Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney Store on line art collectible reveals key scene from TRON Legacy !

Some of you often asked me where i find all the great artworks you can see on Disney and more, and sometime it's pure luck. This Tron Legacy artwork is a good example: yesterday i went to the Disney Store on line web site, just to have a look at the new items, and, in the "collectibles section" listing, i saw a small image entitled "D23 Exclusive Limited-Edition "Attack on the MCP" TRON".

I thought it was some art collectible from the first TRON movie but a surprise awaits me at the item page where the full description says: "Travel to the heart of the game grid with our "Attack on the MCP" TRON Giclée. Here two relentless digital warriors confront the corrupt Master Control Program in electrifying pre-production art from the forthcoming sequel, TRON Legacy". I thought: no kidding, this is a TRON Legacy production art ? And obviously showing a key scene from this highly awaited movie? Incredible. Have a look at the full image below.

Interesting scene, isn't it?

So, that's how it goes sometime, i'm surfing on internet, not specially searching for artwork but it's the artwork which finds me!

And for those of you interested by this 13" H x 19" L collectible Tron Legacy Giclée here is the direct link to the Disney Store page where it's available for $94.95.

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Artwork: copyright Disney


David said...

Awesome find! I am in the middle of making a site for a school project, hope you don't mind if I post this, I'll give you credit :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to report but this is not new artwork, its been around.

Anonymous said...

This is pre-production artwork from the FIRST Tron from 1982. It's shown in the Making of Tron feature on the 2003 re-master DVD