Saturday, June 25, 2016

Not-to-be Missed Video of Steven Spielberg Giving a Tour of Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot

Do NOT miss this incredible video of Steven Spielberg giving a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood backlot to Entertainment Weekly reporter Anthony Breznican. Lots of Steven memories and stories about the site. They are in a golf cart and it is Spielberg who is DRIVING the cart! It's also very interesting to see him in a different situation than usual, you guess a different Spielberg, different than the one we usually see in press junkets filmed interviews.

Picture and video: copyright Entertainment Weekly

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary : 2017 Let the Dreams Begin by ED92

Disneyland Paris will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2017, but almost 9 months ahead of its big launch, a cloak of secrecy is still wrapped around the details of the festivities. Thanks to our friends of ED92 we'll take a peek at what the Resort’s teams have been working on creating for you. Of course, if you prefer to avoid spoilers, you better stop reading now! The french readers who want to read this article in french can find it on ED92 HERE.

Are you still with us? Well then, let’s walk under the Disneyland Hotel to take a tour of Disneyland Park, ‘Version 25’!

Why complicate things when the old recipes have been successful?

But forget the gold flags and banners. The 25th will be draped in blue and white, reminiscent of the Resort’s 15th Anniversary, and hot on the heels of the acclaimed 60th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort in California. From Main Street Station to Central Plaza, in Town Square and on Main Street, you won’t be able to miss the classy and colourful decorations that will ornate Main Street U.S.A. for the Celebration.

But it is at night that the true nature of the decorations will be revealed, as Tinkerbell seems quite set on sprinkling a bit of Pixie Dust to make everything …sparkle with light.

How can we not talk about one of the most awaited event of the Celebration?

The new Parade is setting up to be a big refresh. Inspired by the Happiness is Here Parade(Tokyo Disneyland) and Festival of Fantasy (Magic Kingdom), its 8 large floats mean just as many unforgettable memories.

If you enjoy the art direction for the upcoming show Mickey and the Magician, you will love this new super-production, very colourful and with a few, shall we say... steampunk touches. The show will start with an large articulated ‘telescope’ float before taking us across many Disney classics. From Peter Pan to Finding Dory, Toy Story, The Lion King and Frozen, there will be something for everyone.

But a specific float could be the big star of the show: a certain Dragon that has been delighting the Magic Kingdom guests is expected to be built for the new Parade.

3. THE CHAPARRAL THEATER – Forest of Enchantment

It is not a secret that the runaway hit show of the spring season is returning in 2017. This time it should be running until the end of summer. Among the novelties, the show would be performed by default in two languages.

But the set could be the most notable difference, tweaked to give the show more depth and allow for better viewing points. For example, the trees that were covering the theatre’s pillars are not expected to return.

4. CASTLE STAGE – A New Show

Now for one of the main surprises of this Celebration: a whole new show on Castle Stage, running throughout the celebration.

With the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle as a backdrop, it will honor the Disney Princesses in an impressive “royal” setting, and will be taking advantage of the experience gained last year at Halloween and Christmas.

5. CENTRAL PLAZA – Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris

For another key part of the 25th Anniversary, and again brand new, Central Plaza is the host of this big production.

With the help of around 20 Disney Characters (with some of them new to Disneyland Paris), the heart of Disneyland Park will be truly energized several times a day in a big party reminiscent of the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party (Magic Kingdom) and Goofy’s Garden Party (Disneyland Park).

We won’t reveal more details about this show for now, but keep in mind that all eyes will be on the very center of the Plaza for the occasion ;)

6. DISNEY DREAMS! – 25 Years of Dreams

Let’s now talk about the Disneyland Park night-time spectacular introduced for the 20th Anniversary.

The show will become more magical than ever, starting completely from scratch, to take us on a journey through new dreams, with new effects!

This time around, it’s Mickey who ‘wishes upon a star’ and embarks on an adventure through the biggest Disney Studios productions.

We hope you are already a fan of Ignite the Dream!(Shanghai Disneyland), because Disney Dreams!‘25’ will be its ‘successor’, with a number of similar scenes such as the explosive Pirates of the Caribbean sequence or the tumultuous Star Wars battle.

7. MAIN STREET STATION - Kiss Goodnight

Did you think Disney Dreams! would be the finale of your day at Disneyland Paris? Think again: a last surprise is expected to be waiting for you on the Main Street Station balcony.

Indeed, Mickey will wave at his guests one last time, to wish them a safe journey home and a good night full of magical dreams.

We leave you on this wonderful image, as we close the curtain on this first peek at what’s in the works for the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

We will be back soon, as Disneyland Paris is preparing many more surprises: with rides updates, or at the Walt Disney Studios with the arrival of new (super) heroes, orfrom the Food and Merchandise teams who are working hard to wow you.

Are you excited to join in on the most magical celebration in the Resort’s history?

D&M thanks ED92 for this article and make sure to follow ED92 on Twitter for the latest updates at: !

Pictures: copyright Disney, ED92

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Editor's Note: I'm sorry to inform you that i will most probably stop posting on Disney and more AND on the D&M Facebook page anytime soon. For how long? At least two months, and may be forever, i don't know yet. What i know is that there will be at least one more article after i've been to Shanghaî Disneyland this August, and then we'll see. I know i've stopped already D&M before and came back a few weeks or months later but this time it may be REALLY the end. We'll see what happen and in the meantime enjoy the last coming posts!

Amazing 1950's Pictures of Walt Disney and Family - Photos by Gene Lester

It's been a long time since i've posted pictures of Walt but i was waiting to find exceptional photos that for the most you've never seen before, and i've found some recently! All the pictures of Walt you will see below were shot by Gene Lester, a brilliant photographer, in the 1950's whether it was at the Disney Studios, at Disneyland or - and these are the ones which are exceptionals - at Walt's home with his family. If we except the two pictures above and below previously posted on D&M all the others pics are posted here for the first time. Also, Gene Lester pictures are now distributed by Getty Images and that's the reason why on a few of them you'll see the Getty watermark.

So, let's start by Gene Lester pictures showing Walt at Disneyland and the ones above and below show Walt with his grandson.

Next is a picture showing Walt in the locomotive of the Disneyland Railroad... with Mickey!

On the next picture, Walt stands on Disneyland Town Square with the Disneyland band.

This next picture of Gene Lester is a black and white one and shows Walt with Lilian and Sharon in the Alice tea cups ride.

With his daughter Diane and his grandson, Walt in one of the Autopia cars.

You may have seen previously this next picture of Walt, sit on a bench at Disneyland Town Square in its b&w version but it's more rare to see it in its original color version!

We will move now to the Studios for another set of pictures, always shot by Gene Lester!

On the next picture Walt stands with Disney animators working on Sleeping Beauty.

The picture below was probably shot when Song of the South was in production.

And on this next one Walt discuss the storyboard of Song of the South.

We move now out of the Disney Studios to Walt Disney's family home for a set of incredible pictures as announced at the top. The first picture shows of course Walt with his famous miniature train.

On the next one below, Walt is shooting pictures of his two daughters Diane and Sharon.

A few years later, on the picture below Walt is surrounded by Lilian, his daughter Diane with her husband Ron Miller and Sharon as well as Diane's children Christopher and Joanna. Considering the age of the children, the picture as well as the others below were most probably shot in 1957.

The next photos are pretty incredible as they show Walt in his swimming pool or, like on the picture below, in a baby pool with his grandson. Note how pale was his skin at that time.

Though Walt certainly don't look at his best on the picture above, the next pics below shot the same day at the same swimming pool show that his vital energy was back a few minutes later for some fun in the pool with Diane and her husband!

Always near the pool, with Lilian and Sharon, Walt enjoy a burger!

We'll end with this also amazing picture of Walt relaxing the same day in his hammock!

Pictures: copyright Gene Lester, Getty Images

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Universal Orlando Release Volcano Bay Water Park Virtual Video

Universal Orlando released a great video showing how will look the awaited Universal's Volcano Bay waterpark opening next year. Universal describes the new 28-acre water theme park attraction as a lush, tropical oasis unfolds before you, instantly transporting you to a little-known Pacific isle. In the distance, a colossal volcano rises above a sparkling beach, boasting majestic waterfalls by day and blazing lava by night.

I did screen captures for you and the press release tell us more about Volcano Bay which will feature 18 attractions.  A state-of-the-art marquee attraction that will also be revealed at a later date.

The four Volcano Bay areas include:

Krakatau: The 200-foot volcano, Krakatau, will be home to the unannounced marquee attraction and three body slides at the rear of the volcano with surprise doors that drop guests down into the slide. One of the body slides, Ko’okiri Body Plunge, is a 70-degree drop that sends guests down 125-feet through the center of the volcano and through a guest pool. The other two body slides, the Kala and Ta Nui Serpentine Body Slides, are two intertwining slides where guests will race along 124 feet of twists and turns. In addition, the area will have Punga Racers, “a high-speed race through four different enclosed slides featuring manta-shaped mats.”

Wave Village: Located at the base of Krakatau will be the Waturi Beach, a multi-directional wave pool with a sand beach and private one- or two-story cabanas. In addition, The Reef, is a leisure pool where guests get a view of those brave enough to ride the body slides.

River Village: The calming, lazy river-style portion of the park includes the Kopiko Wai Winding River that passes though the caves of the volcano, which features water effects and nighttime lighting; Tot Tiki Reef, a play area for toddlers with slides and a kid-size volcano; Runamukka Reef, a three-story water playground with slides and sprinklers; Honu, a multi-passenger raft ride with two giant slope walls; and Ika Moana, another multi-passenger raft ride that will glide along bubble geysers.

Rainforest Village: A part of the water park based on thrills like Maku, North America’s first “saucer ride” that has raft riders “speeding around three saucer-shaped curves;” Puihi, another multi-passenger raft ride that will take guests into a dark area with a zero-gravity drop; Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides, two twisting slides that will launch guests four and six feet above the water at the end; TeAwa The Fearless River, a racing torrent, whitewater rapids river where guests can hang onto inner tubes; Taniwha Tubes, four Easter Island-inspired slides; and Puka Uli Lagoon, a relaxing pool area.

On the picture below, the building on the right is the Cabana Bay Hotel, located right next door to the water park.

The whole thing looks great to me, my only concern is about the green and blue slides coming out of the volcano and didn't hide them in a fake stone structure which would have look like being part of the volcano itself, it would have looked better... Hopefully they won't be too visible from a front view. Universal Orlando also announced Volcano Bay as a "third theme park" and a three park "Explorer" ticket including admission for the two theme parks and Volcano Bay will be available when Volcano Bay will open next year. 

Pictures and video: copyright Universal Orlando.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Frozen Ever After Ride Open at Epcot World Showcase !

The awaited Frozen Ever After ride is now open at Epcot and here is what is so far the best video of it, filmed by Attractions Magazine. The queue looks great, the ride and Audio-Animatronics too, special effects are perfect AND as you will see WDI Imagineers have done huge progress on the rear head projection technology, used here on the human characters faces. As your probably remember they've used it first on the dwarfs faces in the Seven Dwarfs Mine coaster and the faces looked a little bit too pink, which don't seem to be anymore the case here. The ride will be for sure an instant success - and not only because it is a Frozen ride but because of its quality of staging - and will be a classic for years to come!

Enjoy this new Disney ride, let us know in the comments what you think of it, and thanks to Attractions Magazine for such a terrific video!

Also, a very interesting video always from Attractions Magazine showing side by side the Frozen ride and the Maelstrom ride which, as we know, was the ride inside the show building before. Note that the side by side don't start before 1.08 min as they've added some scenes at the start of the  Frozen ride where there was practically nothing at the beginning of the Maelstrom ride. The Frozen ride is more advanced technologically speaking but the Maelstrom scenes had more depths thanks to backdrop paintings but also more decor elements / props.

Videos: copyright Attractions Magazine

Monday, June 20, 2016

Not-to-be Missed Shanghaî Disneyland Low Light Pirates of Caribbean Ride Video

Do NOT miss this exceptional « low light » video of SDL Pirates of Caribbean ride filmed by SoCal Attractions 360 as it is by far the best we ever had, and probably no one will do better. You’ll discover the ride sets, and many more details that you’ve never seen before!

Video: copyright SoCal Attractions 360

Dubai MotionGate Theme Park 360° Virtual Tour Video

The next big theme park to open this year is MotionGate in Dubai - opening this fall. Don't miss the great 360° virtual reality coaster tour video below with which you will discover all the lans of the park including the indoor Dreamworks land!

Note: the 360° effect doesn't work with Safari but works with Firefox.

Picture and video: copyright MotionGate Dubai

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Perfect Shot

Here is a fantastic picture shot by yuchen7up during Shanghaî Disneyland fireworks from Fantasyland and most probably from the back of a Voyage to the Crystal Grotto boat. It's difficult to imagine a better shot than this one. The lighting is great, everything is perfectly in place, even the fireworks and it's not that easy to get a shot like this. For sure, he clicked on the shutter at the right moment, but he also had this bit of luck that photographers need. A perfect shot, really!

Picture: copyright yuchen7up