Thursday, November 3, 2011

HKDL Update : Full Toy Story Land Report !

Hong Kong Disneyland Toy Story Land will open on November 18 and the park just released the very first pictures of the new land, this time totally finished! Considering that Toy story Land also exist at the Walt Disney Studios it will be interesting to see if there is anything new in the HKDL version. And, although the three rides remain the same, yes, there is some changes, beginning by the giant Woody - picture above - at the entrance of the land, instead of the giant Buzz Lightyear at the WDS.

The next picture shows the Slinky Dog Spin ride, which looks identical to the one at the WDS except the rooftop of the queue line on the bottom right which don't exist at the WDS.

A first view of the land shot from Toy Soldier Parachute Drop ride, with RC Racer in the background. Note on the bottom left the giant "flower parasols" which are new in this HKDL version.

On the next picture, the Toy Soldier Boot Camp, just in front of Rex. Sarge and his Soldiers are looking for new recruits. HKDL guests can earn their stripes through a series of fun challenges at this Toy Soldier Boot Camp to test if they have what it takes to become a real Toy Soldier.

Talking about Rex, there is apparently another entrance to the land, the "Rex Entrance" - through which HKDL guests will probably enter when the two other lands currently built will finally open. It's a good idea to use Rex for this entrance as HKDL guests and young children won't be able to climb on him which should avoid to HKDL TSL the problems that they had at the WDS version with kids damaging Rex.

The next picture was shot high in the 27-meter tall U-shaped RC Racer, and you'll see a big part of the land in the background.

Now, what you will see on the next two pictures is unique to the HKDL TSL version and doesn't exist at the WDS. The first one is Jessie's Snack Round-Up, and HKDL guests can swing by Jessie’s Snack Roundup to get their fixins. Lots of healthy and fresh treats are available here, including pizza cones and frozen yogurt. May be they could bring this Jessie's Snack Round-Up at the WDS? Why not put it where the RC Racer car was before and now removed because kids were falling from it, they probably have the room available and it will make a nice themed snack in the center of the land, which is missing at WDS TSL.

...and the next one is Andy's Engine where over 50 new Toy Story Land-inspired gifts await HKDL guests. From toys and apparel to character-inspired creations, guests will surely find something to remember their TSL experience.

Let's end with another picture shot from Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, with Andrew Kam, HKDL Managing Director on the center.

I know that some of my reader don't like the TSL concept whether it's at the WDS or anywhere else, but personally i like it a lot. And it seems that HKDL Imagineers did a pretty good job here, too, at HKDL. Toy Story Land is opening November 18 and if you plan to go at HKDL, don't miss it!

Let's end with an official video showing the preparation of the land!

Pictures and Video: copyright Disney - HKDL

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Allan said...

Buzz Lightyear's absence is very conspicuous...

But the land is very colourful and very Disneyesque.

I am sure it will be hugely popular and draw in all the extra visitors to make HKDL richer and thus able to expand even further.

Alain Littaye said...

The reason why they've put a giant Woody instead than a giant Buzz is probably because they already have a giant Buzz in Tomorrowland at the entrance of the Buzz Lightyear attraction.

switttdrfan said...

Actually this place is cute. Higher than my expectations! Great Job HKDL! :)

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I'm sorry to disagree, but this place looks cheap and only has attractions that are available in any small town fair all over the world, and I think that Disney can do MUCH better than this, otherwise people don't have to go to a Disney park, just go to a cheap countryside fair and save some money.

Anyway thanks for the update Alain, it's very well done as usual!