildly excited for this expansion: When it opens, Zootopia will become the eighth themed land at the world’s newest Disney park and the first-ever Zootopia-themed land at any Disney park worldwide! Park guests will be able to enter the world of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde for the very first time and discover what it is like to visit the place where animals can be anything they want.

“We are thrilled to announce that Shanghai Disneyland will be home to the world’s first Zootopia-themed land,” said Bob Chapek, Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products, The Walt Disney Company. “The rapid rate of expansion at Shanghai Disney Resort demonstrates our confidence and commitment to the Company’s future development in China.”

The development of the world’s first “Zootopia”-themed land follows the huge success of the “Zootopia” animated movie globally, particularly in China where it broke box office records to become the country’s No. 1 animated feature film in history. Of course, no matter where you travel, you’re sure to find a fan or two—Judy and Nick can currently be found greeting guests at Disney parks worldwide, and will soon be joined by other Zootopia friends at their very own land at Shanghai Disney Resort.

“Since the resort’s Grand Opening in 2016, Shanghai Disneyland has gone from strength to strength – continuing to expand and enjoying ever-rising attendance rates while also providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests,” said Yang Jinsong, Chairman of Disney’s Chinese joint venture partner for Shanghai Disney Resort – Shanghai Shendi Group. “Shanghai Disneyland has rapidly become one of the fastest growing Disney parks and has been key to the development of the Shanghai International Resort as one of the most visited leisure destinations in the country. This new expansion will provide our guests with an even richer selection of offerings, and will further boost our market competitiveness.”

Construction on Zootopia is targeted to begin later this year, no land opening date has been announced yet, neither what kind of attraction will be built. And if you wonder why this SDL new land was announced today, coming apparently out from nowhere in the middle of January, there is a reason for that and it's because the long holiday for the Chinese New Year is starting in China and all over Asia. The biggest human migration on the planet is now officially underway with close to 3 billion trips expected to be made between January 21 and March 1! By announcing this major news for Shanghai Disneyland now, and even if the Zootopia land is not built yet, Disney bring back SDL in the top news and remind SDL to the hundred of millions of Chinese moving now for this major holiday. Learn more about this on CNN HERE.

Stay tuned on Disney and more for more infos about the Zootopia land when available!

Monday, January 21, 2019

DLP Update : Pirates and Princesses Festival Debut at Disneyland Paris Park

Last week-end Disneyland Paris started its "Pirates and Princesses Festival" with its unique double parade and which will last until March 17!

You know the famous quote saying that "a picture worth thousand words", but a movie also worth thousand pictures, so here is three videos showing the Princesses or Pirates teams parades and stops, filmed by Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster, in 4K last Saturday!

First video below: the team Princesses on Central Plaza:

Next video below: the team Pirates in Main Street U.S.A:

Last video below: the team Princesses on Main Street U.S.A:

For a better understanding of how the two teams are moving here is a map done by Max. the number "1" indicate the show stop for each team, the the number "2" indicates the show stop in"duel" between the two teams, happening on Central Plaza.

Max will be back soon with a new DLP update, in the meantime i remind you that all January the acclaimed Disneyland Paris book in its FRENCH eBook edition is available for 14,99€ only on the Apple and Google Android eBook Stores and even less on Amazon Kindle!

The 320 pages book tells all the story of the creation of the park and include 750 pictures and 250 WDI artworks AND 62 videos links to the best videos of the park and Imagineering! An English eBook edition will come soon. At the current 14.99€ price the eBook is at a sixth of what was the printed edition price, and you'll be able to read the eBook on your mobile devices as well as on your computer, and take it with you when you'll visit the park, so don't miss it!

You'll find it for Apple devices at the iBook Store HERE. For Android mobile devices on Google Play Books HERE, and for Amazon Kindle HERE. The special price will end January 31st, Amazon and Google do their own additional discount so you'll find i even cheaper than 14.99 there!

Pictures and videos: copyright DLP Welcome

Sunday, January 20, 2019

All The Attractions Closed at DLP and WDS Until April 2019, and Beyond

Here is some important informations for those of you planning to visit Disneyland Paris and Walt Studios parks this year as the attractions below will be closed sometime this year, especially until April and others attractions also close forever. Check it as if one of your favourite attraction(s) happen to be closed you may want to delay or bring forward your visit to DLP.

Disneyland Paris Park:

Autopia : closed since November 5, 2018 - reopen in 2019

Riverboat Landing : closed from January 5 until February 8, 2019

Casey Jr - Le Petit Train du Cirque : closed from January 7 until February 8, 2019

Le Pays des Contes de Fées ( Storybook Land ) : closed from January 7 until February 8, 2019

Pocahontas Indian Village : closed from January 10 until March 1st, 2019

La Tanière du Dragon ( the Dragon under Sleeping Beauty Castle ) : closed from January 21 until February 8, 2019

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups : closed from March 11 until March 22, 2019

Phantom Manor : reopening Spring 2019

Have a look on the top at Max's map showing only the attractions which will be open on February 1st, 2019.

Walt Disney Studios park:

Cars Quatre Roues Rally : closed from January 7, will reopen sometime in 2019

Crush's Coaster : closed from January 7 janvier until February 8, 2019

And, to allow "the creation of new experiences in the frame of the new developments for the WDS, these attractions will close permanently and won't reopen as they currently are:

Armageddon Les Effets Spéciaux : closed permanently from April 1st,  2019

Disney Jr Live on Stage : closed permanently from April 1st,  2019

Art of Disney Animation : permanently closed

In addition to these official dates released by DLP you have to know that the two theaters of the Walt Disney Studios are both closed for now, the Animagique theater waiting to reopen with the great Mickey and the Magician show and the ( formerly ) Cinemagique theater is closed too and both might not reopen before April, which leave the Studios with no shows, except the outdoor shows during the Star Wars current season. And the Tram Tour is also closed which don't help to make things any better, Have a look below at Max's map showing only the attractions currently open.

And, last but not least, the Rock and Roller Coaster will also close later this year for its big transformation in an Iron Man coaster, the rumor saying that DLP has planned to close the RNRC this fall.

Yes, that makes a lot of closed attractions but Phantom Manor should finally reopen this April in an upgraded version which should be highly exciting for DLP fans, and I remind you that the Disneyland Paris park has started its Pirates and Princesses season ( don't miss the update about it on D&M tomorrow ) and will also have a new Lion King and Jungle season with new shows this summer. Apart these, no new attractions are expected to open in both parks before 2021.

Pictures: copyright Disney - DLP Welcome

Celebrate the Year of the Pig at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) celebrates the Year of the Pig from January 17 to February 24, 2019. Lovebirds can enjoy a romantic Valentine’s celebration at the same time with perfect gift and sumptuous dining options, here is HKDL full press release!

Step into the park filled with Chinese New Year decorations along Main Street, U.S.A. and enjoy a truly impressive array of new seasonal meals and gifts to shop from. To ring in the Year of the Pig, the Three Little Pigs, together with Mickey Mouse and Friends in their brand new Chinese New Year outfits, will appear around the park to spread warm new year wishes to guests. Do not forget to participate in the “God of Fortune Goofy Celebration Moment” to receive some extra good luck. Also, guests visiting from February 5 to 9 will enjoy extra blessings upon entering the theme park when they are presented with a newly designed Lai See packet.

Celebrate the happiest Chinese New Year ever with Year of the Pig fun

It would not be a perfect Year of the Pig without an appearance from Disney’s cute pig characters, the Three Little Pigs. Everyone loves the classic story of the pigs who built houses out of straw, sticks and bricks to keep the Big Bad Wolf away. To celebrate the Year of the Pig, the Three Little Pigs will be meeting guests at Fantasy Gardens in Fantasyland. Be sure to snap photos with them to capture these special memories with your loved ones and don’t miss the Three Little Pigs-themed decoration in Town Square.

For a fulfilling start of Chinese New Year, gather your fortune at the entrance of HKDL with a newly designed Lai See. These special red packets will be distributed to guests during the first five days of Chinese New Year, from February 5 to 9, while stock lasts. Each red packet includes a delicious chocolate gold coin as well as a merchandise, food and beverage coupon, and guests can share the good fortune with holiday gifts. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Chinese New Year as seasonal décor touches of gorgeous flowers and shimmering lanterns around the park bring prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead.

During the upcoming holiday season, guests are invited to join the brand-new “God of Fortune Goofy Celebration Moment” at the Castle Hub Stage. This upbeat dance moment occurs twice a day with a series of traditional Chinese New Year songs.

Here is a video of “God of Fortune Goofy Celebration Moment” filmed by HK Main Street Gazette.

To wish you an auspicious New Year filled with good fortune and happiness, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Chip ’n' Dale, Duffy, ShellieMay, StellaLou and Gelatoni are waiting to meet you at Main Street, U.S.A. in their brand new Chinese New Year outfits. Their newest friend Cookie is also joining for the first time, wearing her glimmering Chinese New Year attire. And that is not all — performers dressed in traditional Chinese outfits will appear around the park, bringing surprises and delivering happy New Year wishes to all!

Festive Chinese New Year food — a recipe for happiness

The fun of the Year of the Pig continues with festive Chinese New Year food in the park and resort hotels. HKDL is proud to present a total of 60 Chinese New Year-themed food and beverage delights for the season, from full-blown set menus to delicious snacks. Grab good fortune at the Main Street Bakery with sweet and savory nibbles such as the “Gold Ingot,” “Ingot Pudding,” “Wishing Fish” and “Lucky Mousse Cup,” or head to Main Street Corner Cafe hosted by Coca-Cola® to feast on a “Chinese New Year Set” in Chinese, Japanese or Thai style.

HKDL offers delicious dining choices for family gatherings. At Studio Lounge, guests can try out an assortment of delicacies in the “Chinese New Year Platter” or its special “Lo Hei”, which stands for good luck and prosperity. Hollywood & Dine is also offering the new “Mini Treasure Pot” for you to be blessed during the year. In Crystal Lotus, indulge in the “Everything Goes Well Dinner Set” which comes in nine dishes for some long-lasting good fortune or gather some good luck for you and your family with the “Golden House” set menu at World of Color Restaurant.

Share the blessings with collectible keepsakes

HKDL is offering more than 50 new and exclusive merchandise items this year, including plush toys, accessories, apparel, stationery, pins, home decor and much more. The new items feature Duffy and Friends, Mickey and Minnie, Disney●Pixar, the Disney Princesses and the Three Little Pigs. Shop for all-new Duffy and Friends plush toys, key chains, bags and Tsum Tsum in traditional Chinese outfits featuring silky red and green with colourful floral patterns that symbolize the festive spirit! You can also find Cookie-themed merchandise items in traditional Chinese outfits for the first time ever.

Among all the Disney style Chinese New Year gifts, guests especially love the new windmill, candy and cookie box, lai see packet or a “fai chun” banner with a lucky message. As a special offer for the Year of the Pig, guests can take home an exclusive Hamm plush toy in Chinese New Year-theme — based on the beloved film “Toy Story” — for only HK$68 when spending at least HK$200 at HKDL’s merchandise stores.

Extend the fun with a resort hotel stay Guests are invited to extend the magic of Chinese New Year with a stay at one of the themed resort hotels. Enjoy a complimentary in-room festive overlay in all three hotels and take part in inspirational Chinese traditions through family-friendly hotel activities, including the Feb 5 only Disney Lion Dance tour and Chinese New Year Choir across the three hotels during the first three days of the lunar new year, as well as the Disney Traditional New Year Market which will be organized throughout the holiday season.

Little guests can also join the festive themed arts and crafts sessions across three hotels. This year, guests will also have a chance to make their holiday wishes through hanging their written Wishing Card on our Chinese New Year Wishing Wall at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney Explorers Lodge. A stay at a resort hotel is the best way to create magical family memories!

Spice up the season with romantic Valentine’s Day dinners The festive magic extends to Valentine’s Day. Couples can visit the park during the CNY event period to also experience a romantic holiday together. The resort is offering close to 40 Valentine’s Day-themed merchandise items including Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, as well as Duffy and friends series.

After enjoying their time in the park, lovebirds can pamper their significant other with a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at Studio Lounge, Walt’s Cafe or World of Color Restaurant. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day together at HKDL!

Add a sprinkle of Disney magic to your birthday celebrations Birthday celebrations are meant to be so much more than simply blowing out candles and eating a slice of cake. Extra birthday magic await guests that stay at any of the three hotels at Hong Kong Disneyland from today onwards. Hong Kong residents who purchase a “Room and Hotel Breakfast Package” and check-in/ check-out on their birthday* will enjoy free entry to the park^^! Meanwhile, their family and friends are invited to celebrate the birthday happiness together, as they can also enjoy 15% off ticket purchases (up to three tickets)#.

For guests that desire an extra special catch-up with their favorite Disney characters during this special time, their birthday wishes are set to come true! By simply booking a hotel room via the “7 days Advance Purchase” offer and checking in during their birthday month^, they can enjoy a free Hotel Character Breakfast Buffet†. For details, please refer to

· *Valid check-in dates are Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2019. Actual offer price depends on the check-in and check-out date, the room category selected, the group mix and the Hotel’s Best Available Rate, which is determined at the time of booking (subject to availability and any Benefits Limits, defined in the Hotel General Terms and Conditions).
· ^Booking must be made during Jan 1, 2019 – Dec 20, 2019, at least 7 days prior to check-in, and valid check in dates are Jan 8 – Dec 27, 2019.
· ^^Complimentary ticket cannot be upgraded to Magic Access Membership or other ticket types.
· #Discount is only applicable to purchase of up to 3 one-day standard or child Park tickets in a single transaction. Offer tickets are valid on the date of purchase or the day after only. Offer tickets not used on the purchase date or the day after will be void without refund or compensation. Eligible Guests are required to enter the Park together with his/her Guests using the offer tickets. Guests cannot use the offer tickets without the presence of the Eligible Guest who purchased the offer tickets. The offer is not available to senior admission tickets.
· †Eligible Birthday Guests may enjoy one complimentary buffet breakfast with every purchase of 2 adult buffet breakfasts at regular price
· At least 3 guests per table (including the birthday guest) to enjoy this offer. Offers are only available to Hong Kong residents with valid Hong Kong Identity Card, and are subject to block-out dates and terms and conditions. For details, please refer to Hong Kong Disneyland website