Saturday, November 17, 2007

Disneyland Paris "Princesses and créateurs" Christie's auction exhibit

All the dress specially created by fashion designers for the 15th anniversary of Disneyland Paris are now on exhibit at Christie's auction building in Paris.

The auction will take place on monday, and it is still possible to go there tomorrow sunday and have a look at them.

Here are some exclusive pictures - above and below, the Maleficent dress.

Let's have a look to the others

One of my favorite is the Cinderella dress, a mix of the "poor" and the "princess" on the same dress.

Price for each dress is estimate between 1500-2000$, but no doubt the bids will go higher as they are all one-of-a-kind , and some of them are created by world reknowed fashion designers.

I love also the Tinkerbell dress created by Chantal Thomass

Let's end with other dress also display at the exhibit

Photos: Alain Littaye

Friday, November 16, 2007

Disneyland Paris fashion event auction catalog photos

At Disneyland Paris, the 15th anniversary event is still going on until next year, and there was recently a "fashion event" at Paris "Magic Kingdom".
In a previous update, i told you that the park asked some fashion designers, among them some world reknowned like Azzedine Alaia or Chantal Thomass to design their own vision for the dress of the Sleeping Beauty or other characters like Tinkerbell.

The drawings of each of them were displayed in the Sleeping Beauty castle walkthrough at the 1st floor of the castle some months ago. Last week , a fashion defile with models wearing each dresses happened on central plaza, and next week, all these special creations will be on sale during an auction at the benefit of the UNICEF organization.

An auction catalog was released, and each photo illustrating the catalog was shoot in the park.
Now, you probably saw the Annie Leibowitz Disney advertising pictures - three new one were released recently. Well, it seems that the mise en scène of the Leibowitz pictures had some influence on the photographer who did the shooting for the auction catalog...The result, artistically speaking is fantastic, as you will see below.

One of my favorite is the one above - a "Cinderella" dress , picture shoot inside Phantom Manor

Another one was also shoot in the portrait gallery of Phantom Manor, a dress for "Belle"

This dress was designed for "Cruella" and the picture shoot in front of Phantom Manor

Always in Frontierland, on one of the river boat, this dress for "Minnie"

Vivienne Westwood designed this dress for "Snow White"

Here is another one for "Snow White"

Inside one of the cup of tea , another dress for Minnie

A dress for the "Queen of heart" , picture shoot inside Alice curious labyrinth

A dress by Chantal Thomass for Tinkerbell, picture shoot in Adventure isle

Another proposal for a Tinkerbell dress, this time shoot at the castle

A dress for Maleficent by Lorenzo Caprile, shoot inside the dragon cave, under the castle

A dress for Ariel, the little mermaid, photo shoot on adventure isle

Some dress were photographed at the Walt Disney Studios , like this one for Minnie, inside the Studio 1

This next one , for Cinderella, is shoot at the bottom of the water tower

A dress for Princess Aurora, shoot inside Armaggedon

Another dress for Snow White, shoot outside Armaggedon

This one was shoot at Disney Village, in front of the Annette's diner restaurant

Let's end with this Baccarat crystal shoe designed, of course, for Cinderella

All photos: copyright Disney

Direction artistique et photographies, Didier Van der Borght / Stylisme, Annic Méchin
Coiffure, Jean-Luc Lucas / Maquillage, Laurence Hanne / Assistant photographe, Joe Boggon

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Disneyland Paris new Woody's round-up area in Frontierland

The big news at DLP is the opening of the Woody’s round-up area where formerly stands the Critter corral. Here are some pictures of it.

No more animals, but new buildings - small “western” houses, quite well done i must say.

This new area will be used with different theme along the year. Right now, two of the mouses are Halloween make-up and hairdressing for young children, and others display Halloween decor.

The giant organ which was used on a stage last year is now display in the back of this new area, which is supposed to be transform in a Santa Claus village for the Christmas season beginning next month.

The transformation of this new area has been done properly, and one of the good things is that it will bring more people - and activity ! - in this part of Frontierland .

I must add that Woody and Jessie appear four times a day at the Woody’s round-up,

Disneyland Paris Halloween season 2007

Hello all. Here the last news from Disneyland Paris! Not a lot of text today, but lot of great pictures. However, we will begin by the Walt Disney studios where the hollywood hills - with the famous “hollywood” letters - appear last week!

At the end of the - very small - “hollywood blvrd “ which is part of the new production courtyard placemakin, two backdrop were expected, and here they are, now. Both are showing hollywood hills and it seems that the imagineers had the good idea to choose giant photo of the real “hills” rather to have a false painted one. We have to wait until the end of the works to judge if it was really a good idea or not , but my first feeling is that they’re right.

The guests will have to go through a kind of tunnel under the first backdrop to access on the other side where is located the tram tour station.

Painting is going on on the other buildings, but some signs were adeed at this one below, which is supposed to be a hotel fact totally - or almost - flat , as i said last time. All the works have to be finished for november 15th, and, once again the Tower of terror will open to all december 22.

Meanwhile , in the first - and gorgeous park - the Halloween season is almost everywhere, specially in Main Street and Frontierland.

The Halloween sign under Main street station is not the same than last year.

As well as many “pumpkin men” along main street - and little ghosts. Here is a best-of of some of them.

As always, Frontierland got the biggest part of the Halloween decor. I show you last time some of them, here is more decor, right from the entrance of the fort... Phantom Manor

One of the new idea this year is these giant walking witches, everybody was impressed!

Some other witch of a more regular size was entertaining the guests in front of Frontierland stores.

Talking about witches, the former “cartoonish” withches of last year have been removed in the back of Frontierland - in the Cowboy cookout barbecue area, in what is called now the “Witches Academy” .

A stage where dancers and orchestra performs several times a day is there, too.

Other pumpkin men can be seen all around the way towards Frontierland station.