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SHAG Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Artwork event is tomorrow Sunday August 9th at Disneyland !

I repost this previous article about SHAG Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary artwork and collectibles as tomorrow Sunday 9th of August is the "D" day at Disneyland! From 10 am to 1pm this sunday, SHAG will be at Main Street Cinema to sign the items previouly purchased at the Disneyana Shop. If you don't live in L.A and are interested by some of the items below, i remind you that you very probably can order them through the Disneyland mail order service.

A bit more about this even from the official release: "Artist SHAG will be on hand for a special meet & greet and signing opportunity as we celebrate the release of his "Haunted Mansion" inspired artwork created in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland® park. Represented in the artwork are some of the attraction's most beloved scenes, including the Stretching Portraits, the Ballroom, the Seance Room, the Attic, Graveyard, among others. This unique collection is a must have for any SHAG and Haunted Mansion enthusiast."

And now the previous article with a best-of pictures of the items.

SHAG, the trendy artist famous for his Adventureland and Tiki Room inspired artwork did new artwork for the Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary celebration and i think as you will see below that he did a brilliant job.

Here is a series of SHAG paintings inspired by Haunted Mansion different scenes, and each of them will be available in prints, serigraphy or giclée printing. The original paintings will also be on sale with prices between $6000 to $16000. But don't worry, the 14" x 18" prints will cost only $35.

SHAG did also a Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion version of his "We're Dying To Meet You" painting.

The artwork will also be used for other items, some of them in limited editions like this Cookie Jar Urn at $55...

This Appetizer Tray at $35...

This Haunted Mansion Lantern at $45...

These Lunch Bags at $24...

This Aloha shirt at $75...

This Boxed Pin Set at $50...

And a 5" x 7" Postcard Set in Tin which will include all the different SHAG Haunted Mansion artwork will also be available at $18.

There are many more infos about this SHAG Haunted Mansion artwork, with details on edition sizes, prices, etc on the Disney Gallery web site. Have a look!

Also about this Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary, the Disney Summer Pin Festival 2009 - Haunted Mansion O'Pin House is ending August 9 and here is some nice artwork about it.

MORE Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary collectibles are coming soon, this time designed by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily and many others, and you can see most of them in this previous Disney and more article.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Disney Animation Update: Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel, and......"Prep and Landing"

Today, a special Disney Animation update, and we will begin with some pictures of the Disney Animation Panel at San Diego's Comicon on July 24.

Legendary director Hayao Miyazaki was there too - his last movie "Ponyo" will be released soon in the U.S - and here he is with John Lasseter who consider Miyazaki as his "master".

On the next picture: Director Ron Clements, Director John Musker, Director Hayao Miyazaki, John Lasseter, Director Kirk Wise and Director Lee Unkrich at the Disney Animation Panel.

On this last one John Musker, John Lasseter and Ron Clements at the San Diego Convention Center.

And talking about John Musker and Ron Clements, the two directors of Princess and the Frog, here is a great "pencil test" video that was shown during the Comicon.

Also, a series of - for some of them new - pictures from this awaited movie.

Let's talk now about another 2D animated feature, Rapunzel, as new pictures were released recently, and all this looks pretty interesting as you will see. Here they are.

A good surprise may also come from another new Walt Disney Animation project called "Prep and Landing" directed by Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers. Here is the pitch: "After working tirelessly on Prep and Landing for 227 years, an Elf named Wayne is upset when he doesn't receive an expected promotion to be the "director of naughty list intelligence".
Instead Magee the North Pole Christmas Eve command center coordinator partners Wayne with Lanny, an idealistic rookie who has an undying unthusiasm for Christmas. during their Christmas Eve mission, Wayne and Larry encounter unexpected challenges that push them to their limits.
Will the elves be able to guide Dasher, Dancer and the rest of the reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh through a raging snowstorm to ensure a Merry Christmas for all?"

Don't need to be a genius to guess that this new movie will be released more than probably on Christmas!

Here are some pictures of "Prep and Landing" and apparently this one seems to be done in 3D animation.

Okay, that's all for today, have all a great week-end!

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Spectacular " Walking with Dinosaurs " show now arriving in Europe

If you live in the UK and love dinosaurs - but who don't love dinosaurs? - then i have a real good news for you, as the spectacular "Walking with Dinosaurs show is now on Tour in Europe, beginning by United Kingdom.

After its tour in the U.S last year where it was applauded by more than 3 Million people, the show will play in many UK cities, and then in Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and France (Paris-Bercy 23-27 Dec 2009). All infos about the European tour HERE.

Here is a CNN video report filmed yesterday or so in England.

A little bit more now about how-do-they-do-it: This incredible "Walking with Dinosaurs, The live experience" 9 million $ show is inspired by the BBC documentary series, filmed in the video below at the Brisbane Entertainment centre. The creative team, with Sonny Tilders as Head of Creature Design, made 15 life-size animatronic/puppet dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus and the Flying Ornithoceirus 'the largest creature to ever take wing... with a maximum wing-span of 12 metres (40 feet) and up to 3 metres tall when standing on all fours'. The creatures came to life at the world premiere on 10 Jan 2007 at the Acer Arena in Sydney.

One of the producers, Malcolm C Cooke, has previously been involved with other puppetry productions including "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and the second production of "The Hobbit" in 2000.

This first video show you the workshop, the creation of these amazing dinosaurs...

And this second one shows some parts of the show itself filmed in Australia where the world tour began.

I bet you that when you will see it you will think: what the hell is Disney waiting for to create a show using this half-Audio-Animatronic half-pupetteer technique (Edited: See in the comments an answer from D&M readers to this question!)
Instead of the Animal Kingdom "Nemo, the musical" show - that should fit better in a fantasyland theatre - this is what they should do - and, hey, this Animal Kingdom theatre is only 100 yards from Dinoland!

The only thing that Disney will have to improve a bit from this "Dinosaurs live experience show" is the stage decor itself. But, good news, that's the easy part. Anyway, watch this, you're gonna love it!

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