Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Star Tours behind the scenes - Video

Here is a Star Tours topic, today. First,did you ever wanted to know how it looks like outside of the Starspeeder simulator while you are comfortably sitting inside?

This youtube video filmed at Disneyland Paris Star Tours attraction will give you a rare glimpse of the Star Speeder moving, view from outside.

Those of you who were at Disneyland's Star Tours opening still remember the excitement of that special day. And those who were not - like me - will be pleased to discover the great opening ceremony on these two videos below.

As it is often the case Tokyo Disneyland have an improved version of the attraction. The ride is still the same, but there is a post-show audio-animatronic that i will be pleased to have in Paris version. To avoid you a flight to Tokyo to see it, here is a video of that scene.

Artwork and video : copyright Disney

Many thanks for the youtube links

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great Tokyo Disney Sea wallpaper pictures ! Part four

Here is a selection of high-res wallpaper images of the most beautiful theme park in the world: Tokyo Disney Sea. This is the part four, with official press photos of the American waterfront, the Columbia ship, and Storm Rider at Port Discovery.
Don't forget to double-click on the one you like to see it in bigger size.

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All photos: copyright Disney and Oriental Land co

Sunday, September 16, 2007

3D Jungle Cruise , right now, on your computer screen!

It is sunday, and i have something fun for you today. A really good web site - - have a "3D" movie section. They have been to Disneyland and film 10 different attractions in 3D.

You will find the link for all of their 3D movie clips at: but in the meantime, here is one of them below.

All you need is to find back in your home some of these 3D blue-red glasses - for instance, if you've bought the Shreck 3D dvd or the Spykids 3D dvd you have some of these glasses inside. Once you've got them, you will be able to see this 3D Jungle Cruise video clip in 3D on your computer screen. No Kidding. However, don't expect a 3D quality like in "Honey i schrunk the audience". But it's a fun experience for a sunday afternoon!

Video: copyright