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D&M Archives : WDS Tower of Terror Grand Opening

On April 5th 2008 the Grand opening event of the Tower of terror happened at the Walt Disney Studios, and, although the day didn't began that well due to a terrible windy and rainy weather the evening was fantastic, with probably the best show i've seen so far for an opening of a new major Disney attraction since the DLP Space Mountain opening. Thanks to 45 photos and 23 videos - as well as the official video - you will see everything of this grand opening event, just like if you have been there!

So, at 3 pm of this April 5th everything began with the Stitch live inauguration, which also had its opening on this glorious day. It was a small show, with a dedication speech and Stitch getting out of a big box. The best was yet to come. You will see the video of this ceremony on the official DLP video below, with some filming of the attraction.

At the exit of the TOT some young european stars did a photo call with Mickey...

At Cinemagique, guests could discover a small placemaking with a new colour and a movie poster gallery.

But the sky was always cloudy and rainy which could begin to be a problem for the show later in the evening...And suddenly the miracle happened! All clouds disappeared, the sun came back, and the opening event was saved!

8.15 pm: At the exit of the studio 1 the red carpet awaits for the guests.

And inside it's the final touch to the buffet for the future cocktail.

At the entrance of the Hollywood Boulevard a great mise-en-scène with old cars and extras all dressed with 1930's costumes is a delight for the press photographers.

Everybody gets ready before the guests stars arrives...

Here is a first video of that moment.

At the entrance of the park the gates of an unrecognisable studio 1 are going to open for the special guests, and they will go through a ghostly Studio 1 as blue eerie light, fog and dazzling projection effects are all around, including comedians playing some "ghosts"

Here are three different videos of that moment.

The projection effects were done on curtains at different entrances of the Studio 1 restaurant, here are six short movies of this amazing projection effect.

And now here is a long travelling of what these special guests have discover at their exit of the Studio 1...

The photo call with european tv stars/models/comedians began, with some famous french actors or singers, and of course, some hot babes...

Let's not forget Minnie Mouse...

And Goofy, more "goofy" than ever...

Let's not forget Sebastien Chabal, world's famous french rugbyman.

To give you a better feeling of this photo call atmosphere, here are six different videos.

After what, everybody went to dinner which was very good as usual and came back at 10.30 pm for the fantastic show on the TOT.

Before we arrive to the show, let's have a look to the lighting all around the area.
Hollywood Boulevard have a unusual blue lighting, and the Tower of terror is purple, but as we will see, not for long...

The Twilight Zone fiber optic effect worked, too...

But one of the genious idea was this TOT elevator which seems to have crashed on the street in front of the Hotel! I think they should keep it there forever, it will make a great photo location!

As you may have notice in the background, the colour of the TOT has changed, and the colour will change again before the beginning of the show to THIS

At that point, the TOT looked like a big gift box with a yellow ribbon all around it, and it is now that the fantastic inauguration show will begin! I don't spoil you the beginning - so, something happens, and then we are back in time at the end of the 30's, and the streets suddenly comes alive with old cars and dozens of comedians and extras all dressed, of course, in 1930's costumes. You will find below two versions of the filming of the show: first, my filming, where you'll see the complete show, with no cut, and right after the official video from DLP, which is an edited version of the show, but where you'll see some details of it. I strongly suggest you to see both of them , and mine first to enjoy the show in its continuity. Here is the first part of the show of my filming.

Then, all of them go back in the Hollywood Tower Hotel for a big party - always supposedly in 1938 - and guess what will happen? Here is the part two of the show.

On the part three, the whole hotel fall in the Twilight Zone!

And now, here comes the other genious idea of the evening: all of these people that we saw going inside the hotel for this fateful party are coming back as ghosts to take us inside the hotel!

Now, here is the DLP official filming of the show, with at the end, some images from the elevator, and the Stitch opening ceremony.

Inauguration Tour de la terreur 5 avril vidéo... by titidomerat

Let's come back to the evening. What was great is that the "ghosts" joined everybody in the queue, and were even coming with you through the lobby, the library and the boiler room - but not inside the elevator! I suppose that they had enough Twilight Zone experience 70 years ago!
Here are some of them below, and a short video. The acting was very good, too, as they looked at us, wondering what we were doing their hotel!

All the guests invited at this grand opening went of course inside the TOT - and checked out alive! But, believe it or not, the evening was not over yet, as now everybody joined a big party inside the Studio 1, with champagne, petit fours and pretty girls, too. Here are some photos and a video - a long travelling through the party.

So, this grand opening evening was, as you've seen, absolutely fantastic and memorable and we must give a big tribute to everybody at Disneyland Paris who've created it, really!

Hope you've enjoyed this grand opening report, probably the longest - and i hope the best - i've ever done on Disney and more. See you soon!

Photos and videos: copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more 2008

Photos DLRP & Official TOT Opening video: copyright Disney

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Imagineering Update : WDW Little Mermaid Load Area Mural Painting

Here is a new Imagineering video released by WDI showing how the Little Mermaid Imagineers did to paint the huge mural painting which will be placed at the load-unload area of the attraction, the one you can see on the rendering below.

This is not the first time that WDI Imagineers create such a giant ural painting, they did it many time before, whether it was for some of Epcot original attractions or for the Grand Canyon Diorama at DL and DLP. But this video shows how WDI Imagineers "created an experimental process using digital technology to design the mural, and then used portable tablets ( Translate: iPads ) to guide them in the artistic process when it came time to put paint on canvas".

Pictures and video: copyright Disney