Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Star Tours behind the scenes - Video

Here is a Star Tours topic, today. First,did you ever wanted to know how it looks like outside of the Starspeeder simulator while you are comfortably sitting inside?

This youtube video filmed at Disneyland Paris Star Tours attraction will give you a rare glimpse of the Star Speeder moving, view from outside.

Those of you who were at Disneyland's Star Tours opening still remember the excitement of that special day. And those who were not - like me - will be pleased to discover the great opening ceremony on these two videos below.

As it is often the case Tokyo Disneyland have an improved version of the attraction. The ride is still the same, but there is a post-show audio-animatronic that i will be pleased to have in Paris version. To avoid you a flight to Tokyo to see it, here is a video of that scene.

Artwork and video : copyright Disney

Many thanks for the youtube links


A.J. said...

Hey, that post show animatronic is Sunny Eclipse from Starlight Ray's in Disney World. He just looks a little different.

Anonymous said...

But we have that cute robot .. girl(?) at the end.
I have no idea what either of them are saying (this one and the robot) but just looking at the movement it's kinda the same, isn't it?