Friday, October 12, 2018

VIDEO : Close Footage of Epcot Guardians of Galaxy Roller Coaster Construction Site

Thanks to D&M contributor in Orlando we have some new footage, a very close filming of Epcot Guardians of Galaxy coaster construction site as on Oct 9, 2018!

As you'll see in this short video the coaster track is not in place yet and the link between the Universe of Energy building and the random tunnel area leading to the new show-building is apparently not done yet.

On the previous Universe of Energy all solar panels on the roof have been removed.

First Teaser Trailer for Disney's Live Action "Aladdin"

The first teaser trailer for Disney's live action Aladdin has been released and show Aladdin entering the Cave of Wonders and reaching the Genie lamp. The movie will be released in the U.S on May 24, 2019.

“Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, the film is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.”

“Aladdin” stars Will Smith as the larger-than-life Genie; Mena Massoud as the charming scoundrel Aladdin; Naomi Scott as Jasmine, the beautiful, self-determined princess; Marwan Kenzari as Jafar, the powerful sorcerer; Navid Negahban as the Sultan concerned with his daughter’s future; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia, Princess Jasmine’s free-spirited best friend and confidante; Billy Magnussen as the handsome and arrogant suitor Prince Anders; and Numan Acar as Hakim, Jafar’s right-hand man and captain of the palace guards. The film is produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich with Marc Platt and Kevin De La Noy serving as executive producers. Alan Menken provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and two new songs written by Menken and songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.The film, which was shot on practical stages in London and on location amidst the stunning desert vistas of Jordan, has a talented creative team helping to bring Agrabah to life, including: director of photography Alan Stewart, production designer Gemma Jackson and costume designer Michael Wilkinson.

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Thursday, October 11, 2018

DLP Walt Disney Studios Expansion Plan Officially Released !

Walt Disney Studios Park Extension Project Plan - Horizon 2026

Remember when last July the master plan of DLP WDS expansion was leaked and posted on Disney Central Plaza forum by someone named Andrew Ryan? Well, actually it was not the real master plan but a pretty faithful copy of it. But this week the original master plan - the real one, this time - was released by EPA, a government organization as it is requested by law in this kind of project which require to be unveiled and submit to people living nearby in a public consultation.

EPA released a PDF from where are coming the pictures above and below and, although a big part of it is about French regulations process and won't interest most of you, there is some part of it talking about the description of the extensions which include some interesting infos. First, see on the above picture this blue line which cut the future WDS lake in half? Apparently it marks the limit of EuroDisney property. meaning that everything under it, and more specifically where will be built the Frozen and Star Wars land, the other half of the lake, some restaurants around the lake, etc... would be on a land that DLP don't own and so EuroDisney will need to buy it to EPA. Chances are of course that the operation will happen smoothly but we're in France and if some people object for whatever reasons about the sale of the land to EuroDisney there could be potentially some delay or eventually a cancellation. Apparently previous agreements indicate that chances that the sale won't happen are extremely low, so don't worry. See below in the translation how many hectares EuroDisney will buy to EPA and what is planned to be built on them.

Other interesting point revealed: on the 2 Billion euros expansion plan, 1.5 billion are allocated to WDS expansion, and on these 500 million euros will be used for the construction of new buildings, i.e show buildings, shops and restaurants and probably the lake, and the water reservoir near Frozen land. The other 1 billion ( of the 1.5 billion ) are for everything else, show design, sets, ride vehicles, shops and restaurants theming, etc. But what about the remaining 500 millions euros of the 2 billion, you ask? Well, either the 1.5 billion they're talking about don't include the Marvel land - but it would be surprising that the Frozen and Star Wars lands plus the lake and the reservoir would cost 1.5 billion, specially considering that they will be in smaller versions than the U.S or HKDL ones, OR it could mean that these 500 millions will be spent for new attractions in DLP first park which will be most welcome and by the way the PDF text is talking about "opening new attractions on the two existing parks, and possibly creating a third theme park", but this might be a reference to the original 1987 convention with the state. Don't dream too much of a third park, personally i'll believe it when i'll see it and these 500 millions will definitely NOT be used for a third theme park.

Below the english translation of the interesting part, with a additional plans.


Walt Disney Studios Park Extension Project Plan - Horizon 2026

On February 27, 2018, the Disney Group announced a development plan over several years of 2 billion euros for Disneyland Paris. This investment is partly used to transform the Walt Disney Studios park, whether it is to renovate the existing "Marvel" projects, or to expand the park to create a pleasure lake. and new attractions, shops and restaurants dedicated to the "Frozen" and "Star Wars" universe. out of these 2 billion, 1.5 billion is allocated to the extensions of the Walt Disney Studios park on a new location immediately adjacent to the park, property of epaFrance to be acquired by Euro Disney, and this in accordance with agreements previously concluded with public partners.

On these new sites, only 500 million euros will be allocated to the construction of new buildings. the 1 billion euros difference is allocated to the costs of designing and producing the attractions and all the elements that make up them, such as scenography, sets, shows, vehicles, rails, etc.

General Location Map of the Walt Disney Studios Park Extension Project in the scope of the 1987 Convention (1 March 2018)

Project scope

The Walt Disney Studios park extension project covers 31 hectares to be acquired from epaFrance, 12 hectares of which will be developed for the realization of the attractions: two new "lands" and a lake consisting of attractions, restaurants and shops that are under study and design that include:
- A pleasure water plan
- A new land "Frozen"
- A new land "Star Wars"
In addition, 8 hectares are dedicated to the staff (behind the scenes of the park), which include the service buildings of the attractions, company restaurants, the workshops of realization of the sets, costumes, scenography, the warehouses intended for the supply of the parks and office buildings and services for employees. Finally, 11 hectares are dedicated to the construction site and the roads. the park and its wings are served by an internal road network. In addition to the extension of the Walt Disney Studios Park, separated by a landscaped and acoustic merlon, the "Quartier des studios" is developing.
(within the Zac studios and congresses). This district is composed of a part dedicated to housing / offices / shops and another part of equipment / activities / offices. This second part will eventually be inserted between the Walt Disney Studios Park and the housing area. It will provide additional built-in protection.

Walt Disney Studios - Horizon 2026 Park Extension Project Plan in the Long-Term Urban Context


A project that fits into the development strategy of Euro Disney:
Globally, tourist flows should double by 2020. It seems essential that Paris and Île-de-France remain at the top of the list of family, heritage and cultural tourism destinations in the world.
To date, the two parks do not cover 100% of the area assigned to them. the projected extensions will still leave a quarter of the available space to develop. At present, the entire site hosts about 15 million visitors per year. At the end of the investment plan, an increase in these flows is expected. studies are underway to evaluate these flows.

Superposition of Walt Disney Studios Park extension perimeter and PLUi zoning 

A project planned to integrate with its environment:
The Walt Disney Studios park expansion project is part of the perimeter and programming agreed in 1987 with five main goals:
- doubling the capacity of the theme parks, by opening new attractions on the two existing parks, and possibly creating a third theme park;
- the tripling of the hotel's accommodation capacity, thanks to the possibility of creating 14,700 additional rooms north of the A4 motorway;
- the development of sustainable tourism, with the implementation of Nature Villages south of the a4 motorway and near the interchange 14;
- the continuation of the residential and economic development of Val d'Europe: welcoming new populations (Val d'Europe could count up to 60,000 inhabitants in 2030), economic diversi cation, promoting a sustainable city policy and balanced.
- the perpetuation of the dissociation of access flows to the Val d'Europe with two separate penetrating roads dedicated respectively:
- to the tourist flows (penetrating East) with a direct arrival to the parkings of the Disney parks,
- urban flows (penetrating west).

Pictures: copyright EuroDisney SCA

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

DLP Update: Disneyland Paris Celebrates Mickey's 90th Anniversary With Giant Birthday Cakes in Each Land of The Park !

Disneyland Paris started a birthday celebration to mark a milestone: the one of Mickey Mouse, iconic character who will celebrate his 90th Anniversary this November! In the line of sight, a series of celebrations, and giant birthday cakes are already in place in each land of the park, and each is themed in relation with the land where they are.

Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster has shot pictures of each of them or you, so let's have a closer look at these 90th Anniversary birthday cakes, would we?

Mickey's Birthday Cake near Main Street Station.

The map below indicates the location of the birthday cake near Main Street Station, on the bottom, and in Discoveryland, on the top ( the red points )

Mickey's Birthday Cake in Frontierland, near the Lucky Nugget Saloon..

The map below indicates the location of the birthday cake in Frontierland, bottom, and in Adventurealnd, top left ( red points ).

Mickey's Birthday Cake in Adventureland.

Mickey's Birthday Cake in Fantasyland, near Alice's Curious Labyrinth.

The map below indicates the location of the birthday cake in Fantasyland. ( red point )

Mickey's Birthday Cake in Discoveryland.

Max will be back soon for a new DLP update, but in the meantime for those who have missed the Summer special offer on the Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book this is a last chance to get one of the last copies of the book at a reasonable price, in fact at the best price ever, so don't miss it!

Note: The French edition is totally out of stock but if you're French, and wish to purchase the book in its English edition i will send you a PDF file of the full French text of the French edition. The other option for French readers is to pre-order the eBook edition, see HERE. Note that the eBook edition exist for now in French language only.

Here is all you need to know to order a copy of the "Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality" book with the special offer. First, it's a 320 pages book with 750 pictures of the park including 250 WDI artworks! It's also probably the best gift you can find for a Disney Parks fan - and it is true! Have a look below to the mosaic pictures showing a selection of pages of the book.

To place your order for the DLP book, please send me an email at: with your shipping address. The price during the special offer is 65€ ( instead of 85€ ) and shipping worldwide is 22€ ( except Belgium and Italy for which it is 29€ ).

For French readers, as the book is in English, a PDF file of the full French text of the French edition will be sent.

Lecteurs Français: Etant donné que l'édition française est épuisée, un fichier du texte complet original en Français sera envoyé aux acheteurs Français ne comprenant pas l'anglais. Ou commandez la version eBook en Français ICI.

Also, each order will receive GREAT surprise gifts that everyone love!

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If you've never seen the book before, don't miss the video below showing the full 320 pages of the book!

Pictures: copyright DLP Welcome, Disney

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

BREAKING : Disneyland Paris Unveil All 2019 Program for Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios !

Disneyland Paris did a Press Conference this morning in Paris to announce the full 2019 program for both parks, here is the translation of the full press release. You can read it in French on D&M Facebook HERE.


    For the first time, Disneyland® Paris is back with the press and presents its novelties, events and surprises that begin this month and will punctuate the year until September 2019. Come share these news!


  With family, friends or couples, the opportunities to live unique experiences at Disneyland® Paris are not lacking. From new festive seasons to exclusive parties to new signature events, no matter what time of year, there are always magical moments to celebrate as only Disneyland® Paris can imagine.


  October 1st marked both the launch of the Halloween season and the beginning of a birthday celebration to mark a milestone: that of Mickey Mouse, iconic character and world famous adored this year celebrates 90 years of enthusiasm !
In the line of sight, a series of celebrations, which will culminate November 17 and 18 for the launch of the Christmas season and will continue until January 6, 2019.

  Since October 1st, a Halloween monstrously crazy until November 4th, 2018
Celebrations around Mickey start with Mickey's Illusion Manor a brand new illusion-themed float that gives Mickey a special place in the heart of Halloween's cavalcade.

  Disneyland® Paris also presents a unique attraction in Europe: Mickey and his PhilharMagic Orchestra at Discoveryland Theater, a new 4D experience orchestrated by Mickey and Donald that immerses visitors in the heart of some of Disney's greatest classics.

  Halloween is also THE season of predilection of the most famous villains Disney! The opportunity to discover colorful shows such as C'est Bon d'être Vilain with Les Méchants Disney! at the Castle Theater and meet the Disney villains!

  An Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland® Paris - from November 10, 2018 to January 6, 2019
Christmas begins early at Disneyland® Paris and will be celebrated every day from November 10, 2018, until January 6, 2019, in both parks, with Mickey at the heart of the celebrations.

  Christmas at Disneyland Park
At Disneyland Park, the Christmas atmosphere will be at Town Square with its majestic fir tree and the snow that will fall every day on Main Street, U.S.A.

  An exceptional program for an unforgettable Christmas season that will include:
- The Disney Christmas Parade!
- Meet Mickey Mouse until December 25, when Santa Claus will have his own lodge.
- The illumination of the Christmas tree with Mickey and the Magic of the Christmas Lights will unveil this year new decorations and a new musical moment dedicated to Mickey.
- A Christmas FantaStitch on the stage of the Castle Theater from November 16th.
- Mickey and his Philharmonic Orchestra.
- Let's sing Christmas! at Vidéopolis - Discoveryland, a tribute to the Disney Performing Arts program.
- The Advent Calendar: from 1st to 24th of December

  Christmas at Walt Disney Studios Park Walt Disney Studios Park gets the magic of Christmas for the second consecutive year with an ever richer program that combines visitor interaction and cutting-edge technology!

In the program : - New York Jazz and Mickey on drums with Mickey and the Big Band Christmas - New show: Surprise for Mickey! - The night show The Incredible Christmas of Dingo - And always meetings with the characters dressed in their best costumes to celebrate the end of the year celebrations.


  The year 2019 will be punctuated by four major seasons from January to September 2019. It will begin with two simultaneous seasons, offering everyone an opportunity to experience even more magic!

  Legends of the Force - A Celebration Star Wars ™ from January 12 to March 24, 2019 to discover in the two parks of Disneyland® Paris and a new meeting this year: a face-to-face with Chewbacca!
Disneyland® Paris is the perfect place to experience the Star Wars experience.
Legends of the Force - A Celebration Star Wars ™ will be the opportunity to dive into the heart of the Star Wars universe, in the footsteps of his iconic characters such as Chewbacca, R2D2 and C-3PO but also to measure the dark side of the Force, embodied by Darth Vader and Kylo Ren.

The Walt Disney Studios Park will offer an extraordinary sound and light show with projections, special effects and characters from the Star Wars saga. The days will also be punctuated by the procession of Stormtroopers of the First Order, led by the disturbing Captain Phasma.

  Disneyland Park will immerse visitors in the heart of the Star Wars galactic battles with Star Tours attractions: Continuous Adventure and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.

  The Pirates & Princesses Festival from 19 January to 17 March 2019
Following the enthusiasm of our visitors in 2018, the Pirates and Princesses will be back to challenge each other and imagine together catchy choreographies to which young and old are invited to participate every day during the season.

  The Marvel Super Hero Season from April 1st to June 30th, 2019
The Marvel Super Heroes are back at Walt Disney Studios® Park with two new super heroes to help save the galaxy. The first announced is Groot!
The most epic stories of the Marvel universe make sense at Disneyland® Paris with thrilling shows and experiences featuring Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and other superheroes!

  An unprecedented season: the Lion King and Jungle Festival from July to September 2019 Disneyland® Paris will thrill its visitors with a wild festival totally new. The Lion King and Jungle Festival is an invitation to a festive, colorful and exotic trip, where lush nature and immersive experience will be waiting for you! Baloo, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa and their friends are waiting to paw the visitors to vibrate to the rhythm of the tom-toms! Incredible experiences and meetings to discover next summer, on the theme of travel and sharing!


  Alongside the seasons, it's a galaxy of occasional events to live with family or friends, which also punctuate the year. You can trust Magic and Disney Characters to make these special events unlike any other. In addition to the returns of the already popular Disneyland® Paris Magic Run Weekend, Electroland, Disney Loves Jazz, the destination will offer an inclusive event to celebrate diversity where dreams come true: Magical Pride.


  Beyond the Disney Parks, visitors can also extend the magic and experience a unique stay in one of our Disney Hotels & Resorts.

  The six Disney Hotels offer a unique sesame to wake up to the magic just minutes from Disney® Parks on foot or by shuttle. And for total immersion, it's also:

  - Meetings with Disney Characters - Exclusive and immersive Disney thematic universes, with a unique identity for each hotel - swimming pools, gyms, spa, kids' corner and much more!

  Our visitors can also opt for an immersion in the heart of nature by staying in one of our Disney Nature Resorts: Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch and Villages Nature Paris, two establishments that combine the quality of Disney service and the change of scenery via residences. wilderness.

  Staying in one of the Disney Hotels & Resorts of Disneyland® Paris offers the opportunity to benefit from the Magic Moments Plus and thus enter the parks a few hours before their official opening.


  Catering is an integral part of the overall experience offered to Disneyland® Paris visitors. More than fifty themed restaurants with original sets offer varied menus inspired by the Disney heritage. A whole new product offering has been rolled out for an even more immersive experience that renews itself through the seasons.

  The Rendez-Vous Gourmand festival has made it possible to travel the taste buds of our visitors to discover the culinary specialties of the regions of France and Europe. And for the first time, a complete vegan offer has been put in place.

  For the second time this year, during the Halloween season and in line with the Summer of the Marvel Super Heroes, Disneyland® Paris now offers a taste experience directly related to the theme of the season, for a multi-sensory immersion that is second to none.

  Thus, in October and November, our visitors will be able to find pastries, hotdogs, cookies and other drinks inspired by Halloween and the Villains Disney, in total about twenty gourmet products! To be enjoyed immediately at Disney Parks and Hotels.


  In addition to being an undisputed reference in entertainment, Disneyland® Paris is a shopping destination in its own right. With its sixty-three stores located in the Disneyland Parks and Walt Disney Studios, Disney Village and all Disney Hotels, everyone will be sure to find happiness.

  From the iconic Mickey's ears headband to the souvenir pen, not forgetting the trendy t-shirt with a touch of magic and more, everything is made to have the perfect outfit during and after your visit to Disneyland® Paris!

  Our range of souvenirs and lifestyle products available in our stores extend the Disneyland® Paris experience at home. And for even more shopping and fun, Disneyland® Paris products are available on, the digital shopping showcase of the Disney universe.

Text and Pictures: copyright Disney