Saturday, February 16, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase Video ! Updated with a longer video!

The brand new Universal Studios Singapore Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase had its pass holder sneak preview today and i have for you the first video put online on Youtube!

As expected it's a soft family dark ride based on the Sesame Street characters and the ride vehicle system is similar to the one used in E.T or Peter Pan's Flight, i.e that the ride vehicle can "fly" over the scenes. As you will see there is also additional video screens in the vehicle. One more thing: this first video has a length of 2 minutes which seems to me a bit short for this kind of ride. I'm not totally sure that some scenes are not missing and we will have the answer as soon as others videos will be uploaded on Youtube, i.e very soon! The ride looks cool and well done for a family ride so go ahead, watch it!

Edited: Here is another video from Eluk Oab, with a better sound and with some of the scenes missing in the previous one! But the scene where Super Grover gets caught can't be seen on this one, so you have to watch both of them!

Edited: According to Dejiki the video above is almost complete and the ride length is about 2.33min.  The scenes which are missing are: During the cut:
1. Sesame Street characters teleporting into Macaroni's Lair (projection on fog).

After the video was stopped:
1. Super Grover and Elmo standing on a pile of spaghetti
2. Elmo having lunch, with Macaroni (now a waiter) serving him spaghetti with meatballs

Personally i think that the ride is a "C+" Ticket. What do you think?

Picture: copyright Universal Studios Singapore

Videos: copyright sonic byte and Eluc Oab, whom i thanks a lot
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Friday, February 15, 2013

New HKDL Mystic Manor Pictures ! Ride Expected to Open Mid-May !

Lance, from Screamscape, has posted two great new shots of Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Manor that he received from one reader. Apparently the outside is now almost at 100% ready and, inside, the ride itself is always in testing mode. It seems that the ride entrance will be through the first building on the left, or may be it's there that might be delivered the Fast Pass. So far, Mystic Manor opening at HKDL is now scheduled to open mid-May instead of July and just like you i can't wait for the ride opening! And, yes, the ride system will be trackless as envisioned from the start.

Make sure to check regularly the last news on Screamscape right HERE!

Pictures: copyright Screamscape / Anonymous

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rare WDW " Florida Project " Video !

Here is something pretty rare that you may haven't seen before! This film shows the "Florida Project" and was ran as part of the Sunday night 'Wonderful World of Disney' TV show in January 1971. Remember my article a few days ago about the WDW Hotels that never were? Well, this first part will show you them on the original WDW model and also features the rarely-seen Preview Center in Lake Buena Vista! Although the quality of the video is not as good as we could wish it's such a rare document with rare shots of WDW making at WED Enterprises - now known as WDI - that you must not miss it and the content is priceless!


This second part equates Roy O. Disney with Douglas Fairbanks and shows you some good Al Bertino antics.


In this tail end of the film, they proudly pull the 'time lapse construction footage' gag out of their hat. So crazy!


Picture and video: copyright Disney

All my thanks to widentheworld who put it on line on Youtube.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Oscars Academy Releases For 85th Academy Awards Best Oscar Poster Ever !

The awaited 85th Academy Awards ceremony is on Feb 24 and, as they do each year, the Academy released a poster for the event, the one you can see above. The "light Oscar" is based on Gjon Mili's 1949 Life magazine photographs of Pablo Picasso. For the first time ever, the official poster includes the titles of all the nominated films.

BUT, because it is the 85th Academy Awards they also did ANOTHER poster, a "special edition" which is gorgeous and a brilliant idea! They asked Olly Moss, a great English graphic designer and illustrator who did recently three stunning Star Wars posters - his site is HERE - and Olly did a great job. This special edition poster features 85 Oscar® statuettes, each one distinctly inspired by past Best Picture winners, from 1927 through 2012. In two words, for each year each Oscar is designed differently depending of the movie who won. What a great idea, really.

I found it for you in the highest available size, so download it, click to enlarge the picture and try to discover what movie is related to each "year" thanks to the look of each Oscar. If you don't remember all "best movie" Oscars -  who does? - you'll find the list for each year on Wikipedia HERE, that should be helpful.

We're not done yet with the 85th Academy Awards as the Academy announced that he Avengers Cast will be Present on Oscar Show! Jump to the D&M Facebook page to learn more about this!

Pictures: copyright Academy Awards

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disneyland Fantasy Faire To Open In One Month , On March 12

Disneyland Fantasy Faire is opening in one month from now, on March 12 and as you will see on the construction shots below released by D23 it's almost a mini-land which will open, close to Sleeping Beauty castle. Lot of workers and Imagineers still on site, rushing to get everything ready for March 12!

I also repost some renderings that i've posted in my previous Fantasy Faire article, as these new files are in much better resolution, and also there is some new artworks!

And now, some precious WDI artworks!

I remind you that Figaro and the bird in cage will be two audio-animatronics!

Pictures and artwork: copyright Disney

A Real Treasure: Disneyland 1954-55 Construction Time-Lapse Videos !

You will love these amazing Disneyland construction time-lapse videos! It's a real treasure, and as all treasures its find happened with a bit of luck with the discovery of a reel box with "Disneyland movie" written on it. Inside, all - or almost - of the 1954-55 construction of Disneyland, thanks to cameras that were placed up above on towers, at different places of the park. Using time-lapse and traditional eye-in-the-sky photography, this is a dazzling piece of history, presenting how the fearless construction crews had Disneyland up and running in just under a year.

It's totally fascinating, really. A pure miracle, as you would have never expect to see one day what you will see now. A Disneyland fan dream-come-true! Don't miss the third video with a commentary by Tony Baxter, Ed Hobleman and Walter Magnuson.

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Monsters University Trailer !

Just released, here is the brand new trailer for Pixar Monsters University! The trailer is in english and with french subtitles for my french readers!

Picture and video: copyright Disney - Pixar

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Special Offer on the DLP Book Ends in Two Days! Don't Miss It!

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Monsters University Extended Preview With Pixar Director Dan Scanlon

Something cool to begin the week with this "extended preview" of Monsters University by Pixar director Dan Scanlon - and the high-res picture above!

Picture and video: copyright Disney - Pixar