Saturday, September 15, 2007

Walt Disney and the Multiplane camera - Video

One of the most important invention in all animation history was undoubtedly the multiplane camera .

It don't look like, now, but at that time, when Walt Disney productions created this fantastic tool, it was a major improvement in the making of animated features.

Today, on this old and rare video, Walt himself will tell you more about it!

Video and screen capture: copyright Disney

Many thanks to freedogshampoo for the youtube link

Friday, September 14, 2007

Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion re-open - updated article with photos and video link

That's it, Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion finally re-opened, and the best video available on the net is on the "inside the magic" web site . I can't say enough how good their videos are, not only they are filmed with a high definition camera, but , too, with a fantastic sound. Of course, it is so dark during the ride that they had to use the "night mode" , but as you will see, at least you can see all the new scenes. Here is the link :

Above is a rendering for the new " portrait hall " scene and below a picture of an imagineer working on the model of the new staircases scene

Before you jump on the great "inside the magic" web site - be sure to bookmark it for the future - here are some screen capture from the video . First, the staircases scene with the " step ghost effect "

the new floating ball effect with madame Leota

the attic-portrait scene

and, of course, the bride with the new projection effect

Before you leave, here are some good WDW pictures of the ballroom scene

And, talking about the ballroom, i suppose that all of you know that the dancing ghosts are not a holographic or projection effect , but simply the reflection in the glass of audio-animatronics located under the track . If you still have doubt about it, here is a very rare picture "showing the trick".

Here is a close shot on the Audio-animatronics dancing ghosts

One of the previous scene with madame Leota - before she begin to "float"

And a picture from the cemetary.

let's end with a look back to the past with this rare 1970's 8mm Walt Disney productions film.

The movie show Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, but the pictures above are from the WDW version.

Photos and video : copyright Disney and Walt Disney Productions

Screen capture from :

Many thanks to HbVideos for the youtube link !

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios update

Hello all. I have a pretty big Disneyland Paris update for you today and i will begin by the Walt Disney Studios .

Guests who arrive to the resort can’t miss this huge billboard about the new Toon Studios attractions - the park , in fact, want to be sure that as many people as possible will come at the WDS , that’s the goal.

The new Toon studios are a real success however, and last sunday, the line for Crush’s coaster was always 2 hours long -

The ride is extremely popular, and this have two effects , one good and one bad. The good one is that more and more people are coming to the WDS, which means more money for the park, and probably new additions in the future , even after the opening in december of the Tower of terror.
And the bad effect is that it seems that this Crush’s coaster will be duplicate at WDW or DCA , and may be even in Japan , although the theme could a “Ratatouille” theming..Why is it a not-so-good news? After all if the ride is so popular at the WDS , it can’t be that bad ?
Well, it’s not bad, but it’s definitely a “D” ticket , not a “E” ticket. So, don’t expect too much of it and you will be pleasantly surprised...

Talking about Ratatouille, the characters appear at many different place in the park, like here on the walls of the studio 1 at the entrance

and at the “rendez-vous des stars” restaurant where they’re trying to capitalize on the big success of the movie in France.
No change of theming inside however except three Ratatouille plush - frankly, they could have done better than that, even with not a lot of money...

Let’s come now to the most interesting part, the Hollywood blvd placemaking, and as you can see on the photos below, the buildings are growing pretty fast . Since the first rendering was released months ago, the decor has changed as you will see on the new rendering below...

that you can compare to the old one to see the differences - the billboards on the roof have disappeared, the “Bank of Hollywood”at the corner , too.

Some of the new buildings are almost finished like the one at the left corner

others on the foreground are on their way to be finished soon

Now, in the background of that new little street, this building - a replica of a bank building , i think - looks really in 3D like the other one, right?

...except that if you have a look on the back, you suddenly realize that it’s totally flat! but the illusion from the distance works perfectly

...but i also wonder if the close two different architectural style between the “bank” building and the TOT will fit well at the end......let’s trust the imagineers and wait a bit to have a final judgment.

In the meantime here is a photo-montage giving you a more panoramic view

The exterior of the TOT itself is almost finished - the “hollywood tower hotel” letters will be in place by the time you read this article.

The painting of the “crashed” zone is pretty well done, and i have the feeling , but i may be wrong that they’ve put less “purple” colour than on the one at DCA...

The front little tower is over, too

The back of the tower, also

one interesting detail : these gutters are supposedly hiding the photo cameras that will take a picture of the guests during the second drop

Before we leave the area , let’s have a last look behind the palisades

and with this photo montage from another angle

At the toon studios area , two minor elements were added , two “route 66” signs on the cars race rally as well as metal ad in front of the Luigi shop

Of course all the DLP fans are wondering what and where will be the next attraction after the opening of the TOT? Everybody think that the next one will be “Soarin” located between “Cinemagique” and the former “Disney channel “ buildings , a good info that i had from a reliable source is saying that the next one will NOT be “Soarin” but an attraction located between the Rock and roller coaster ( on the left on the photo below ) and the “Motors , action ” stunt show ( on the right ).

When i heard that , i thought that it was impossible, that no enough room was available between the two of them as you can see with your own eyes on the picture below.
Except that behind the wall you see at the bottom...

...there is plenty of space !

yes, but to built what? according to the same source, it will be an interactive attraction , and i won’t be surprised if it was something similar to “Toy story mania “ or at least an attraction using the same technology with a different theming.
One of the main reason why “Soarin” will not be built as the next attraction is that it is considered as a big “E ticket” ( which it is ) and that the park would prefer a “smaller” ticket ( a “D” like ) before they do a big investment in another big one . It’s true that they will capitalize on the success of the TOT for the next 3-4 years...
Personnally i would have seen a “Toy story mania “ better in the toon studio area, but the park need to appeal the guests at the other end of the park where there is not a lot of attractions for the young kids . The RARC and stunt show area is more an “action zone” with the Armaggedon attraction nearby, but when you see that Toy story mania is being built at DCA right under the California screamin’ coaster , you begin to think that it could fit well in this area of the WDS, too. And i must add that “everything will depends of the financial decision of the management “ , which means that it’s not decided for sure, yet.

While we are in this zone, let me show you a photo of a Narnia photo location. It’s here since a while, but i’ve always forgot to show it to you.

At the magic kingdom, there is more boat than ever sailing on the rivers of the far west.
Now, the two river rogue keel boats are back - the “Racoon “ and the “Coyote” operating since july 20 and at least till the end of september , bot only on the week-ends during that month.

The Mark Twain AND the Molly Brown are sailing too , at the same time, and now there is really a lot of activity on the river

I must add that the keel boats were totally refurbished, repainted, etc...and now looks more great than ever

But what all the fans are talking about is what are the works behind the palisades all around the critter corral .

Some were hoping it was the beginning of a Splash mountain - who will be built at the end of frontierland IF they built it one day - while others think they are building a little christmas village . May be it’s more simple than that, as i think they are simply re-building the critter corral, which will be a good thing, even if a Splash mountain will be welcome one day, but sorry, folks, that’s not for now.

See you soon for a new update !