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Hong Kong Disneyland on its way to celebrate the " Year of the Tiger "

Here is a Hong Kong Disneyland update where we'll have a look not only to what happened the last three weeks but also to the upcoming Chinese New Year event.

On January 3rd HKDL Christmas Season ended and so did the new "Lights of Winter" on Main Street where Christmas lights came alive with giant snowflakes carried by performers in alluring winter spirit costumes sparkled all the way to the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

On December 12, to celebrate a significant step in the expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at Hong Kong Disneyland. John Tsang, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and Jay Rasulo - who was still Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts - officiated the ceremony with representatives from the Government, The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong community in attendance.

With the announcement of Shanghaî Disneyland seen by some as a threat for HKDL future no need to say that they did a lot of publicity on this groundbreaking ceremony. They announced that the ceremony represented "a major milestone in the Resort’s expansion plan that will create not only new attractions but also 3,700 jobs during the construction phase and 600 new full-time jobs after expansion". Rasulo, in one of his last speech as chairman of WDPR said “Today marks the beginning of another exciting phase for Hong Kong Disneyland. The new themed areas will showcase the best in creativity, technology and story-telling. The planned attractions and rides will position our youngest Disney theme park for future growth and success.”

On his own, John Tsang said that a larger park with more attractions "will continue to draw the crowds and provide even more fun and excitement for visitors". Let's hope that everything will work as they wish, they have five more years before SDL opening to prove it.

Good news is that expansion work will begin immediately on the primary infrastructure and road work that will support the construction of the three themed areas. Two of the three themed areas, “Grizzly Gulch” and “Mystic Point” will be exclusive to HKDL for the first five years after their respective openings in 2012 and 2013. And the third, “Toy Story Land” opening in 2011 will also be exclusive but only within Asia as we know the same land open this year at the WDS.

But one of the most important event of the year in China will take place soon as the "Year of the Tiger" is expected to begin on Februray 14th. The Chinese New Year is an incredible event not only in China but all around Asia and it's hard for occidental people to imagine how important that date is. In fact, the Chinese new year marks the beginning of the "energetic year" with the very beginning of the "energy of the spring". In the Chinese tradition, the spring don't begin on March 20th but on the second new moon of the year. It's the time - and they are right - where what is called the "energy of the spring" - linked to the "wood" element begin, the end of the "winter energy", and the real date of the re-birth of a new year. This is not very known in Occident and this is why i give you this little explanation.

To come back to HKDL, the marketing office released the program of the event and here it is:

From February 5 to 28, Mickey, Minnie and other Disney Characters will put on their new festive costumes to wish Guests the best of luck in the New Year. The Park will delight Guests with the all-new Disney’s Jumping Jam and the popular Celebration in the Street on Main Street U.S.A. As they visit the different themed lands in the Park, Guests will discover the all-new Lucky Trail, and find festive Chinese New Year merchandize as well as all kinds of delicious cuisine.

Reach new heights with Disney’s Jumping Jam!
The all-new Disney’s Jumping Jam will take Guests to new heights every day as they enjoy this breathtaking, highly interactive drum and acrobat show at the castle hub (picture on the top). Mickey will lead drummers and acrobats in festive costume to drum and jump to high energy music on a spectacular 360 degree circular stage in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Mickey will also invite Guests to clap along with the performers, while Tigger will make an appearance at the end of the show to ‘jump-start’ the Year of the Tiger with everyone!

Bring home the best of luck for the New Year
The popular Lucky Trail will bring even more good luck with its brand new look this year. Eight Disney Characters figurines will be featured in gorgeous floral settings symbolizing Happiness, Wealth, Longevity, Romance, Success in Studies, Family Harmony, Achievement, and Prosperity. Before embarking on the journey along the lucky trail, Guests can pick up a Lucky Trail Sticker Card at the Sticker Card Collection Counter. Guests can collect special edition stickers for luck as they take pictures with the Disney Characters.

Greetings from Disney Characters in new Chinese New Year costumes

Throughout the Park, Disney Characters will be proudly wearing their brand new Chinese New Year costumes and wishing everyone a lucky Year of the Tiger! Mickey and Minnie will capture the spotlight with their stylish Chinese New Year outfits, specially designed by superstar Kelly Chen, thanks to her inspiring taste in fashion.

Celebration in the Street brings festive fun to everyone!
A high spirited start to the Chinese New Year will begin with the Celebration in the Street on Main Street U.S.A., where Mickey will lead Chinese Drummers in an energetic drum routine to welcome the New Year. This colorful procession also features a magnificent golden dragon along with an elaborate display of giant puppets, fantastic costumes, and more. Guests will get into the New Year spirit as Minnie presents a beautiful fan dance and Goofy dresses up as Disney’s God of Fortune!

Main Street U.S.A. will also be filled with other live entertainment throughout the day, with traditional and modern Chinese New Year-themed performers including Drummers and Lion Dancers spreading joy and happiness everywhere.

Hong Kong Disneyland will be decked out with traditional Chinese New Year decorations in festive colors to welcome the Year of the Tiger. When strolling around the Park, Guests may run into the Gods of Longevity, Happiness and Prosperity, or become the lucky recipients of Chocolate Laisee!

Exquisite Chinese New Year cuisine and merchandise for additional luck!
Hong Kong Disneyland will offer a complete Chinese New Year celebration experience with delicious specialty food items from traditional Chinese snacks to the most elaborate sit-down dinner, available throughout the Park and at the two Disney-themed hotels. Guests can bring home the best of luck with Chinese New Year merchandise including toys, clothing, sweets and accessories, and Year of the Tiger souvenirs. Guests should look out for limited edition merchandise including clothing and accessories especially designed by super star Kelly Chen! (end of the press release)

If you're planning to attend the Chinese New Year event at HKDL it's of course a very good idea as the happening and fireworks should be pretty spectacular. No doubt that the park will release new pictures of the New Year's event in February and i'll be pleased to post them as soon as available.

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All pictures: copyright Disney - Hong Kong Disneyland

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Editor's Note: The reason why i repost this week-end the Michael Jackson Neverland Park article is not only because it was one of D&M most favorite post of last year but because i found new artwork about it! Beginning by the only known colour view of Neverland Island as it was envisioned and also a Greg Pro rendering for the London entrance. Have a look!

D&M Exclusive: The Michael Jackson's Peter Pan's Neverland Theme Park that never was ( Edited with new pictures )

Unless you live on another planet, you probably know that last week was another "Michael Jackson week". The "This Is it" documentary and CD album were released and a major Michael Jackson exhibition opened last Tuesday in London. I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce to you one of Michael's most secret - and really fantastic - projects: the Peter Pan's Neverland theme park that never was.

Let's first go back in time to 1997, when Michael Jackson and Prince Al-Waleed - Disneyland Paris' biggest private stock-holder - created a company called Kingdom Entertainment and purchased 50% of Landmark Entertainment, giving the company a huge infusion of cash. Prince Al-Waleed had 45% and Michael had 5% of the shares. I remind you that Landmark is the famous company directed by Gary Goddard which created the Spider-Man ride at IOA and the Jurassic Park and Terminator 3D attractions at Universal Studios.

Above: Michael Jackson and Prince Al Waleed during the press conference announcing the creation of Kingdom Entertainment Co. I've aded the video of this press conference at the end of the article.

So, what had to happen happened, Michael asked Landmark if they could design a theme park, a real one, not only for him but a park where anybody could go, just like Disneyland. And this theme park would have been named Peter Pan's Neverland! Here is a bird's eye view of the park - please double-click on the image below to see it in big size.

This first concept is amazing, isn't it? Fully inspired from Peter Pan's story, the park would have started with a grand London entrance, as you can see on the artwork below.

A replica of Kensington Gardens, where anyone can see the famous Peter Pan statue, as well as Big Ben and the House of Parliaments in the background, not to mention horse guards at the entrance, all of which would have set a stunning replica of the Victorian city.

Here is another artwork showing this entrance by Greg Pro.

From that point guests were supposed to go to Neverland Island, and Landmark designers had designed two different way to go there, both of which were attractions. The first one, which would definitely have been an E-Ticket attraction, was... to fly to Neverland! As you can see on the artwork below, the take-of was over London, with a fly over Big Ben and other famous London landmarks like the Tower Bridge (note that on the artwork Big Ben and the Tower Bridge are close together but two miles separate them in reality) and then, lead by Tinkerbell, they would fly all over Neverland, the Mermaid Lagoon and Skull Rock and finally land near the Lost Boys home and woods.

And how would Landmark have achieved this wonder, you ask? First, no, the ride was not designed like Soarin' over California - which, by the way, was not built at that time. Instead, guests would have sat on a platform which would have turned down on a 50 degrees angle, a bit less than on the "flying" coasters, and the movie would have been projected on a huge Omnimax dome located under the platform, giving to the guests the illusion of flying over London and Neverland! What a great ride it would have been!

The other way to reach Neverland would have been by boat. During this short boat ride the boat would have go through mysterious caves before arriving to Neverland Island with its lush vegetation and waterfalls.

Once at Neverland, guests would have had the choice of six different areas:

"Lost Boys area" would have been a fun play area for young kids with slides, jumping fountains, a tree house but also a great roller-coaster with tracks going all over the land.

In "Mermaid Lagoon" guests would have had the choice between a boat ride going through Neverland Island caves or to enjoy a meal at a beautiful restaurant located underground with a huge window looking towards the lagoon where a Mermaid show was envisioned. Close to Mermaid Lagoon, the "Indian Village" would have been another area of Neverland where a raft ride was envisioned.

On the other side of the huge Neverland rock, guests would have find "Pixie Kingdom", a great area for young children with giant mushrooms playground and re-themed carnival rides.

Another major area - not so far from Pixie Kingdom - would have been the Pirates village with Skull Rock nearby as well as Captain Hook's ship.

It's there where guests could have watch a great live action show, including a flying Peter Pan fighting his eternal ennemy, Captain Hook. And of course the Crocodile was part of the show.

You may also have noticed that in this first concept three hotels were envisioned: a London hotel, a "Pirate's Cove" hotel and a "Lost Boys Tree top" Hotel. As we will see now, the project had significant changes in its final version.

This next document below is another map of the Peter Pan's Neverland park, actually it's the conceptual master plan. Drawn May 24, 1999 at a scale of 1" = 60' it shows a more advanced project with new attractions and also backstage facilities. Let's have a look again at the whole park to see the differences with the first concept.

First, the three hotels are gone, instead we have one big hotel facing the lake of the London Town area. Located near the entrance, a bit like the Disneyland Paris Hotel it would have allowed the hotel guests to have a unique view on the Neverland park.

In the London Town area, always located at the entrance, Big Ben is still there, but a replica of London's famous Tower Bridge was added. Also, a bigger Kensington Gardens at the entrance and a music hall dinner show in one of the main building on the right.
Inside the House of Parliament replica, a new show: "Salute to J.M Barrie", the creator of Peter Pan. Right on the other side of the Tower Bridge an indoor coaster as well as a 3D simulator theater were also envisioned.

In Pirate's Cove a Pirates Dinner show, another indoor roller coaster and a Pirates stunt show in front of Skull Rock were added. Also envisioned, a lagoon show, probably in the evening.

In Pixie Kingdom, the main difference with the first concept is a big building for a Pixie World dark ride. On the top of the picture below, what seems to be a inverted roller coaster would have had its entrance in a new land "Future Zone".

Lost Boys area always have its roller coaster running all over the land and even inside Neverland mountain, and as you can see below, Future Zone was located at the top with not only the inverted roller coaster but also a smaller coaster and a simulator ride.

In Mermaid's Lagoon, an underwater simulator was added to the first concept and a new area - Kid's Creek - was designed for young children with playground and water fun including small boats.

Peter Pan's Neverland was not designed to be as big as Disneyland, but it certainly would have been a great theme park where all the "Peter Pans" living on this planet would have rush!

So what happened? Why this Peter Pan's Neverland theme park was never built? Well, some years later, Michael Jackson and Prince Al-Waleed ended their association, and considering the cost of a concept like this one, it was very unfortunately the end of the Peter Pan's Neverland project. Although Michael lived in his Neverland Ranch, he never got to walk in this "real" Neverland. However, years later, Landmark designed for Michael a great statue showing Michael as Peter Pan!

Does this mean that we will never see this great park concept become real one day? Who knows, with all the different Michael Jackson celebrations that will happen in years to come - not to mention that Neverland Ranch could become for Michael Jackson's fans what Graceland is to Presley's fans - maybe somebody who has enough money will find, just like we do, that it would be great to build this Peter Pan's Neverland for real? And, hey, there is plenty of land available inside Neverland Ranch. Who could imagine a better place to build Michael's dearest dream?

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Artwork: copyright Landmark Entertainment Group, and Gary Goddard

Please do NOT post these artworks on other web sites or forums without asking permission, thanks.

Many thanks to Gary Goddard for the park's description and to Eric Wong for the pictures. Thanks to Nate Walz for the editing of this article.

Also, I've already let you know about it in a previous article, but i would like to remind you that most of the Landmark Entertainment old artwork is actually put on sale on two sites - but NOT the Neverland park artwork you saw in this article. The first site is the Landmark Selections site and the other one is on where they have their own Landmark artwork store.

Edited Nov 7: Here is a rare video of the 1996 press conference where Michael Jackson and Prince Al Waleed announced the creation of their Kingdom Entertainment Co.

Editor's Note: Today, i have for you a Disneyland Paris update with all about the 2010 New Generation Festival!

Disneyland Paris 2010 Season : a sneak peek at the New Generation Festival

Disneyland Paris press office released yesterday the program of the 2010 Season called "New Generation" and we're going to have a look at it in details. But first, i want to let you know that it is currently snowing in Paris and, for those of you planning to come to the park this week-end, that more snow is expected on Saturday. It's damn' cold in Paris right now and the very stong north wind announced by the weather report should make the temperatures inside the parks reaaally cold all along the week-end.

However, the park in a wintry blanket of snow and ice is also beautiful and magical and if you want to see how it looks like you can see pictures in the previous article i did last year HERE

Let's come back to the 2010 season now. Here is DLP official press release. I let you read it first and then i will give you more details about all this.

A sneak peek at the Disney New Generation Festival
Starting 2nd April 2010

Joining Mickey Mouse and his best pals, the newest Disney Characters fill every corner of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park with live entertainment as part of the yearlong “Disney new generation festival” that launches 2nd April 2010 at Disneyland Paris.

Inspired by centuries of festivals in Europe, fans of all ages will be treated to shows with the newest stars from Walt Disney Pictures’ animated films, including The Princess and the Frog (in theaters beginning 2010), Lilo & Stitch and Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story, Ratatouille and Monsters, Inc..

The highlight of each day in Disneyland Park is a grand welcome to Princess Tiana, the newest star to join the Disney Princess family from Walt Disney Pictures’ latest animated movie, The Princess and the Frog. Each day, Princess Tiana and her Prince Naveen will meet ‘n’ greet guests and pose for photographs at Town Square Gazebo, with lively music by the Dixieland Band inspired by the music from the film.

The enchanting couple also can be seen in the Disneyland Park daily afternoon “Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade” on the “Dreams of Romance” finale float that features all the princesses and princes. The interactive procession is a spectacular mix of storybook floats with more Disney Characters than ever before, lively performances by jugglers and acrobats. And each float has its own special effects: a scent that extends the story, from burning embers for the villains to tropical fruits for The Lion King, and a soundtrack to match the films featured, recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London.

The dreamy finale float features all the princesses and princes in a magical garden, and now Princess Tiana and her Prince Naveen join Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jasmine and Belle with their princes as they exit the float for a dance and to greet guests along the parade route. The float also includes a new romance medley from The Princess and the Frog.

At day’s end in Disneyland Park, look for a grand moment where Mickey and his best friends give a tribute to their famous new friends in the “Disney showtime spectacular” on the 360-degree Central Plaza Stage, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The splashy, 15-minute show is the first that features all the new generation characters together along with longtime favorite Disney Characters, led by maestro Mickey. The super tribute to the stars brings guests into the new world of friendship.
Several times daily in Disneyland Park, the Disney new generation stars hops aboard the “Disney all stars express” train on Main Street, U.S.A., with longtime favorites such as Minnie Mouse, stopping at several locations nears Sleeping Beauty Castle to meet and greet guests.

More Live Shows at Walt Disney Studios Park

Ratatouille Characters Remy and Emile are featured in an all-new roadster in the daily “Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars” at Walt Disney Studios Park, designed as a comical tribute to Remy’s love of cooking. They join “director” Mickey and other favorite characters in this elaborate party on wheels down Place des Stars that takes guests through the stories of the movies and great Hollywood adventures with cars themed to the personalities of each character. The Ratatouille car makes a big statement with oversized cooking utensils, pots, pans, Champagne bottle, smoke and other special effects. As the cavalcade ends for a meet-and-greet experience with guests, guests start hearing pops and whistles from Remy’s roadster with an impromptu French can-can celebration of the newest stars to join the line-up.

Everyone get permission to be as loud as they want, and screams of delight are filling the air several times daily at “Monsters Inc. Scream Academy” at Walt Disney Studios Park. “Top scarer” Sulley from Monsters, Inc. looks for new recruits with his friend named Patty. Guests of all ages get in the action as they test the monster boogie, monster roar and monster scare – with as many laughs as screams. All are invited to participate in this family-friendly, high energy character interaction. Try your hand at being a Monster!

Toy Story Playland – Opening Summer 2010

At the new Toy Story Playland at Walt Disney Studios Park, Buzz Lightyear invites guests into Andy’s “back yard” to be shrunk to the scale of toys on an enormous playground, with plenty of interactive fun and photo opportunities.

Toy Story Playland includes three all-new attractions:
Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, simulating a dive from the sky with Andy’s Green Army Men;
the family-friendly Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin, a whimsical coaster attraction;
RC Racer, featuring an exhilarating 25-meter half pipe on a U-shaped race circuit.
(end of the press release)

As you may have already guess the real - and only - new attraction this year is in fact Toy Story Playland opening late June or July. I was wondering what was this “Monsters Inc. Scream Academy”...a new show? a new attraction? Well, no, it will be simply a "happening" with Monsters Inc characters located at the Monsters Inc photo location decor near Animagique at the WDS. And if you wonder which characters are considered to be part of the "new generation" just have a look at the top picture where they're all here - except Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

The “Disney all stars express” will be the same little train we saw last year and the for the 15th Anniversary and Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen will appear in the day Parade but - and that's the bad news - don't expect a Tiana's Showboat Jubilee on one of DLP's riverboats like the one at Disneyland or at the Magic Kingdom. Considering that DLP have not one but TWO riverboats - the Mark Twain and the Molly Brown - it's not the riverboats that were missing... but to be perfectly honest, i can agree that DL and MK have a much bigger viewing area for their riverboat show than in Paris. And of course, as usual, there was the question of the budget for the show...

However, with the three new little attractions and the theming of Toy Story Playland 2010 will not be a year without new attraction which at least is a good news for all DLP fans! Next week i will have an update about DLP's future where we will have a look at what should come in the parks in the future years. Don't miss it!

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Editor's Note: Disney and more is now back to its original design with, as usual, new articles every day! Also, all my thanks to each of you to have been so faithful during the D&M Christmas break as December was the best D&M month ever with 116511 visits! Which, considering that i was on vacation since December 9th and mainly reposted previous articles is not very moral, i admit! Anyway, again, many thanks to all of you for your support, and all my best wishes for this new year!

Disney Store on line art collectible reveals key scene from TRON Legacy !

Some of you often asked me where i find all the great artworks you can see on Disney and more, and sometime it's pure luck. This Tron Legacy artwork is a good example: yesterday i went to the Disney Store on line web site, just to have a look at the new items, and, in the "collectibles section" listing, i saw a small image entitled "D23 Exclusive Limited-Edition "Attack on the MCP" TRON".

I thought it was some art collectible from the first TRON movie but a surprise awaits me at the item page where the full description says: "Travel to the heart of the game grid with our "Attack on the MCP" TRON Giclée. Here two relentless digital warriors confront the corrupt Master Control Program in electrifying pre-production art from the forthcoming sequel, TRON Legacy". I thought: no kidding, this is a TRON Legacy production art ? And obviously showing a key scene from this highly awaited movie? Incredible. Have a look at the full image below.

Interesting scene, isn't it?

So, that's how it goes sometime, i'm surfing on internet, not specially searching for artwork but it's the artwork which finds me!

And for those of you interested by this 13" H x 19" L collectible Tron Legacy Giclée here is the direct link to the Disney Store page where it's available for $94.95.

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Artwork: copyright Disney

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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland second trailer

While Disney and more was in Christmas break a new Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland trailer was released. If you've not seen it yet, there is plenty of new shots of the movie in it, and here it is below.

The Disneyland Paris Frontierland Stunt Show that never was

Recently , i found on the excellent Mark Taft Insights and Sounds web site this rendering below. It's labelled "EDL - for Euro Disneyland which means that this concept-art was done in the early 90's when the park was still called by this name. And it shows the facade of a stunt show arena envisioned for DLP's Frontierland - a "western" stunt show, of course.

In his article Mark was wondering "How seriously was a stunt show for Frontierland considered?" and hoped that i may have the answer as i am the one who wrote the book about the park.

Unfortunately, i just discovered Mark's March 2008 article yesterday (!) and i am a little bit late for the answer! However, i asked Jeff Burke who was Frontierland's show-producer if he ever heard about this project. And here is his answer:

"I don't recognize this specific illustration, but there were discussions, after the Park had opened in 1992, to build a stunt show arena where the Chapparal Stage now stands. The discussions of Frontierland's own stunt showplace ended when operations said it would be too much of a repetition of the "Buffalo Bill Wild West Show" in Downtown Disney."

Another former imagineer friend sent to me these additionnal infos: "There were a number of discussions concerning a live western show in Frontierland, including a small rodeo which was not done due to the strict animal protection laws in France. This is why the animals in the original petting zoo were moved behind a fence after opening so that the guests could only pet an animal when it approached the guest on its own.

As to the stunt show, this was developed under the Entertainment department on their own rather than Imagineering which was probably why it was not well known. An outside consultant was brought in and I seem to remember a model might also have been done. It was essentially a comic gun fight with exploding buildings and such but, as Jeff said, it was cancelled because of the clash with the Buffalo Bill show.

After that, the Chaparral stage came into existence to house any number of live entertainment shows."

So, there we have the answer about this mysterious rendering. The park DID envisioned a stunt show in Frontierland, but they finally cancelled it because of the Disney Village dinner show - translate: if we have a stunt show in Frontierland, people won't come - and pay - for the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.

Although i must admit there is a kind of logic in their decision, i think it's a pity that a "western" stunt show don't exist in Frontierland instead of the Chapparal Stage. A western stunt show is a classic in theme parks - think about the Universal's Wild Wild West stunt show - and it would have give more life in the back of Frontierland...

And you, what do you think about this Frontierland stunt show that never was?

Artwork: copyright Disney

Many thanks to Mark Taft for this interesting rendering. I strongly suggest you to have a look on Mark's site Insights and Sounds, it's always interesting with rare pictures or renderings and Mark is posting new articles almost every day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Editor's Note: It's all about Disneyland today. And for very good news about Disneyland's future attractions, don't miss Al Lutz new update on Mice Age!

Disneyland's New Orleans Square Original Artwork

The artwork topic of this week is a special Disneyland's New Orleans Square artwork. The renderings below were done by great WDI artists such as Sam Mc Kim, Herb Ryman or Dorothea Redmond. As usual don't forget to click on each image to enjoy them in big size!

This first painting above - by Herb Ryman - was the first detailed visualization of New Orleans Square. The masts of sailing ships, seen over the rooftops are not at Disneyland, but add an authentic touch to the painting. Many of Ryman's renderings for New Orleans Square are peopled with the sister of charity, who were a common sight in 19th century New Orleans.

The next one, also from Herb Ryman, depicts an early concept for the Royal Courtyard, located adjacent to the One-of-a-kind shop. Stairs from this courtyard lead to a suite planned for the Disney family, which became the Disney Gallery before it was transformed in the Disneyland Dream Suite.

This next rendering show the french quarter of New Orleans Square.

This painting below show the "Cristal d'Orleans" shop. Its elegance recalls the film "Gone with the wind". Interior designer Dorothea Redmond who did this painting worked on the 1939 classic.

This next painting, also by Dorothea Redmond, show the Walt Disney Suite project. Imagineers took part of their inspiration from this artwork when they've designed the Disneyland Dream Suite last year.

This last and famous painting from Sam Mc Kim was a design for an eerie "Haunted Mansion" and was based on an actual antebellum home. Walt Disney who didn't want anything so run-down looking in Disneyland remarked "We'll take care of the outside, let the ghosts take care of the inside.

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All Artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc.