Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Las Vegas Wet water park project

Anybody who have been to Vegas in summer knows that it's too damn' hot!

Actually, it's always hot in Las Vegas all year long! Many swimming pools everywhere in each hotel , but, since the closing of Wet and Wild in 2004, something was missing: a great themed water park!

And this is probably why the future Las Vegas WET water park will be welcome by everybody. Designed by Thinkwell Co, the 25 acres water park is just a small part of the whole project that will include themed hotels, the largest indoor snow dome in North America where guests can ski and snowboard down man-made snow on a variety of slopes encompassing roughly 150,000 square feet, A snow play area will be provided for children, An ice rink for skating and hockey, a 60 acre Internationally Recognized Theme Park Brand, a sports arena, a performing arts center, a nightly spectacular show of water, lighting and pyrotechnics that is all set to a musical score replete with live performers, and of course - let's not forget we are in Vegas - the inevitable casino.

But today, we will focus on the water park itself, with renderings of the different "lands" and the description, from the press release:

"At this water park, a variety of themed “lands” await guests with the most innovative and thrilling water-based rides and attractions available anywhere in the world. You can take it easy, spending a leisurely day floating down an exotic river. Or you can throw all caution to the wind, shooting through a retro modern conveyance tube. The Project can be a riotous and wet fun-fest, a relaxing and sensual delight, or a whole lotta both!

Luxe Lagoon

The main entry and central hub of Las Vegas Plunge is an indoor/outdoor lagoon and water activity area with a markedly “future retro” feel (think Shag or Googie architectural style). Here guests will find the excitement of a giant wave pool and indoor beach, along with a dizzying array of water slides, including the exhilarating “pneumatic tube” water coaster. All of the other exciting lands (with the exception of the Hidden Riviera) can be reached in various ways from the centralized Luxe Lagoon. Luxe Lagoon includes:

* Giant wave lagoon
* Sleek and slippery water slides
* Clear tube water coaster
* “Dive-in” movies
* Swim up diner
* “Shag” martini bar
* All-microwave cafe and “60’s” style automat

Painted Desert and Endless River

There are many ways to get around and explore the fun of The Project, but certainly the most intriguing mode of transportation is the Endless River; a state-of-the- art high capacity water system that begins in Luxe Lagoon and winds its way through the entire water park (except the Hidden Riviera). Guests float on inner tubes, rafts, and even covered "mini-cabanas" from one destination to another. But the river's most stunning feature is that it unites the park and effectively eliminates lines. Unlike traditional "lazy rivers" at other water parks, guests have a wide selection of river experiences such as slow-moving currents, whitewater rapids, or even detours through tube chutes, and Master Blaster style uphill water coasters. The whole park is one giant water ride!

Combining the stunningly colorful geological formations of Valley of Fire and Bryce Canyon National Park, with invigorating water slides and swirling pools, this refreshing indoor/outdoor oasis is no mirage. Relax in a private cabana, swing lazily in a hammock, or explore incredible indoor grottos with azure pools and spectacular waterfalls.

* Waterfall slides that cascade over the rocks
* Indoor hidden grottos with cold plunge and hot tubs
* Endless River flows through slot canyons and desert caves as it traverses this land
* Hidden “hot springs” and surprising geysers
* Partially submerged version of the Cadillac Ranch
* Mining sluices that drop raft-riding guests into crystal pools

Survivor Island

Dive into your very own tropical playground right on the Las Vegas Strip! Here guests will find lushly shaded beaches, soothing pools, and tempting water adventures, all with a South Seas twist. From the actively competitive to the avid spectator, there is plenty of water fun to be had here.

* Dramatic waterfalls create small pools and punchbowls before cascading into a large crystal clear lagoon
* A boulder crawl and climbing wall extends directly over the water
* Water obstacle course for the athletic minded
* Swaying suspension bridge
* White water kayaking
* Private cabanas and cozy hammocks
* Aquatic games such as “Dance, Dance Revolution” where guests get doused with water jets as they play
* The picturesque Blue Macaw bar and grill is housed in an old, abandoned twin-prop seaplane, grounded here years ago

Vintage Vegas

Journey back to the time when Elvis was King and Ol’ Blue Eyes ruled Sin City. Vintage Vegas offers the hip and cool vibe of the Rat Pack era Strip with a whimsical flair. Accenting the scenic melange of classic Vegas signage are enormous dice, gigantic poker chips, and humongous playing cards.Take a refreshing dip in the large, shaded pool or slip ’n’ slide down some of the wackiest chutes this side Flamingo Boulevard. Water slides built into various Vegas iconography

* Drop through an enormous slot machine with slide and water drop
* Slide down the giant neon cowboy
* Careen thru the colossal Dooner’s Donut
* Slides wind around and through casino signage — The Sands, The Mint, The Dunes, etc.
* Relax to the sound of Frank, Sammy, Dino and the gang at the Rendezvous Cafe

Glacier Bay Play Pools

Brrr! It’s always refreshingly frosty among the “snow-covered” rock formations at inviting Glacier Bay. This land provides families with a haven from the heat.Young children and toddlers will love the zero depth entry pool with squirting “ice floes”, cold geyser fountains, mini slides, a pint-sized inner tube river, and squirt gun stations.The perfect place to chill with your kids, this partially shaded wet/dry fun zone has a wealth of activities for the entire family to explore together:

* Float through the ice castle and secret ice caves
* Ice slides that twist and turn down glacial floes
* Numerous water cannons, super soakers and sprayers
* Surprising pop jets, silly jumping water fountains and other programmable water features
* Ice climbing wall
* A giant “tidal wave” drops 700 gallons in a torrential downpour of wet refreshment every three minutes
* Shaved ice cones made from huge ice wall

Hidden Riviera Beach Club

This 21-and-over section of The Project is for the adventurous yet refined guest who would like to explore the slightly wild side of things in a safe and classy environment. Guests will access this exclusive European-style pool and sunning area via a completely separate entrance gate. Offerings include a beautiful private beach, luxurious pools and hot tubs, a fine restaurant, bar, and dance club, so that visitors can indulge all their senses by sampling epicurean delights, exotic libations, and other equally stimulating activities.

* Personal cabana beds, double sized lounges, and hammocks
* “Euro Style” topless beach and pool
* The Au Naturel dance club
* “Social Spa” with group mud baths, hydrating rooms, and other body treatments
* Body painting
* Swim up bar and casino
* Waterfall style outdoor showers
* Of course, no cameras or cell phones allowed"

Well, it looks a pretty cool project, isn't it? And the Thinkwell design - let's remember that the Thinkwell co is designing theme park and attractions all over the world - should be impressive when the park will open.

And what ever you will do in the jacuzzis, remember the famous quote: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!"

All artwork : copyright Thinkwell and

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A special Jungle Cruise photo, artwork and video tribute

When Disneyland open in 1955, the Jungle Cruise attraction was there. Probably the oldest beloved "E" ticket in the park, it deserves a real tribute and, that's what we will do today!

Above, an attraction poster for Adventureland and the Jungle Cruise.
Below, Walt show the model of the Jungle Cruise boat.

Five different artwork for the attraction.

Two pictures of the WDI Jungle Cruise model.

Walt discussing with Harper Goff, show designer of the attraction on a Jungle Cruise boat.

Walt with the Jungle Cruise audio-animatronics animals during the construction, and the hippos, below.

An overview shot of the Jungle Cruise in 1955

All aboard !

Different scenes of the attraction from old picture and postcards , circa 1955, and one picture of Walt firing at the hippos!

Walt Disney and Nehru, at that time India's prime minister: all aboard for the Jungle Cruise!

A recent picture of the Jungle Cruise boat, after the boats were re-designed.

Probably the two best Jungle Cruise merchandise items: The great miniaturist Robert Olszewski did a fantastic miniature of the Jungle Cruise attraction, still available at the park.

And let's not forget the great Jungle Cruise boat replica done by Kevin Kidney and Jody Dailey for Disney shopping, out of stock now, but often available on e bay.

But before you go, don't miss this old video with Walt himself presenting the attraction to you and former India's legendary prime minister Nehru.

All my thanks to freedogshampoo for this Youtube video

All photos and artwork: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Disney

Finding Nemo submarine voyage : at last , a perfect video !

I know, i've already post on Disney and more a youtube video of the new Finding Nemo submarine voyage, but this one is so good that i don't resist to do again a topic with it.

This youtube video was done by disneylandtourdotcom, and i will never say enough how good - and well edited - his videos are.

Have a look on his web site: where you will find others, all great.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this two part videos!

Videos by disneylandtourdotcom

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great WDS Toon Studio high-def wallpaper pictures!

I will end this Toon Studio articles series with this selection of great high-def wallpaper images. Don't forget to double-click on the one you like to get it in bigger size.

I must remind you as it is written on the "terms of use" page that, in the event you download any material from The Disney and more blog, the download of the material, including any files or images must be for your personal, noncommercial home use only. You may not and cannot sell, print or reproduce in any way any material downloaded from The Disney and more blog, and specifically any material copyright Disney , Walt Disney company or any other companies.

All photos: copyright Disney except photos 4 and 8 from the top: copyright Alain Littaye.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fantastic Four 2 : Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Fantastic Four 2 : Rise of the Silver Surfer was released last friday in the U.S and it did pretty well this week-end with 60M $ at the box office. The movie will be released in Europe in July, so here is for the european readers a special topic about it with many videos. The first one show the second trailer of the movie.

And the second video will tell you everything about the "Fantastic car".

The third one is a behind the scenes during the shooting of the movie.

Of course, they introduce the long awaited Silver Surfer character. Here are two behind the scenes pictures showing someone in a green suit propped on a curved-trolly preparing to be filmed for the movie. Of course, this green screen type masking of the character will showcase as CGI elements later in the film.

And here is a short video of a scene from the movie showing him in action.

But as usual here on Disney and more , i've found for you some other things , always about the Fantastic Four or the Silver Surfer, not directly related to the movie, but pretty rare.
The first one will show you rare images of the now famous and never released Fantastic Four movie done by Roger Corman in the 1990's. Of course, considering the 1M $ budget, the movie was pretty cheap, and, to don't destroy the franchise, the movie was bought by 20TH Century Fox ( or Marvel, i don't remember exactly ) and never released. So, it's a curiosity and here are some images of it.

And here is something else, rare too. In 1992 the students of the USC School of cinematic arts in the U.S did this short movie with the Silver Surfer. The story line is not inspired by one from the comic book, but their work is amazingly professional, and the CGI effect of the Silver Surfer really good, considering it was done by students, and back in 1992! Have a look, you won't regret it!