Friday, March 18, 2016

New Awesome Shanghaî Disneyland Aerial Drone Pictures and Video !

The Shanghaî Disneyland update i have for you this week-end bring you the best SDL aerial "drone" pictures and video we ever had! Even better : the non believers who still think the park won't be ready for June 16 will see with their own eyes how wrong they are as basically the only thing which remain to be done outside is the Gardens of Imagination and the park walkways, two things which will definitely be ready in three months! All over the others lands vegetation is now in place and it's amazing to see the changes that happened since the last two months! 'Nuff said, here we go, and don't forget to click on each picture to see them in big size!

The drone video starts its flight by flying over Fantasyland, SDL castle and Journey to the Crystal Grotto.

Next shot shows a view of Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle, as well as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on the bottom left.

Let's have a closer look of Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle!

This next shot is the reverse angle of the previous one, i.e the drone is entering the frame by the backstage behind Treasure Cove.

A closer look at Treasure Cove and POTC show building as seen from behind.

Going back to the castle and a great view of Alice in Wonderland Maze and Journey to the Crystal grotto.

Again, see on this closer shot how the vegetation is in place everywhere.

Let's fly over Tomorrowland! On the first screen capture below you can se some buildings located between the castle and Tomorrowland...

And on this next one you'll see the Toy Story hotel located outside the park right behind Tomorrowland TRON attraction.

A closer look at SDL Tomorrowland.

Another look at the park as seen from the back of Treasure Cove and Fantasyland. What is interesting in this shot is the big land available for future attractions at the right of POTC show building and behind Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

This last shot shows the entrance, not of the park but of the resort or the "Shanghaî tourism zone" in Pudong. Painting is done, flowers and trees are in place and await SDL visitors!

And now here is the CCTV video from where i did these screen shots - and enhanced them too!

Hope you enjoyed this Shanghaî Disneyland update, more SDL updates will come soon. . Disney and more is the only Disney fan site which post Shanghaî Disneyland updates several times per week always doing the best to find for you never seen before pictures. Your support is not only always appreciated but truly needed. Please consider donating via Paypal, you can use if you wish the Paypal button below. Thanks!

Video: copyright CCTV

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Universal Studios announces The Opening at Universal Orlando City Walk of Stunning Steampunk "Toothsome Chocolate Factory"

Wow, Universal Studios announced they'll open a kind of Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory with a steampunk style at Universal CityWalk Orlando! The "Toothsome Chocolate Factory" isn’t directly related to the book or the movies, but it’s a 19th century-themed Steampunk chocolate factory where you’ll easily be able to get your chocolate fix. 
More from the official announcement:
"The brilliant minds behind Universal’s attractions and its culinary concepts have come together to deliver the next level of dining at Universal CityWalk. 
 Opening later this year, The Toothsome Chocolate Factory will transport you into a 19th century-inspired Steampunk chocolate factory. You’ll indulge your appetite amidst towering smoke stacks, funky gadgetry, and staff wearing unique Steampunk fashion.
Opening later this year, Toothsome Chocolate Factory brings out-of-this-world dining and chocolate creations to Universal CityWalk
And that’s only the beginning.
The food will take your imagination to new heights with a menu that features unique twists on classic steak, seafood and pasta entrees, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, incredible salads, all-day brunch and so much more. And the desserts will be simply…stunning.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the milkshakes to get your mouth watering: Chocolate x5: An explosion of chocolate with chocolate spirals, chunks, ice-cream and whipped cream. Bacon Brittle: A fun twist on a breakfast favorite with bacon ice cream, bacon brittle, chocolate covered bacon and bacon caramel.
Espresso Buzzzz: A coffee lover’s dream with coffee ice-cream and chocolate covered beans.
Red Velvet: A milkshake topped with a Red Velvet cupcake… enough said. Key Lime Pie: We’ve taken this classic Florida dessert and turned it into a delicious shake. You’ll even get a slice of pie on top! The sundaes are anything but ordinary with flavors like Salted Caramel Flan, Chocolate Brownie Bark and S’mores. This extreme twist on a summer favorite features layers of chocolate ice-cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream and graham crackers.
Opening later this year, Toothsome Chocolate Factory brings out-of-this-world dining and chocolate creations to Universal CityWalk You’ll even be able to watch chocolate creations being made—and purchase your very own from the restaurant’s retail shop to take home and enjoy."

Pictures: copyright Universal Studios

Star Tours Original Version Closes at Disneyland Paris : Special Evening For The Last Flight to the Moon of Endor !

Hi everyone, yesterday was the last flight to the Moon of Endor at DLP Star Tours attraction and Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster was there for us !

Yesterday, March 16, 2016 took place the last trip of Star Tours in its original version, not only at Disneyland Paris, but in all Disney parks. The opportunity for Disneyland Paris to make a big  event with the park privatized for the last trip to Endor with Rex. In the program, Darth Vader and R2D2 meetings at the Spaceport, a conference on the attraction, the closure protocol and, finally, unlimited access to the Endor Express.

Star Tours, Thanks and have a good trip!

The conference, was hosted by Laurent Cayuela who talked about the participation of George Lucas at the attraction project, the ride references and details. The surprise of this meeting was the arrival of the actor Luq Hamett, who did the voice of REX in the Starspeeder in 3000, but alo the voice of the Roger Rabbit character in the movie! It’s ultimately between moments of humor and a quizz and images that the conference took place. We enjoyed these stories about the attraction.

You must know it : Star Tours at DLP had more than 3.25 million "first flights" to the moon of Endor, and travelled  9.75 billion km in hyperspace in 8739 days!

The attraction had this last day a small crowd compared to the previous weekend. A smooth ending, so.

In recent days, the attraction was only a shadow of itself.
We must not hide the fact that Star Tours in its original version was outdated. Maintenance struggled to keep Starspeeders in good condition, and each of the five Starspeeders had its own dysfunctions. For one Rex head was stuck looking at the ceiling, in another Rex was almost inaudible, in another the film was poorly projected on the screen. And finally, the film worthy of a VHS videotape would deserve a switchover in a  4K digital version. In the queue, too, some elements were no longer operational. Starting with the giant screen absent since several months, or R2D2 head which didn’t rotated anymore, or also C3PO  AA suffering to be fluid. Moreover, the X-Wing at the entrance of the attraction was in a state of decomposition, peeling paint, seal protruding and apparent moisture.

Finally, no photo and video have been authorized in the simulators and controls were increased during this special evening.

In short you’ll understand, that this is certainly a farewell, but a welcome farewell. Version two of the attraction is currently under construction and will provide modernity to the ride and to the park, using current technologies.

Closure protocol at the Spaceport

Disney has offered to us here a good surprise, animation between tributes and humor. Although we hoped more pyrotechnics, the power cut procedures of sector 2 with droid G2-9T sad to be disconnected and sector 1 with the stopping of the main antenna, and finally the curtain drop of the spaceport by the power…. of gravity!


This protocol was a tribute to Cast Members and this mythical original version of Star Tours.

A page is turning for the better at Disneyland Paris. But it remains unclear how visitors will accept this new closure in park with that is currently offering less due to the others massive but necessary rehabs, bring inevitably negative feedbacks from visitors. More characters in the parks are not enough to satisfy the guests who come for the atmosphere, Disney is usually a World Champion to create a universe with attractions, but at DLP we never had so few operationnals. Time will tell how DLP will do to handle these feedbacks.

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLP Welcome