Friday, September 14, 2007

Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion re-open - updated article with photos and video link

That's it, Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion finally re-opened, and the best video available on the net is on the "inside the magic" web site . I can't say enough how good their videos are, not only they are filmed with a high definition camera, but , too, with a fantastic sound. Of course, it is so dark during the ride that they had to use the "night mode" , but as you will see, at least you can see all the new scenes. Here is the link :

Above is a rendering for the new " portrait hall " scene and below a picture of an imagineer working on the model of the new staircases scene

Before you jump on the great "inside the magic" web site - be sure to bookmark it for the future - here are some screen capture from the video . First, the staircases scene with the " step ghost effect "

the new floating ball effect with madame Leota

the attic-portrait scene

and, of course, the bride with the new projection effect

Before you leave, here are some good WDW pictures of the ballroom scene

And, talking about the ballroom, i suppose that all of you know that the dancing ghosts are not a holographic or projection effect , but simply the reflection in the glass of audio-animatronics located under the track . If you still have doubt about it, here is a very rare picture "showing the trick".

Here is a close shot on the Audio-animatronics dancing ghosts

One of the previous scene with madame Leota - before she begin to "float"

And a picture from the cemetary.

let's end with a look back to the past with this rare 1970's 8mm Walt Disney productions film.

The movie show Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, but the pictures above are from the WDW version.

Photos and video : copyright Disney and Walt Disney Productions

Screen capture from :

Many thanks to HbVideos for the youtube link !


jlking95 said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I like your blog very much. There is little I have to say about Disney World. I like it very much. The attractions are awesome. But the thing is that it is quite expensive. For me that is not a problem but what should do not well-off people who have several kids and can not afford a trip there. I saw the same complaints on this great site

The Whiz Kid Forte said...

I went there last December and it was fantastic! I really enjoyed that ride!

Valerie said...

I've been there about 3 times.Been everywhere there.Seeing my kids faces is the best memory I have,and them geting to take pictures with their favorite characters.However is was a very expensive trip,and I don't even want to say what we spent.I can just imagine how prices have gone up since I've been there..About 6 years ago.I can no longer afford it now,but is a great place if you want to see how big of smiles your kids can have.

Misty Grimstead said...

I would love to go to Disney land Disney world anything but I can't afford it for myself let alone my family that's something's ng on my bucket list I will never get to do ...I just live vicariously through pictures