Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Important Note: Please note that Disney and more will have a summer break during a big part of the month of July. I will try to post articles but probably not on a daily basis. If you're leaving for vacation whether it's in Disney Parks or anywere else on the planet, i wish you a happy holiday!

Universal Hollywood King Kong 360 3D Video !

One of the most awaited attraction of the year is opening tomorrow at Universal Hollywood: King Kong is back in the beloved Universal Tram Tour, and in 3D thanks to a brand "360 degrees" 3D movie directed by Peter Jackson.

You will find below the first available video of the ride as well as the official making-of with interview of Peter Jackson and Universal Studios Creatives. No need to say that if you want to keep the surprise you should avoid to watch the two first videos which shows the ride itself. Of course, the tram is supposed to move in all direction and guests will see this in 3D which is not the case here... The show looks great, a bit short - but it's always too short when it's good, isn't it?

Here is the first video, filmed during the ride by DaytimeHijacker.

This next video from DreadCentral will show you Peter Jackson introducing the attraction at the Grand Opening yesterday as well as more shots of the ride itself!

Here is another one showing the full ride.

Want to know how it was done? Here is the official making-of!

Video: copyright Universal Studios