Monday, March 14, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Mickey Avenue Picture

A short Shanghaî Disneyland post with, in a addition of the close shot above of SDL castle, a great picture of Shanghaî Disneyland Mickey Avenue - the entrance street of SDL which replace the usual "Main Street". Make sure to enlarge the picture, that was found and posted by MarcoDisney on, so you can see SDL "Wishing Star" lake in the background and on the upper left the lift for Adventure Isle Roaring Rapids raft ride.

The buildings facades are all painted and no doubt that SDL Imagineers are currently working on the inside theming of each building. The pavement of the street is not done yet but should be anytime soon and apparently the material to do it is waiting in stacks near the trees and around.

More Shanghaî Disneyland update coming soon, so stay tuned on D&M!

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