Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amazing 1950's Pictures of Walt Disney and Family - Photos by Gene Lester

It's been a long time since i've posted pictures of Walt but i was waiting to find exceptional photos that for the most you've never seen before, and i've found some recently! All the pictures of Walt you will see below were shot by Gene Lester, a brilliant photographer, in the 1950's whether it was at the Disney Studios, at Disneyland or - and these are the ones which are exceptionals - at Walt's home with his family. If we except the two pictures above and below previously posted on D&M all the others pics are posted here for the first time. Also, Gene Lester pictures are now distributed by Getty Images and that's the reason why on a few of them you'll see the Getty watermark.

So, let's start by Gene Lester pictures showing Walt at Disneyland and the ones above and below show Walt with his grandson.

Next is a picture showing Walt in the locomotive of the Disneyland Railroad... with Mickey!

On the next picture, Walt stands on Disneyland Town Square with the Disneyland band.

This next picture of Gene Lester is a black and white one and shows Walt with Lilian and Sharon in the Alice tea cups ride.

With his daughter Diane and his grandson, Walt in one of the Autopia cars.

You may have seen previously this next picture of Walt, sit on a bench at Disneyland Town Square in its b&w version but it's more rare to see it in its original color version!

We will move now to the Studios for another set of pictures, always shot by Gene Lester!

On the next picture Walt stands with Disney animators working on Sleeping Beauty.

The picture below was probably shot when Song of the South was in production.

And on this next one Walt discuss the storyboard of Song of the South.

We move now out of the Disney Studios to Walt Disney's family home for a set of incredible pictures as announced at the top. The first picture shows of course Walt with his famous miniature train.

On the next one below, Walt is shooting pictures of his two daughters Diane and Sharon.

A few years later, on the picture below Walt is surrounded by Lilian, his daughter Diane with her husband Ron Miller and Sharon as well as Diane's children Christopher and Joanna. Considering the age of the children, the picture as well as the others below were most probably shot in 1957.

The next photos are pretty incredible as they show Walt in his swimming pool or, like on the picture below, in a baby pool with his grandson. Note how pale was his skin at that time.

Though Walt certainly don't look at his best on the picture above, the next pics below shot the same day at the same swimming pool show that his vital energy was back a few minutes later for some fun in the pool with Diane and her husband!

Always near the pool, with Lilian and Sharon, Walt enjoy a burger!

We'll end with this also amazing picture of Walt relaxing the same day in his hammock!

Pictures: copyright Gene Lester, Getty Images


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