Friday, February 8, 2019

Animate Your Disney Theme Parks Pictures ! Now With New Animated Pictures!

How cool is that! Look first at the picture above, one of my picture of Adventure Isle mountain at Shanghaî Disneyland with his great waterfall. Here is the original picture, then jump to the post below to see ot animated only where i wanted animation!

Now, have a look at this 18 seconds video below, and watch it FULL screen mode, it's the same SDL picture but with the waterfall animated and with clouds in the sky moving behind the mountain. I did it in a few minutes on my iPhone with an application called “Enlight Pixaloop”, which is free on the Apple or Android Appstores BUT watch to don’t order the in-app purchase or the “PRO mode” which will cost you money. That said, all what is in the video below was done with the free mode. Also note that only the water of the waterfall is animated, the bridge which goes over it don't move as you can "freeze" some parts of the picture so these parts won't move. Enjoy!

Again, watch the videos below FULL SCREEN mode, especially if you watch them on a mobile!

Second try with the Enlight Pixaloop App for iPhone or iPad, this time using the picture below of Shanghaî Disneyland Fountain.

What's interesting is that on the same picture you can in fact animate not only different parts of the picture but also having movements in different directions! Here the fountains go up but the splashing water at the bottom of Mickey's fountain is going left or right. This time i didn't animated the sky.

Third try of animation of a normal picture, this time with a picture of Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams! Not only the fountain are animated but also some columns of the castle.

Fourth try of animation of a picture, this time a spectaculer one with a picture of Disney California Adventure World of Color.

Fifth try of animation of a normal picture with the Enlight Pixaloop App, again with a picture of DLP Disney Dreams!, this time view from above. But the result on the first one was better, as here the fireworks animation is less convincing.

Sixth try of animation of a normal picture with the Enlight Pixaloop App, and this time the Main Street Electrical Parade is back running at Disneyland!

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney and more

Thursday, February 7, 2019

New Emotional Trailer For Tim Burton's Dumbo !

Disney released a new trailer ( again ) for Tim Burton's live adaptation of Dumbo, starring Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Danny DeVito and this one will make you emotional!

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Never Seen Before 1997 Imagineering Video : Disneyland Paris Show-Producers Talks About Designing Each Lands of the Park

I have for you today a special treat: a never seen before Imagineering video about the creation of Disneyland Paris. In this video filmed more than 20 years ago in 1997, after the opening of Space Mountain, each DLP show-producers are talking about the land they have designed. It goes into detail about their philosophy and thematic efforts in building each land of the park.

This Imagineering video had six segments, one for each of the five lands of the park, plus one "Imagineering Overview" segment with the five lands show-producers, and Disney Legend and Imagineer Tony Baxter who was leading the creative team. This is the first video below. The video quality here is low definition because it's coming from a VHS tape - so avoid to watch them full screen mode - but these extremely rare interviews of Disneyland Paris show-producers are priceless!

In the next video, Imagineer Eddie Sotto tells you all about the lavish design of DLP Main Street.

Next is Imagineer Jeff Burke, talking about designing the American West for DLP Frontierland.

In the next video below Imagineer Chris Tietz talks about designing DLP beloved Adventureland that you can see below in another aerial picture showing on the bottom the piece of land still available on the left of the Temple du Péril, that Imagineers kept long ago for an Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

Next is Imagineer Tom Morris talking about the fairy-tale design of DLP Fantasyland.

In this last video Imagineer Tim Delaney talks about the unique design of DLP Discoveryland.

Videos: copyright Disney

Aerial Pictures by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

D&M Exclusive : Pictures of Margaritaville Resort Orlando Water Park Opening This Spring at Two Miles of WDW!

Opening soon, Margaritaville Resort Orlando will immediately transport guests into a vacation state of mind as they will be greeted in the main lobby with floor-to-ceiling views of the lagoon pool, the sounds of the tropics and the usual welcome cocktail. But Margaritaville Resort Orlando will also be a destination in and of itself with four on-site distinctive dining and lounge experiences, lagoon-style pools, Teen and Kids’ clubs, Sunset Walk- Shopping, Dining, Entertainment District, AND a Waterpark named "Island H2O ,Live!  Waterpark" all this at  25 miles from Orlando International Airport and 2 miles from WDW Disney's Animal Kingdom!

First, some renderings showing the resort, hotel and pools.

More about the waterpark now:

"Island H2O Live! lets you have a fabulous day of water park fun on your own terms. You can make a splash on our slides including our multi-guest racer, hang out in our interactive lazy river complete with caverns and awesome lighting effects, and watch our Live! entertainment including DJ’s, parties, and amazing surprise guests.

Buy your tickets online before you arrive so you can speed through entry and become a VIP! Once in the park, leave your cash in a locker and use our waterproof wristbands to buy food, merchandise, and communicate with the park itself. Island H2O Live! is completely interactive with games and experiences that let you earn points good for food and merchandise discounts, and the ability to control the streaming playlist! You can even take part in our Live! feeds that show everybody what a great day you are having."

With nine slides and numerous other attractions, the tropical-themed water park will be the largest single-site installation in the southeast for Canadian waterslide manufacturer WhiteWater West, best known locally for their Ray Rush slide at Aquatica and their waterslides found on Carnival cruise ships.

The lineup of attractions includes a multi-person mat racer, drop towers, family raft rides, an interactive lazy river and a giant wave pool. Multiple DJs and dance parties will be found throughout the lushly landscaped park. Similar to a cruise ship, the water park will have an adults-only area. This will be the first water park in the area with areas where no children are allowed.

Vantage, an RFID bracelet and mobile app system, similar to the Tapu Tapu system found at Volcano Bay, will make the Margaritaville Orlando water park one of the most technologically advanced waterparks ever built.

Island H20 Live’s Vantage system will have many of the same interactive elements that Universal’s Tapu Tapu has, but via its linked mobile app, Vantage also offers many features not found at Volcano Bay, including on-ride photos and videos that can be easily shared across various social networking sites, custom on-ride music, and guest-designed on-ride lighting effects. In-park purchases, locker access and other services will also be linked to Vantage.

The mobile app will provide unique audiovisual experiences, in-app karaoke and a loyalty program that tracks guests each time they visit. Island H20 Live states that the loyalty program will allow guests to win prizes such as skip-the-line passes, free food and beverage items, and more.

“Water parks are known for exhilarating rides and attractions, but Island H2O Live will let guests be playful in interactive ways that have never been seen before,” said Albo Antenucci Jr., the executive in charge of Horizon Waterpark, in a prepared statement. “These incredible opportunities for engagement will be what Island H20 Live is all about.”

And today, D&M has for you some exclusive shots of the water park construction site - the water park is scheduled for an opening Spring 2019 and vegetation will be added anytime soon. Apparently it will be a water ark closer to Wet and Wild than to highly themed Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach or Volcano Bay but Margaritaville just confirmed it will be one of the most technologically advanced water parks ever in Kissimmee, still, I have the ffeling that the Mouse is not going to like it, specially so close to WDW.

Disney and more will let you know more when the Resort will open, so stay tuned on D&M!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Marvel and Disney Celebrate Chinese New Year With Beautiful Posters

Chinese New Year is TODAY February 5th, and it marks the start of the "year of the pig". It also marks the start of the "energy of the Spring" - which is the WOOD element in the Chinese energetic medicine - and the energy of the Spring is also the "wind", so wind should be back in the next days which will be a good news for our friends in Asia which are currently going through highly dangerous high pollution smog due, precisely, to the lack of wind during the month of January. Ancient Chinese used to say that when you hear the first thunderclap it means that the energy of the spring has sterted, so keep your ears open! In the meantime, Marvel and Disney Celebrate Chinese New Year with the beautiful posters above and below, one for each Disney movie to be released this year.

Above: The "Captain Marvel" poster references the five classical Chinese Elements. Metal, Water, Wood and Fire all highlight the Earth, which is also the homeworld of Brie Larson's Carol Danvers.,

Below, the "Avengers : End Game" poster:

The "Dumbo" poster:

The "Aladdin" poster:

The "Lion Ling" poster:

The "Frozen 2" poster:



Disney Release New Posters For Toy Story 4

Disney released new posters for Toy Story 4, including a French and a Chunese one!


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