Monday, June 18, 2007

Fantastic Four 2 : Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Fantastic Four 2 : Rise of the Silver Surfer was released last friday in the U.S and it did pretty well this week-end with 60M $ at the box office. The movie will be released in Europe in July, so here is for the european readers a special topic about it with many videos. The first one show the second trailer of the movie.

And the second video will tell you everything about the "Fantastic car".

The third one is a behind the scenes during the shooting of the movie.

Of course, they introduce the long awaited Silver Surfer character. Here are two behind the scenes pictures showing someone in a green suit propped on a curved-trolly preparing to be filmed for the movie. Of course, this green screen type masking of the character will showcase as CGI elements later in the film.

And here is a short video of a scene from the movie showing him in action.

But as usual here on Disney and more , i've found for you some other things , always about the Fantastic Four or the Silver Surfer, not directly related to the movie, but pretty rare.
The first one will show you rare images of the now famous and never released Fantastic Four movie done by Roger Corman in the 1990's. Of course, considering the 1M $ budget, the movie was pretty cheap, and, to don't destroy the franchise, the movie was bought by 20TH Century Fox ( or Marvel, i don't remember exactly ) and never released. So, it's a curiosity and here are some images of it.

And here is something else, rare too. In 1992 the students of the USC School of cinematic arts in the U.S did this short movie with the Silver Surfer. The story line is not inspired by one from the comic book, but their work is amazingly professional, and the CGI effect of the Silver Surfer really good, considering it was done by students, and back in 1992! Have a look, you won't regret it!

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