Saturday, February 14, 2015

Latest News of Disneyland Paris Future !

ED92 has posted their latest news coming from their good sources on Disneyland Paris renovations, this time the post is talking about the ones for Frontierland with plenty of precious infos about what will happen in the land starting Sept 2015. I did an english translation for you and posted it on D&M Facebook page HERE. 

The french version of the text can be find on the ED92 Forum HERE.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Awesome Disneyland Collectibles and Memorabilia Auction on Feb 28 !

Van Eaton Galleries organize THE Disneyland auction of the century, and i'm serious, folks! The auction itself will happen on Feb 28 and March 1st and the items exhibit already started. Now, wait till you discover the online auction catalog and the 843 items which are put in auction, all coming from a 30 years private collection as it is awesome, really. There is no words to explain you all what is in this auction, it's just unbelievable, from original attraction posters to attraction props, to DL collectibles, toys, rare artworks, etc... you won't believe your eyes.
Now, the most exciting items will be expensive but some start at $50 and even if you don't participate to the auction i strongly recommend you to jump to the link below to wonder at all these. And good news, the auction catalog also exist in a 300 pages printed version HERE, starting at $30 only for the softcover and $90 for the hardcover - the price include also a copy of the softcover. Believe me, the catalog itself will become for sure a collector!
So, jump to the D&M Facebook page HERE to discover pictures and right HERE to see the full catalog. I wish you to be as stunned as i was when i discovered it! Auction page is HERE

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Amazing Aerial "Drone" Pictures of Shanghaî Disneyland !

New amazing aerial "drone" pictures of Shanghaî Disneyland have been released today, and these show different areas of the park than last week drone pictures. This time the drone was sent almost over the castle as well as Pirates of Caribbean fortress and i'm sure you don't want to miss these so jump to the D&M Facebook page HERE to learn more about all this. You can access the D&M Facebook page even if you don't have a Facebook account.