Friday, March 18, 2016

New Awesome Shanghaî Disneyland Aerial Drone Pictures and Video !

The Shanghaî Disneyland update i have for you this week-end bring you the best SDL aerial "drone" pictures and video we ever had! Even better : the non believers who still think the park won't be ready for June 16 will see with their own eyes how wrong they are as basically the only thing which remain to be done outside is the Gardens of Imagination and the park walkways, two things which will definitely be ready in three months! All over the others lands vegetation is now in place and it's amazing to see the changes that happened since the last two months! 'Nuff said, here we go, and don't forget to click on each picture to see them in big size!

The drone video starts its flight by flying over Fantasyland, SDL castle and Journey to the Crystal Grotto.

Next shot shows a view of Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle, as well as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on the bottom left.

Let's have a closer look of Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle!

This next shot is the reverse angle of the previous one, i.e the drone is entering the frame by the backstage behind Treasure Cove.

A closer look at Treasure Cove and POTC show building as seen from behind.

Going back to the castle and a great view of Alice in Wonderland Maze and Journey to the Crystal grotto.

Again, see on this closer shot how the vegetation is in place everywhere.

Let's fly over Tomorrowland! On the first screen capture below you can se some buildings located between the castle and Tomorrowland...

And on this next one you'll see the Toy Story hotel located outside the park right behind Tomorrowland TRON attraction.

A closer look at SDL Tomorrowland.

Another look at the park as seen from the back of Treasure Cove and Fantasyland. What is interesting in this shot is the big land available for future attractions at the right of POTC show building and behind Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

This last shot shows the entrance, not of the park but of the resort or the "Shanghaî tourism zone" in Pudong. Painting is done, flowers and trees are in place and await SDL visitors!

And now here is the CCTV video from where i did these screen shots - and enhanced them too!

Hope you enjoyed this Shanghaî Disneyland update, more SDL updates will come soon. . Disney and more is the only Disney fan site which post Shanghaî Disneyland updates several times per week always doing the best to find for you never seen before pictures. Your support is not only always appreciated but truly needed. Please consider donating via Paypal, you can use if you wish the Paypal button below. Thanks!

Video: copyright CCTV

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