Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's official, Captain Eo is coming back at Disneyland next February !

One month ago i announced to you that Captain EO was coming back for sure at Disneyland and today it's official, EO will be back at DL next February - just one month later than what i previously told you. Apparently the huge success of the excellent "This is it" documentary - 220 Milion $ worldwide in the first two weeks had some effects on the WDC. Hope that they will put it back too at Epcot and that DLP executives will also have the intelligence to put back Captain EO at Paris Magic Kingdom as "Honey I Schrunk the Audience", just like everywhere, is not popular any more.

The good news about this come back of Captain Eo is that 3D effects should be enhanced and Imagineers will probably use the "moving floor" effect from "Honey, I Schrunk the Audience" during some scenes of Captain Eo - like when his ship crashes on the planet, for instance.

Watch for Al Lutz next update on Miceage - may be later today - as i won't be surprised if Al, who was the first to reveal the comeback of Captain Eo, had more details about it. Al in one of his previous update also revealed that Disney intend to keep Captain Eo at DL during four months after what the show should be replaced by "Monsters Inc Laugh Floor" - that's the bad news part of the story - a news which has infuriated Disneyland fans as nobody seems to be a big fan of that show that opened this year at WDW Magic Kingdom. And of course it will also mean the end of 3D movies at DL Tomorrowland Theatre...

In the meantime you can watch without the 3D effects the full Captain Eo movie on these Youtube videos below.

Picture and video: copyright Disney-Lucas Film

Friday, December 18, 2009

Editor's Note: As you probably know already Roy Disney died two days ago. I really liked Roy, not only because he saved twice the company, but also because i always had the feeling he was "more intelligent than corporate". I wish i could do a tribute to him right now but i am away from my home and can't have access to my own photo library. I will do one when i'll be back on January but in the meantime i strongly recommand to you this 6 parts 2007 interview of Roy released on the Archive of American Television web site.