Saturday, January 28, 2017

Shanghai Disneyland Celebrates the Year of the Rooster with Traditional Chinese Ceremony

Shanghai Disney Resort today celebrated the first day of the Year of the Rooster with two traditional Chinese lions bringing fortune and prosperity to guests in front of the Storyteller Statue. Joined by Mickey and Minnie, and Goofy dressed as the traditional God of Fortune, Philippe Gas, general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort - and former Disneyland Paris President - dotted the eyes of the lions, awakening them to spread good cheer and luck to resort guests and cast members.

“We are very delighted to join our guests to celebrate a promising start to the Chinese New Year,” Philippe said. “Shanghai Disney Resort has created a special line-up of festive activities for our first Chinese New Year celebration, ensuring guests from across China and around the world enjoy a unique experience at the resort. We wish everyone a prosperous and healthy Year of the Rooster.”

Shanghai Disney Resort has provided a series of additional New Year activities, including Dragon Dance performances in the Gardens of Imagination every day during the celebration period. Mickey leads the dragon with a “pearl” and welcomes the guests to join him and his pals in the dance. The longer the dragon, the more luck it brings to the guests.

Guests gather along the longest parade route in a Disney park to enjoy Mickey’s Storybook Express, an exciting parade with its own musical soundtrack and colorful performers.

In the Chinese zodiac-inspired Garden of the Twelve Friends, the Year of the Rooster is represented by an Allan-A-Dale mosaic, which is beautifully adorned in sleek, new red couplets for another fun photo opportunity.

Classic Disney characters are dressed in brand-new, beautiful Chinese traditional attire on Mickey Avenue, sharing hugs and taking photos with guests.

The gleaming new Golden Rooster icon in the Gardens of Imagination has been designed to welcome guests and conjure happy and prosperous thoughts.

During the Chinese New Year celebration, every night after the Nighttime Spectacular show, guests will enjoy a special wishes projection event, where they will be able to send their best New Year wishes in the most special of ways. To the tune of a charming symphony composition by famous Chinese musician Tan Dun, a series of inspirational wishes and quotes are projected onto Mickey-shaped lanterns on the towering Enchanted Storybook Castle.

The special Chinese New Year celebration runs until February 12, 2017, amidst a spectacular series of entertainment programs, festive decorations, seasonal food and beverage offerings, lucky bags and holiday-themed shopping experiences.

Resort management also reminds guests that during the Chinese New Year high-visitation period, guests are highly recommended to check the resort’s official website or mobile app before traveling to the resort for the most up-to-date information on theme park ticket availability. To preserve the guest experience, ticket sales may be limited or suspended on high attendance days. Other experiences inside the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, including Disneytown, will be open for guests to enjoy throughout the holiday period.

Important note from Shanghaî Disneyland:  entered the Chinese New Year visitation period. In order to preserve the guest experience at Shanghai Disneyland during the holiday period, guests interested in visiting Shanghai Disneyland on January 29 & 30 must purchase a ticket before coming to the park. Tickets will not be sold on site on these dates. As January 31 & February 1 are also forecast to be high attendance days, we highly recommend guests purchase tickets in advance for these dates, as we reserve the right to suspend ticket sales at the resort on these dates should demand require. Please check our official website and/or app for the most up-to-date information on park ticket availability. Other experiences inside the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, including Disneytown, will be open for guests to enjoy throughout the holiday period.

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"Everything I Need to Know I learned in The Twilight Zone" by Mark Dawidziak Compile All the Teachings About Life From the Original Twilight Zone TV Series

What a great idea. Anyone who watched the 1960's Twilight Zone original series know not only how great these TV series were - and what a genius Rod Serling was - but also that each episode include implicitly a teaching about life. Now, author Mark Dawidziak had the genius idea to write a book titled "Everything I Need to Know I learned in The Twilight Zone: A Fifth-Dimension Guide to Life". It's a book that uses lessons learned about life in the Twilight Zone universe to help you live a better life:

Can you live your life by what The Twilight Zone has to teach you? Yes, and maybe you should. The proof is in this lighthearted collection of life lessons, ground rules, inspirational thoughts, and stirring reminders found in Rod Serling’s timeless fantasy series. Written by veteran TV critic, Mark Dawidziak, this unauthorized tribute is a celebration of the classic anthology show, but also, on another level, a kind of fifth-dimension self-help book, with each lesson supported by the morality tales told by Serling and his writers. 

The notion that “it’s never too late to reinvent yourself” soars through “The Last Flight,’’ in which a World War I flier who goes forward in time and gets the chance to trade cowardice for heroism. A visit from an angel blares out the wisdom of “follow your passion” in “A Passage for Trumpet.” The meaning of “divided we fall” is driven home with dramatic results when neighbors suspect neighbors of being invading aliens in “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” The old maxim about never judging a book by its cover is given a tasty twist when an alien tome is translated in “To Serve Man.” 

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon HERE, and Apple iBook store and exist both in printed hardcover version for $26.99 or iBook or Kindle 352 pages versions for $13.95. Apple iBook version HERE is at $12.99 even a bit cheaper than the Kindle one. The book will be released on February 28 and i think that for $12.99 it's the good deal of the month!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

This Star Wars Ride Designed for Planet Coaster Should Be Build at Disneyland Right Now !

Here is a Star Wars ride designed by Guitar Covers Inc for Planet Coaster that should be build in Disney theme parks, and i mean right now! It really put Hyper Spacemountain to shame and i'm pretty sure you will agree with me after seeing the video below!

From The Verge article about it: "This fan-made Planet Coaster creation puts Hyperspace Mountain to shame. Released by Frontier Developments last year, Planet Coaster is an amusement park simulator in which players create their own roller coasters, a sort of spiritual successor to the RollerCoaster Tycoon games. One user channel, Guitar Covers Inc., has been playing the game for a while, and just released a video of a coaster that re-creates the attack against the Death Star from Star Wars: A New Hope.

When you think of it, a roller-coaster ride of a starship dogfight is pretty fantastic. The ride currently running at Disneyland has riders also fly through a dogfight, passing by video of X-Wing and TIE fighters. This video does one better, by having your riders fly past physical props of the fighters, right into the Death Star, through explosions and a debris field."

Video: copyright Guitar Covers Inc

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Disneyland Paris Update: DLP 25th Anniversary Latest News !

Hello everyone, here is the latest news from the 25th anniversary coming to Disneyland Paris which starts on March 26, 2017. As usual thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. Also, make sure to dont' miss the end of the article as i have a news for those of you who are looking for the Disneyland Paris book but can't put the 100€ for the final French collector's edition copies.

Back to DLP 25th Anniversary and the news of the day is the release on social networks by Disneyland Paris of Concept-Arts of the Frozen float for the new parade « Disney Stars On Parade ». The float puts in scene the heroes of the film in structures imitating wood, but also the gears of the machinery, reminding the steampunk style of the Parade.

The « Disney Stars on Parade » has also many other floats already known in Disney parks which arrive for Disneyland Paris. Indeed, we'll find a unit of the evil Dragon from the « Festival of Fantasy Parade », just as the Lion King / Jungle Book float as well as Peter Pan from the old parade « Jubilation! ». Of course, theming adjustments have been made for the new parade.

Thus, the new parade will have 8 units:
1. Discover the Magic (La Fée Clochette, Mickey et ses amis /Tinker Bell, Mickey and his friends)
2. Discover Friendship (Toy Story)
3. Discover Adventure (Simba, Nala, Baloo et Mowgli)
4. Discover Imagination (Capitaine Crochet et Peter Pan /Captain Hook and Peter Pan )
5. Discover A New World (Le monde de Némo et de Dory /Nemo and Dory)
6. Discover Enchantment (Prince Philippe, les 3 fées et le Dragon de Maléfique /Prince Philippe, the 3 fairies and the evil Dragon)
7. Discover Romance (Princes et Princesses Disney /Disney Princes and Princesses)
8. Discover Wonder (La Reine des Neiges /Frozen)

In other news, we can discover the future decoration of DLP 25th anniversary, partly based on the one for the 60 years of Disneyland Resort in California in its color code. Main Street Station will be decorated with, in its centre, a « magical medallion » (a screen), which shows a « 25 », or the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Discover the news Web video series of Disneyland Paris, My Sparkling 25!

At the Disneyland Park, the Castle Stage is undergoing many works to welcome TWO new shows for the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris !

Today, Disneyland Paris unveiled the new 25th Anniversary costumes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Max will be back soon with a new DLP update but in the meantime the Disneyland Paris book "From Sketch to Reality" is still available in English regular edition. For the FRENCH Collector's edition only 50 copies are still available, and when this collector's edition will be out of stock, it will NOT be reprinted as it was a limited edition.

FRENCH readers who want the collector's edition with a 45% discount and are ready to accept a not totally perfect copy, make sure to read below after the Paypal buttons!

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Below, the video showing each of the 320 pages of the book!

Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality is truly a gorgeous book that late WDI Imagineer described as "the best book ever done on a Disney theme park in the last 50 years". It's an awesome gift for any Disney parks fan, so don't miss it while it is still available, and it won't last long!

Below, Paypal buttons for the English or French edition, make sure to choose the right one! The 19€ for worldwide shipping are included in the total amount before the Paypal payment.

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Now a note in French for D&M French readers:
Je met en vente une vingtaine d’exemplaires au prix de 55€ qui sont tous en excellent état intérieurement mais qui présentent un défaut, généralement sur un coin de la couverture, du à un choc durant le transport depuis l’imprimeur. En deux mots, c’est des exemplaires qui sont en excellent état intérieurement et sont mème toujours sous film, mais la couverture est légèrement abimée - ou “compressée” - à un endroit. Il est mème probable qu’après avoir défilmé le livre en poussant en sens inverse sur le coin compressé il soit possible dans certains cas de le remettre en place. Néanmoins comme ces exemplaires ne sont pas 100% parfaits on fait 45% de réduction dessus, afin de permettre également aux personnes qui ne peuvent pas mettre 100€ de pouvoir acquérir le livre quand mème, à condition de ne pas chercher un livre 100% parfait. Mais les exemplaires du livre, encore une fois, ne sont pas abimés dans les page sintéieures, donc disons que c'est des exemplaires à 98% en bon état ( et pas "d'occasion" car ils n'ont jamais été lus et pour certains mème pas défilés ). Voir photos ci-dessous montrant le type de dommage sur la couverture du livre ou la jaquette située au-dessus ( le numéro sur la photo est juste là pour identifier chaque exemplaire ).

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