Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rare 1990's Videos of Epcot and Disney MGM Studios

What about jumping back in time to Epcot and Disney MGM Studios as they were in the 1990's? Max, D&M contributor found these two videos filmed at a time beloved attractions such as Horizons, World of Motion, Living Seas, etc... were still existing at Epcot and you'll see scenes of them in the video below.

In the Disney MGM Studios video you'll see the original Tram Tour, now extinct, and which at that time included a Honey i Shrunk the Kids special effect sequence , and you'll see also as a rare Muppets show, all extinct since a long time!

Note that because it was filmed at a time HD cameras didn't exist, the quality is typically 90's VHS but it's still a pleasure to discover the parks as they were 20 years ago!

Friday, October 17, 2014

First Footage from Disney's Short Animated "Feast"

Disney has released almost a minute of footage from the new animated short “Feast,” which will be attached to Big Hero 6 when it'll release next month. The short is done by director Patrick Osborne, who was animator on Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled, as well as Head Animator on Disney’s 2012 award-winning short “Paperman.”

“Feast” follows a man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his dog, Winston, and is revealed "bite by bite through the meals they share." Someone who saw the short recently wrote a summary that goes into how the man goes from feeding Winston dog food to more extravagant meals...

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Rare 1955 Disneyland 20000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit View-Master Color Pictures

These extremely rare color pictures of the 20000 Leagues Under the Sea exhibit which opened at Disneyland Tomorrowland in 1955 and in which were displayed the original decors from the 1954 movie are View-Master pictures. Photos of the DL 20000 Leagues exhibit - specially in color and in this definition quality - are almost impossible to find and it's thanks to Todd Popp that i am able today to share them with you. These 20000 Leagues Under the Sea exhibit photos were released by View-Master in 1955. At that time color photography was not as common as it became later and while Todd was doing his research for his upcoming book, he learned that View-Master was one if not the only licensee permitted to photograph Disneyland at its opening in 1955. View-master then released sets of View-Master packets which at the start were sold exclusively at Disneyland as "Park Souvenirs".

Below, a picture showing the entrance of the 20000 Leagues Under the Sea exhibit in Tomorrowland in 1960.

The next picture is a Tom Scherman and David Holman artwork showing the different rooms of the exhibit.

On the left after the entrance was displayed a Nautilus model that was used in the film, in front of a Vulcania matte painting by Peter Ellenshaw...

...and on the right the first decor that Disneyland guests could see was the Nautilus wheelhouse.

One of the highlight of the exhibit was of course Captain Nemo Grand Salon in which Disneyland guests could see Captain Nemo's famous pipe organ, which is now in Disneyland Haunted Mansion ball room.

Another picture of the Grand Salon, with Captain Nemo library.

Of course, what amazed Disneyland guests was the giant squid that they could see through one of Nemo Grand Salon window.

A little bit further in the exhibit was the Nautilus diving chamber.

And right in the center of the 20000 Leagues exhibit was the "Nautilus resting place" with a giant Nautilus.

I'd like to thanks again Todd Popp for these rare 20000 Leagues exhibit View-Master pictures, and his high-quality scans! Those of you interested by View-Master will find a whole chapter in my friend Pascal Pinteau excellent book about cult toys called "Jouets Cultes", here.

Pictures: copyright View-Master. Scans by Todd Popp.

Thanks to Daveland for the 20K Exhibit entrance picture.

Artwork: copyright Disney, Tom Scherman

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Editor's Note: Looking for the article with the latest news about Disneyland Paris future? Scroll down or jump directly HERE.

Big Hero 6 New Clip, Viral Videos and Giant Poster + New Toy Story TV Special Poster

Big Hero 6 will be Disney's first animated movie adapted from a Marvel comic book and they've released a new clip, four videos of characters displaying the powers of their suits, and a giant title less poster, the one you see above. Note, to download the mega HD poster file, do not click on the picture above but go HERE.

And, talking about poster here is the one for the new Toy Story TV Special to be aired on Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. It's called "Toy Story That Time Forgot". and here is the synopsis:
"After a post-Christmas play date, the Toy Story gang finds themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. If the gang hopes to return to Bonnie’s room, they’ll have to rely on Trixie the triceratops."

Pictures and videos : copyright Disney - Pixar

Here is the coolest thing to wear during the Halloween evening at Disney theme parks!

Halloween is in two weeks from now and here is the coolest thing i've seen in a long time for those who wants something amazing to wear during the Halloween evening at Disney Parks!

Mark Rober and his Digital Dudz team have developed masks and t-shirts inside which you put any Android or Apple phone ( including the new giant iPhone 6 Plus ) which will play animation via their app. Really cool designs, and animations, and Marvel even gave them permission to do a couple Iron Man shirts and a Captain America shirt.

Hey, there is even one for 20000 Leagues under the sea fans!

Watch the video below as there is more amazing items to see and jump HERE to order one!

Pictures and videos: copyright

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All About Disneyland Paris Future

After the big Disneyland Paris recapitalization announcement last week you're probably wondering what Disneyland Paris has in mind for the future of DLP Parcs and Resort in the coming years. Well, thanks to ED92 and their good sources you'll have today a better idea of everything that DLP intend to change or add in the next decade. As usual, remember that these is supposed to be DLP plans NOW and we can expect probably some changes. That said, ED92 being the one that announced months ago what happened last week, i think we can give them the benefit of the doubt for what they reveal about DLP future.

Last April they already did a long update about DLP future - that you can read in my previous post HERE - but one month ago they've posted a new update with the latest infos they've got. As usual, the update of ED92 was written in a fairy tale style, easily understandable when you read french but looking almost "coded" if you don't. And Google Translate being what it is, i.e a really not perfect translation tool, i did for you a best-of of what ED92 reveal in their new update. Of course if you read french better than english you can read the french "fairy-tale" version directly on ED92 HERE.

Let's start by what is in the plans for DLP Disneyland park. One of the missions for DLP new CEO Tom Wolber will be apparently to restore the entire Disneyland park and gradually the Disneyland park will get back its original splendor. Although many decors elements of the park have already been renovated there is a lot to do before April 2017, which is almost tomorrow! Apart a few details, Main Street is a done deal. A Starbucks should come somewhere near the Market House Deli and reconfiguration works for some of the Main Street shops are already programmed, so Main Street should be ready in time for 2017. Let's just hope they won't do the same mistake they just did in the former Main Street Photography and won't destroy the wonderful original theming of the Main Street shops.

At Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain is the one which needs the most urgent renovation, but it is also the most popular attraction of the land and closing it for 8 months will be challenging. By starting the renovation in January, the impact should be less severe. But they will need something else in Frontierland to compensate BTM closure, and they will open again soon the Chaparral Stage for a Frozen show. To have a Frozen show in Frontierland may look a bit strange as the right location for it would have been in Fantasyland but, after all, a Tarzan show in Frontierland was also a bit odd... 
Nothing new about the fate of the Mark Twain but the geysers of Rivers of the Far West should finally be back, using the technology developed for Disney Dreams fountains - without colors, of course. The main question is for the Rivers of the Far West lake as they're really are afraid of the refurbishment cost as they'll have to empty and clean the whole lake. This is the only part that could be reserved to be done after 2017. About a refurb or an update of the Phantom Manor ride, rumored since years, ED92 have no specific details, and the timing to do it is still to be determined. There is talks, though, of doing an update of the show in two phases, rather short.

In Adventureland DLP has several projects such as the redesign of a whole part of Adventureland. They may bring some changes to Adventure Isle to make it "the island of Jack Sparrow", transform the Pirate Galion in Black Pearl, and add the interactive "Legend of the 7 Seas" game that guests enjoy at WDW Magic Kingdom. Not too forget the long rumored redesign of Pirates of the Caribbean with many new special effects. The cost of all this don't seems to be too high so chances are they will do it, and with a new POTC movie coming soon it should help to have all these ideas even more appealing.
Let's not forget too the plans announced by ED92 last April to bring Soarin' in Adventureland - instead than at the WDS where it was originally planned - a version probably similar to the one they are building at Shanghaî Disneyland Adventure Isle, i.e with a new theming and storyline to fit with Adventureland.

For Fantasyland you probably can put your bets on a similar Peter Pan's Flight update like the one they will do for Disneyland 60th Anniversary and they will change too the ride tracks as the attraction really needs it. It's a Small World too will have a renovation and a new show theater of 2000 seats located on the right of IASW is also envisioned.

In Discoveryland one of the major projects in 2015 will be the major renovation of Café Hyperion and Vidéopolis which should take almost 5 months with a reopening at the end of June. When Videopolis will reopen, a Jedi Academy will await DLP young guests with masters Jedi teaching them the art of laser saber. Space Mountain really need in the trains its long awaited new harness, but otherwise the attraction is in a less problematic situation. That said, a Space Mountain renovation is now official and will take six months, starting next january, and the park could take advantage of its reopening to celebrate the attraction 20th anniversary... The best they could do - but will they do it? - would be to bring back the original version of the ride, and it seems they will at least bring back the original music score, as well as resolve the usual problems on the cannon. I thought that the ride decor elements of the first version were removed and eventually destroyed when they did "Mission 2" but, good news, as it seems they are just hidden, the meteorites being covered by some black canvas, which mean they probably could bring back the first version easily IF they wish to do so.

And of course there is a project for the awaited big Star Wars Land with a first part that may open Summer 2017. Star Tours 2 3D should come at last for DLP 25th Anniversary and the Star Tours outdoor waiting queue will be removed to become a landscaped garden. And the entire Star Tours / Star Traders / Captain EO building will be transformed. A new area will be built where is currently the Star Tours post-show and the exit of the ride will be moved to where is the Captain EO theatre, which will become the biggest Star Wars merchandise shop in Europe. As for Star Traders, its layout will be perfect to create a new Meet & Greet where guests will be able to meet Star Wars characters - and its exit would be through the new Star Wars shop, too. They have not yet decided what will happen to the Pizza Planet restaurant. Although they agree they can't have anymore a restaurant built under a tent, they would like to convert this into a Tatooine area, with the Cantina restaurant and a walkthrough inside a real size Millennium Falcon. But they don't know yet whether this will be feasible in terms of budget for 2017 as they also have a number of projects for the Walt Disney Studios.

To avoid that during these works all scaffolding and fences makes the park not looking very nice DLP will do the works in a smart way, with not more than one or two buildings by land under works at a time, and will do them as much as possible outside periods of highest attendances. Smaller works will be done during the day, to go as fast as possible. But the biggest projects will be spread, and works on Adventure Isle for instance should not happen before the end of 2016. There are others more urgent things like different shops and restaurants, many of which needing a real update in terms of service. DLP has ambitious plans for the food in the park but it's still too early to uncover the plans. But they admit the food must be good, and the time of 100% burger is now gone. As for the park merchandise shops changes also will be done with small shops with "specialized items" and bigger shops with "generic" items. DLP merchandise dept design team is currently working on products with many new ideas inspired by the U.S collections and in 2017, the merchandise products at DLP should have nothing to see with today's products. 

Let's talk now about the Walt Disney Studios as they have big plans for its placemaking! But as some choices still have to be done, the Studios will have to wait a bit. Priority is for the Disneyland Park until 2017. That said, they'll give a little refurb to the original park buildings. Studio 1 will undergo an update with also changes in its lighting. The "Restaurant des Stars" will also have an update but the efforts will mainly focus on the Hollywood Tower Hotel to fully review its facades as well as on the Stunt Show. They will introduce new stunts, new effects... not yet the great transformation that the show needs, but something that will help to wait. Then they'll start slowly to complete Toy Story Playland by bringing to the WDS Toy Story Mania. But in a version with improved performances as they will do like in Orlando with the ride having 3 identical tracks instead of two. Thus, the waiting time should remain pleasant for WDS guests as the attraction is hugely popular in all Disney parks where it was built. 

You might remember they had projects to transform the Front Lot to have it look as the original Disney Studios in the 1930's, as well as the completion of a zone fully dedicated to Pixar and another one to Marvel super-heroes, with a journey through Hollywood to link everything. At the moment, DLP is currently seeing in what order they will proceed. As you've seen in D&M yesterday's update, the WDS logo was changed. It offers a slightly retro look in anticipation of the changes coming to Front Lot. The goal is to create a strong entity with the entrance and Studio 1 on the theme of the ancient Disney Studios at Hyperion Street. Just like they did at DCA with Buena Vista Street, they will add more "story" to the whole with more details and ironworks. The addition of posters and billboards should help, as well as a giant billboard like the one that can be seen in vintage pictures of the Disney Studios. Compared to DCA Buena Vista Street, they will shift slightly over time to immerse WDS guests in the early 40's, at the time Fantasia was released in theaters, to make the link with the Mickey Sorcerer fountain located in the center of Front Lot. Inside Studio 1, they should fully review the designs to give them more depth and credibility. Always in the spirit of visiting a studio, but in a much more realistic way to create a logical progression with the rest. They will also make changes to the Studio 1 shop and then to the restaurant to provide a more intimate feeling.

At the exit of Studio 1 we will leave the Disney Studios theme. The entire space surrounding the Walt with Mickey statue will be re-landscaped to give a better exit / entrance to the 1930's Studios theme of Front Lot and to really get into the streets of Hollywood. The Hollywood Blvd façades currently existing will be expanded to give the feeling of being in a city full of energy, with a focus on the late 40's, early 50's style. They once considered to have the red tram like the one at Disney's California Adventure, but the cost to run it would be too expensive and the plans now is to have a fleet of cars which will bring life to this simulated city. The Art of Disney Animation will stay but will be integrated in the new facades to give to WDS guests the feeling of entering a kind of cinema-exhibit, in tribute to the opposite Studios. Hollywood Boulevard will be extended with several shops and food outlets, so that eventually the street will become at the WDS an equivalent of Main Street and ultimately be able to host shows and parades in the best possible conditions.

The "city" will continue to the left, towards the "Place of the Stars" which will also have a major placemaking. The central stage will be removed to install a large fountain surrounded by a small but beautiful and enjoyable park. Another idea is to completely partitioned the Cinémagique waiting area to have it look like a realistic old cinema hall, with its thick carpet, wood paneling, etc... The placemaking  would extend up to the "Restaurant des Stars" which should be soon completely redecorated to make it look a bit like the Brown Derby restaurant at DHS. And eventually, why not transforming the rotunda in a reception area with the iconic giant hat of the Brown Derby building. 

At Animation Courtyard, facing Animagique, will take place the Pixar Studios. DLP plans to bring changes to all the area and to change as well the Animagique show, though keeping its concept but adapted to the different licenses. What seems to be sure is that the rear of the Art of Animation building will be changed to give the feeling of really entering into Pixar Studios. Meanwhile, Toy Story Playland would have grown a bit with the addition of Toy Story Mania in Summer 2018. The aim is to act in small steps to add history and coherence to the whole. And to do a transition from the real world to the fantasy worlds of Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo and of course Ratatouille. Ultimately, the Pixar area will be for the WDS the equivalent of Fantasyland. 

DLP Walt Disney Studios might also have its own "Adventureland" in the future as the wizards of Walt Disney Imagineering would like to bring the Avatar / Pandora land that they are currently building at Disney's Animal Kingdom. But this will require to be patient as it's not really DLP first priority at the moment. They want to see first how WDW guests will react when Pandora will open in 2017 in Animal Kingdom before embarking on such a project that will be particularly expensive.

As you've probably understood by now WDS equivalent of Discoveryland will be the Marvel Super-Heroes land that will be located where we have now Backlot. But rather than recreating New York, DLP will keep the same approach, i.e to keep the Studio style existing at the Backlot area - but of course not the one we have now with its bad look of industrial structures - and create the Marvel land with the same high standards they will put in the rest of the WDS placemaking. The opening of a Marvel superheroes land will be of course the high point of the WDS placemaking. In California Disney is currently doing a first test by building a Marvel super-heroes area with meet and greet and activities and this should come at the WDS where is now the Armageddon attraction. And the Rock'n Roller Coaster should be rethemed with a new Marvel storyline. By 2022, the WDS will have a huge Marvel land and the former Backlot should see its surface almost triple than what is now! DLPI already envisioned the creation of another roller coaster that should surprise WDS guests and will be partially outdoor to bring life and kinetic element to the area. It will not be the only major new attraction in this Marvel land as they also intend to make another one which will be more "family ride", though with plenty of thrills.

Still, all this is always under development and although some issues were resolved, it will be several years before all these changes or additions happen. By then everything could change dramatically but the hope is that with these, coupled with a complete restoration of the Disneyland Park and other works, DLP will finally break the curse by the year 2022.

Apparently the Walt Disney Company gave also to DLP another mission, crucial for the WDC own plans: the implementation at DLP of the NextGen project. In a win-win exchange, DLP will be able for a small fee to simply copy and adapt the different softwares developed for the NextGen program. It will be a huge work, though, to have all shops, restaurants, hotels room doors, and of course a selection of attractions be ready to work with the NextGen program and maybe DLP will create a specific team for this task as they would like to see the first launch in 2017 which does not leave much time. At worst, they will bring the NextGen at DLP in two phases.

For the Disney Village they have not yet completely decided what will be the changes, but the DV will have its older shops slightly updated while DLP take some time to think what they will do next. But the ground will be completely redone, like they did around Lake Disney. The current asphalt being only a backup solution as the state of the concrete slabs was too bad.

About DLP hotels, the renovations done during Philippe Gas era are good and DLP will  continue in this way, just trying to go faster. Once the Newport Bay Club renovation is over, the Hotel New York will be completely closed for a long transformation and, if they have the budget, they will start works at the Hotel Cheyenne in phases, closing a building at a time. The case of the Disneyland Hotel is a bit more complicated. The project they have is expensive and ambitious, and it was decided that small works will be done first, to keep the hotel at a comfortable level. They might do the works in 2 phases, before and after 2017.

On the picture above, shot at Serris City Hall August, 29, 2014, "R+6", or "R+9" mean that the new hotels will have 6 floors, or 9 floors, etc...

Talking about hotels, one last thing about the development of what is called the Phase IV as they have some surprising projects, especially the large number of hotels that DLP would like to add. DLP has not yet officially announced the Phase IV signing and will probably make an overall presentation anytime soon. In fact it all depends on many factors, and in addition to the rehabilitation of existing structures and the creation of various extensions DLP rely heavily on two main elements: a new huge convention center that will be built in two phases and which will be once completed the second biggest in France, and another major project that they hope to complete before the opening of the 3rd Park. Indeed, with the new convention center the eyes should turn towards the central part of Disneyland Paris Kingdom, which is why they want to develop several new hotels. Two new hotels are envisioned for the area of ​​the new convention center, two others hotels - one near Lake Disney opposite to the Sequoia Lodge and one on the other side of the road, facing the Marina, behind the Newport Bay Club. And another hotel that  will be attached to the Walt Disney Studios, located behind what is now Backlot - and in the future a Marvel land - with a rumored art-deco style, and probably a direct entrance from the hotel to the Walt Disney Studios, like the Grand Californian at DCA. Given their locations - see picture above - all these new hotels will be most probably 100% Disney hotels.

It's precisely this other major project which is intriguing and if one have a closer look at the blueprints, there is an entire area that appears in the preliminary plans but not those validated. We're talking here about the land located between the hotels Newport Bay Club, Sequoia Lodge, Santa Fe and the road leading to DLP main parking lot. It is on this land that DLP have plans, including something that no one is expecting anymore but that they want to dust off if the AquaLagoon at Villages Nature is successful as it is planned. But that's another long story for another day!

Finally, and before you get too excited, remember that we can expect some changes in DLP plans in the future depending how the recapitalization will be successful as well as the economy situation in Europe. 

Thanks again to ED92 for allowing Disney and more this translation of their post. For more news of the future you can  follow the french ED92 forum on their english section HERE although you might have to start by registering HERE.

Pictures: copyright DLPWelcome, Disney, ED92

Monday, October 13, 2014

Universal Officially Announces $3.3 Billion Universal Beijing Theme Park !

Disney's biggest theme park competitor arrives on China market as Universal’s Parks & Resorts CEO, Tom Williams, announced officially yesterday Universal Beijing, a $3.3 billion theme park resort property to open in 2019. Universal Beijing property 1000 acres will include in a 300 acres theme park a selection of Universal Studios beloved rides and attractions as well as rides that will reflect China's cultural heritage, a Universal CityWalk entertainment zone and a Universal-themed resort hotel. It will be the third Universal park in Asia, joining the two others in Singapore and Osaka, Japan.

But unlike the Universal Studios Japan and Singapore which were a “Franchise” deal with a local partner - just like Disney did with Oriental Land for Tokyo Disneyland - this time  Comcast NBC Universal is building and will be the co-owner of the Universal Beijing theme park resort with a chinese partner, Beijing Shouhuan Cultural Tourism Investment Co. Ltd., which was formed in 2013, making it the first “foreign-owned” theme park in the Chinese capital. Universal Beijing will be located in an eastern suburb of Beijing named Tongzhou, and Universal reports that the land for the park has already been purchased last March for $300 Million.

A first bird's eye view rendering of the park has been released...

...and although Universal hasn't announced yet which rides or attractions will be include in the park we can clearly see in the artwork that Universal Beijing will have  some of Universal favorite rides, with a Jurassic Park land, Wizarding World of Harry Potter - with Hogwarts Castle, Diagon Alley, Hogwarst Express and the two Harry Potter E-ticket rides, Revenge of the Mummy, a Shrek "Far Far Away" land, Madagascar, Transformers 3D, a coaster looking like the Hulk one at IOA but that could be themed on Men in Black like what was envisioned for the Universal Dubai theme park that never was, as usual a Hollywood Avenue at the entrance, and a hotel located right over the park entrance, just like we have at DLP with the Disneyland Paris hotel.

Click on each picture below as i've found and indicated for you each ride and attractions - at least the ones recognizable - that will include Universal Beijing!

Although it's a great news for China's theme park fans it's a serious hit for Shanghaî Disneyland which of course expect guests coming from Beijing thanks to the high speed trains between the two cities. That said, the competition won't be like in Orlando as hundred of miles will separate the two theme parks, and probably guests that will visit one park will have the desire to discover the other one. But as we know, Universal has a lot of unbelievably thrilling E-ticket rides whether it is the Revenge of the Mummy, Tansformers 3D, the two Harry Potter E-tickets, etc... so Disney better have at Shanghaî Disneyland impressive rides too, as you can be sure that chinese guests will compare the two parks. One more thing: Disney and Universal will share in common to have each one a theme park in some of the most polluted cities in the world - specially Beijing but Shanghaî is not far behind - so prepare your anti-pollution masks, folks!

Anyway, a new and exciting battle will start in 2019 between Disney and Universal, this time in China and we can't wait to see what will happen!

Pictures: copyright Universal Beijing

Disneyland Paris Update !

I've got a small Disneyland Paris update for you today, but definitely come back tomorrow for a major update that will tell you all about DLP future!

As for today, let's start with pictures of the WDS Earfell tower at the entrance of the park which now have its new logo freshly painted! The letters have a more retro style, and there is a reason for this that you will discover in tomorrow update.

They've also have finished the new welcome archs at the entrance and they look okay to me.

Below, the entrance arch for the guests coming from the Vinci parking. Nothing is written in the back, which looks a bit odd to me, but may be these are not totally finished and it will come later.

We will end with something cool as the DLP marketing office in the UK released a new Ad, which, like the previous one with the "bad boys" that you've seen some months ago, is done in a different style than usually, like the British only can do it!

And for this who would have missed the one with the "bad boys", here it is.

Don't forget to be back tomorrow on Disney and more for a long update about DLP future and in the meantime i remind you that the signed edition special offs ris extended all October and those of you who wants to order my Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book and would like to have a signed copy dedicated specially for them - or anyone they wish - can now order one. I'll sign personally each copy that will be ordered, whether it will be a french or english edition!

And to make things even better anyone who will order the book during October will have a signed copy at the price of a non-signed copy, i.e 75€ instead of 100€ ( and additional worldwide shipping remain the same at 15€  ). Only a very few copies have been signed since this book was published 12 years ago, so for sure it'll make your copy even more "collector's".

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Don't know yet the Disneyland Paris book? Have a look at the video below or on the book website HERE.

Pictures: copyright Max Fan , DLPWelcome.

Atlantis Sanya Resort Will Be A Modern Re-Interpretation of the Myth of Atlantis

You may remember from a previous post that Sol Kertzner will bring the Atlantis Resort concept to China in a new $1.5B project. Now, we have some great concept-arts for this resort which is set to become a new landmark in China and will introduce the fun, interactive entertainment experiences at the heart of the Atlantis philosophy.

But this new Atlantis will have a very different look than the one we know in the Bahamas or in Dubai as the architectural design for this Atlantis Sanya destination re-interprets the myth of Atlantis on China's Hainan Island, along the Haitang Bay National Coast, overlooking the South China Sea.

Expected to open  in 2016, the 153 acres luxury resort will offer guests interactive, larger-than-life experiences including the Aquaventure Waterpark, lagoons, fresh and salt water pools, marine and educational exhibits, entertainment, spa treatments, world-class dining experiences and luxurious accommodations with 1300 rooms on 2.55 million sq. ft. ( not including the water park).

The new design for Atlantis Sanya has been inspired by the local culture as well as the Atlantis brand hallmarks of ocean and marine life. The curvilinear design of the two giant steel fins creates a beacon that appears to emerge from the horizon. The design team is collaborating with Fosun International Limited, the leading non-state owned enterprise in China, and Kerzner International Holdings Limited, renowned international developer and operator of destination resorts. It will be the first Atlantis resort in China.

Have a look at the great concept-arts of its design coming from the HOK website HERE.

Pictures: copyright HOK design