Sunday, June 17, 2007

WDS Toon Studio opening press event

There was another event at the WDS Toon Studio yesterday, for the european press this time, and a big Toon studio arch and red carpet were standing at the entrance of the land.

Most of the VIP guests were french actors or anchor men/women, so you don’t know them in the U.S, so this topic will interest more the french readers.

And there is one VIP , so famous worldwide that you probably know him, it’s the legendary Soccer player Zinedine Zidane who was there with his charming wife.

Ricky Martin was there...

Most of the other actors or VIP below are known only in Europe, beginning by actor André Dussolier, here with Pascal Elbé

Actor Clovis Cornillac

Soccer player David Trezeguet and his really lovely wife in one of the Crush coaster vehicle

Zoe Felix with Donald

Comedian Bruno Solo and Maureen Dor on Lighting Mc Queen

The lovely Julie Gayet

Television Anchor man Nagui

The handsome Gregory Coupet

The also charming Audrey Marnay

Actress Emma de Caunes

Comedian Frank Dubosq

And the very good actor François Cluzet

All photos: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Petite erreur, ce n'ai pas Smain mais Nagui sur la 12ème photo.

Anonymous said...

Most of those celebrities like Ricky Martin where at DLRP over 3 weeks ago. They were not there during the press event past weekend...

Marie said...

What was the event 3 weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

You speak maybe about the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the resort.

PS : I seen that really I don't know speak english. ;)