Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wall-E " Pixar goes to space age " New Featurette

And one more Wall-E featurette, one! On this one, you'll see how Andrew Stanton and his Pixar team succeed to create the space age future of Wall-E !

And one more for the road - very short, but fun - with this "Wall-E meets a camera" vignette.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Wall-E " A Space Journey In Sound " New Featurette

When you're doing a movie about robots in the future, you surely need a good sound designer. And for Wall-E, Andrew Stanton choose the best one: Ben Burtt.

Who is Ben Burtt you ask? Well, first, Ben is four times academy award winner - four! - and his most memorable work includes creating the "voice" of robot R2-D2 in the Star Wars films, as well as various sound effects like the lightsaber, the heavy breathing sound of Darth Vader (by recording his own breathing in an old Dacor scuba regulator), and the speederbike chase sounds from Return of the Jedi...

So, you see, Ben is really the right man at the right place for all the Wall-E sounds, and Ben will explain you more in this very interesting featurette below!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Disney's California Adventure Toy Story Mania pictures

Mice age's Mice Chat have great new pictures of Disney's California Adventure Toy Story Mania. The victorian themed queue decor always seems to me more interesting than the one at DHS, but everybody will judge by himself and have the one he prefer, i suppose.

Anyway, among the Mice Chat pictures, a very interesting one, the WDI operating map for the cast members working on the ride!

You can see all the pictures on Mice Chat HERE

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Operating map: copyright Walt Disney Imagineering

What are you doing the next 700 years ?

The Wall-E poster above is the french version of the movie poster, and the "hook" phrase - if this is the right english word - is: "Tu fais quoi les 700 prochaines annees" that we can translate by: "What are you doing the next 700 years ?".

The movie will be released in France at the end of July, so the french will have to wait one more month!

You can find the image in high-res HERE

Photo: copyright Disney-Pixar

Monday, June 9, 2008

A full 3.20 minutes scene from Wall-E .... and more !

It's a special Wall-E today with two new videos, and one of them is a 3.20 minutes long clip from the movie! No need to say that watching a long sequence like this one can be full of spoilers...however, i took the risk to watch it, and what i can say is that it definitely spoil the sequence, of course - because you saw it, but it don't spoil at all the whole movie.

Let' begin first with an appetizer with this other new short clip - not from the movie so no spoilers here- Wall-E meeting a fire hydrant.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is the real thing, a full sequence of 3.20 minutes of Wall-E ! Watch it at your own risk!

Not enough? There is more about Wall-E on Disney Movie Surfers HERE and specially this other one HERE whith a talk with director Andrew Stanton and lot of images from the movie never seen before. And, warning, spoilers ahead, too!

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