Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oscars Academy Releases For 85th Academy Awards Best Oscar Poster Ever !

The awaited 85th Academy Awards ceremony is on Feb 24 and, as they do each year, the Academy released a poster for the event, the one you can see above. The "light Oscar" is based on Gjon Mili's 1949 Life magazine photographs of Pablo Picasso. For the first time ever, the official poster includes the titles of all the nominated films.

BUT, because it is the 85th Academy Awards they also did ANOTHER poster, a "special edition" which is gorgeous and a brilliant idea! They asked Olly Moss, a great English graphic designer and illustrator who did recently three stunning Star Wars posters - his site is HERE - and Olly did a great job. This special edition poster features 85 Oscar® statuettes, each one distinctly inspired by past Best Picture winners, from 1927 through 2012. In two words, for each year each Oscar is designed differently depending of the movie who won. What a great idea, really.

I found it for you in the highest available size, so download it, click to enlarge the picture and try to discover what movie is related to each "year" thanks to the look of each Oscar. If you don't remember all "best movie" Oscars -  who does? - you'll find the list for each year on Wikipedia HERE, that should be helpful.

We're not done yet with the 85th Academy Awards as the Academy announced that he Avengers Cast will be Present on Oscar Show! Jump to the D&M Facebook page to learn more about this!

Pictures: copyright Academy Awards

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