Friday, February 8, 2019

Animate Your Disney Theme Parks Pictures ! Now With New Animated Pictures!

How cool is that! Look first at the picture above, one of my picture of Adventure Isle mountain at Shanghaî Disneyland with his great waterfall. Here is the original picture, then jump to the post below to see ot animated only where i wanted animation!

Now, have a look at this 18 seconds video below, and watch it FULL screen mode, it's the same SDL picture but with the waterfall animated and with clouds in the sky moving behind the mountain. I did it in a few minutes on my iPhone with an application called “Enlight Pixaloop”, which is free on the Apple or Android Appstores BUT watch to don’t order the in-app purchase or the “PRO mode” which will cost you money. That said, all what is in the video below was done with the free mode. Also note that only the water of the waterfall is animated, the bridge which goes over it don't move as you can "freeze" some parts of the picture so these parts won't move. Enjoy!

Again, watch the videos below FULL SCREEN mode, especially if you watch them on a mobile!

Second try with the Enlight Pixaloop App for iPhone or iPad, this time using the picture below of Shanghaî Disneyland Fountain.

What's interesting is that on the same picture you can in fact animate not only different parts of the picture but also having movements in different directions! Here the fountains go up but the splashing water at the bottom of Mickey's fountain is going left or right. This time i didn't animated the sky.

Third try of animation of a normal picture, this time with a picture of Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams! Not only the fountain are animated but also some columns of the castle.

Fourth try of animation of a picture, this time a spectaculer one with a picture of Disney California Adventure World of Color.

Fifth try of animation of a normal picture with the Enlight Pixaloop App, again with a picture of DLP Disney Dreams!, this time view from above. But the result on the first one was better, as here the fireworks animation is less convincing.

Sixth try of animation of a normal picture with the Enlight Pixaloop App, and this time the Main Street Electrical Parade is back running at Disneyland!

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney and more

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