Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Lone Ranger Filming " Almost a Wrap "

It's Jerry Bruckheimer himself who announces it on his blog: The Lone Ranger filming is "almost a wrap", which means that they've almost finished the shooting and that the movie will enter soon in post-production.

However there is another great news as some of The Lone Ranger scenes were filmed recently at the legendary Monument Valley, in Utah. Monument Valley became famous thanks to John Ford who found in love with its gorgeous scenery and filmed there many of his most famous western movies. It's difficult to think about another place more emblematic of westerns than Monument Valley. At the instant you see Monument Valley in a movie it makes you think to cowboys and indians chasing one each other. I love Monument Valley and thinking that scenes of the Lone Ranger were filmed there is one more good reason for me to see the movie when it will be released next year!

Anyone else here loving Monument Valley?

Pictures: copyright Jerry Bruckheimer

What If Pixar Made The Expendables 2?

Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables 2 was released 10 days ago and is doing pretty well at the box office, but the guys a IGN asked the question " What if Pixar made The Expendables 2 " and did a fake trailer using Pixar Toy Story scenes with sound and voices coming from The Expendables 2! Have a look!

Picture and video: copyright Pixar, editing by IGN

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Imagineering Video Reveal Amazing Lumière and Wardrobe Audio-Animatronics at New Fantasyland Beast Castle

You may have seen this new Imagineering video on the Disney Parks blog yesterday, but if you didn't you must not miss it! The video begin where the previous one with the magic mirror that you've seen last week ended, and WDI Imagineers really outdone themselves with the two Audio-Animatronics of Lumière and Wardrobe which are literally amazing! . The AA of Wardrobe is already great but the one of Lumière is simply incredible.

Why? look at how his arms are moving, his face talking, etc... The difficulty here, because of Lumière thin body and arms was that Imagineers didn't had a lot of space available for the animatronic elements. The one of Ursula in the Little Mermaid ride was not easy but at least they had some room in Ursula's big body, which is not the case here. Big congrats to anyone at WDI who created these wonders, a real technical tour de force!

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Monday, August 27, 2012

What a DLP Buyout by the WDC Could Mean for DLP Future

The news of a possible buyout of Disneyland Paris by the Walt Disney Company revealed last week by TIME had instantly a tremendous effect both on Disney theme park fans and at Paris stock exchange where the EDL stock went up 12% in one day. Why the WDC will do this buyout and what DLP fans can expect out of it, that's what we're going to talk about today, and all this with new great aerial pictures of DLP shot recently by Junior, DLP fan and plane pilot. Note that these pictures showing DLP from above are here only to illustrate this article and have no relation with the DLP future projects that i will talk about below, although some of the pics bring precious informations on the land available for future rides.

First, you must note that although this news of a DLP buyout hadn't been confirmed by the WDC ( no surprise ) it was revealed by TIME magazine which is a media almost as reliable as the New York Times can be. What i mean is that TIME don't usually disclose this kind of important infos without having check and double check before with their sources, and for this reason we can take this info for something more than a simple rumor, even unconfirmed officially. That said, they're certainly not happy by now at the WDC as the rise of the stock price is precisely what they probably wanted to avoid. It's understandable, after all, if you have the intention to buy large quantities of stocks you prefer to buy them at low price, and now chances are that the WDC will wait a bit before doing this buyout or they even might deny all the buyout operation in the hope that the stock price will go down.

We'll see... but what's interesting is also WHY they want to do this buyout. Well, you see, right now the WDC only have 40% of EDL shares. In addition to this the park is also paying royalties to the WDC. For many years the park didn't had enough money to pay the royalties and also had to borrow money to the WDC to face DLP financial difficulties. After 20 years of up and down and a financial situation always critical even if the results were recently positive, someone at the WDC probably finally realized that the way the DLP financial structure was set-up in the 1990's was not working anymore. And also that it didn't had any sense to get royalties from DLP on one hand if you have to give back to DLP more money on the other hand. It's probably at that point that someone came in and said "Hey, why don't we do a buyout so we will own the park just like we do in the U.S and we'll be able to resolve for once and for all DLP problem by doing what we did at DCA?". Okay, they probably didn't say it exactly like this but i'm ready to bet that the tremendous success of the new California Adventure helped the WDC executives to finally understood that "if you build it, they will come" - the famous quote coming from Kevin Costner 1989 movie "Field of Dreams".

That's right: if you build it, and if you build it RIGHT, they will come, and there is NO other way to resolve DLP - and specially WDS - problems than a massive "Marshall Plan" with new rides and lands as soon as possible. I think they've understood this at the WDC and i think they've decided that if they have to do it, to spent a lot of money, then "let's become the owner".

Now, let's have a look to what the WDC might decide to build at DLP and the WDS in the future IF they do this buyout, and why. All what is below is pure speculation - although based on reluable sources and infos - as they might have different plans that we don't know - and they certainly have some - but, "as there is always a logic in life" some of the choices below are probably right.

For Disneyland Paris Magic Kingdom:

Star Tours 2 - Star Wars Land: This one should be added quite quickly. Why? Because DLP is the last park who have not done the Star Tours 2 upgrade and because the back of DLP Discoveryland needs it now that Honey.. and Captain EO are gone. A Star Wars land, even a small one will surely be a winner at a reasonable cost. And there is no way that the WDC will leave Star Tours in its first version for ten more years.

Pirates of Caribbean with Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics: Jack Sparrow AAs also should arrive quickly. Why? If the WDC wants to add quickly some little things new at DLP Magic Kingdom without spending too much while they spend the biggest part of the money on the WDS this kind of little upgrades in DLP classic rides can be the best way to do it. Also, if they have to add the Jack Sparrow AAs they must do it soon, while the POTC movies are still in the collective subconscious, specially if there is no new POTC movies released in the future.

Phantom Manor Upgrade: Why? Exactly for the same reasons listed above for the POTC upgrade. It will not cost a lot, and it can bring something new at one of DLP most beloved attraction. Though, in both cases these additions will be difficult to use for DLP marketing dept as it won't be new rides, and this might be the main reason why it might be cancelled - as a matter of fact it is the reason why these upgrades haven't been done yet ( apart the no-money-available reason ).

Little Mermaid: Will Fantasyland long awaited dark ride finally come to DLP? May be, may be not. The good point is that two versions of the ride will have previously been built and the R&D costs probably pay off. Another good point for Little Mermaid: it's a ride for everyone but also and specially for young girls, which don't happen that often. I will put a 50-50 chances on this one.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Thanks God, WDI Imagineers kept the land at DLP Adventureland to build it and DLP fans are awaiting the ride since 15 years. I've said it and i say it again, bringing IJA at DLP Adventureland would be the best choice that DLP can make, and probably the only attraction for DLP MK which will have the same tremendous success that Space Mountain had when it opened in 1995. Yes, but DLP most urgent problem to resolve is not DLP Magic Kingdom but the Walt Disney Studios and this is where most of the money - and new rides - will go. So, let's put a 50-50 on this one too.

For the Walt Disney Studios:

Ratatouille Kitchen Calamity: Whatever this buyout or not happen this is the only ride guaranteed at 100% for the WDS. As we know it will open in 2014 and as you can see on the aerial picture below the works have began and the ride building structure appeared recently. You'll note also how near from the back of Frontierland the Ratatouille ride will be. Of course, a Ratatouille restaurant is include in this new mini land.

Toy Story Mania: Almost officially announced recently by DLP CEO Philippe Gas in an interview when he said that a new interactive ride based on Toy Story is in the plans for the future. I'm not personally a big fan of TSM but as they will not build it for me but for the hundred of thousand of kids who love it wherever it is built, we might not escape to have Toy Story Mania at the WDS. As you can see also on the picture below they have the land available in front of Toy Story Playland. Chances are high on this one.

Avatar Attraction: Yes, all the insider news that i have are saying that an Avatar ride is envisioned for the WDS! This one is a big news that you didn't hear before and there is a lot of good reasons why it will be build. First, three Avatar sequels are coming in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Avatar was the most successful movie of all time and considering that James Cameron will of course direct the three new movies you don't need to be a genius to know that the sequels will be successful. An Avatar attraction will be the best thing that can happen for the marketing dept and, hopefully, for DLP fans. The other reason is something you don't know, as Bob Iger apparently asked the Imagineering to develop Avatar rides ( for other parks than Animal Kingdom ) "and sooner will be better than later". Why? Because Iger paid a lot of money the Avatar license and he wants a return on its investment as soon as possible. Sure, they could keep an Avatar land for DLP third theme park but this one will not open before 2023 and obviously the best would be to build an Avatar attraction at the WDS while the movie is still in the collective subconscious and not forgotten. Let's add that Avatar is before everything a movie, so an Avatar ride would fit well in a park ( supposedly ) dedicated to movies. For all these reasons, and except if the WDC is changing its plans and decide to keep it for the third park, i think we can bet a lot on this one.

Avengers ride - Marvel land: One year ago DLP CEO Philippe Gas announced clearly in another interview that Marvel super-heroes will come to DLPR the third park. Since this statement a rumor keep saying that a Marvel land is in the plans for the WDS, and indeed they could build a Marvel land in the back of the WDS where they have plenty of land available as you can see on the second picture above. Will they do it? Probably. The next Avengers movie won't be released before 2015 which leave plenty of time to WDI to develop a great E-Ticket ride and also a Marvel land could be extremely successful for the WDS. Again, we must not forget that the biggest problem to be resolved at DLP are the WDS. They must fix this park for once and for all and there is no other way to do it than to put as much money as they did for DCA. Still, they could keep the idea of a Marvel land for the third park but, again, it won't open before 2023 in eleven years from now, almost an eternity in terms of hype. So, if the WDC wants to surf on the Marvel hype the best is to do it now. "Now", here, means in the next five years so don't expect a Marvel ride at the WDS before 2016 if not a bit later. But you can place your bets on this one too. Not to mention that a strong Avatar E-Ticket AND a big Avengers E-Ticket or a Marvel land, in addition to the upcoming Ratatouille and TSM rides might be exactly what the WDS needs to be at last a real full day theme park, the one we are wishing since the start.

Soarin' Over the World: We talked about it recently in a D&M article and the room to build Soarin' at the WDS is still available, between Cinémagique and Stitch Live. Will they build it? I'll put a 50-50 on this one. Not that i don't want it, i love Soarin' and i think they should build it, but they might use the room for something an Avatar ride, for instance. Note that all this area and up to the Rock and Roller coaster should also have a big placemaking, and here too, sooner will be better than later.

Walt Disney Studios Hotel: Another project that DLP have in its plans - and since quite a while - is to build a big hotel which will face the back of the WDS. And i'm not talking here about the other hotel project which would be located in front of the Newport Bay hote, on the other side of the big avenue. This WDS Hotel project is a different one and you probably never heard about it before. The project was a bit forgotten but if Disney invest a lot of money in this buyout they might be tempted to build new hotels like this one to bring more cash in in another way than only rising the price of the parks entrance tickets - because you can be sure that the parks entrance prices will rise quickly if the WDC becomes the owner and invest a lot of money to fix DLP problems. Hey, that's the price we have to pay to get great new rides, right?

Finally, I don't mention here others projects like the Villages Nature which are already on the way for a 2016 opening and Disney Village shops changes that will happen anyway! Let's wish to DLP a great big beautiful tomorrow!

Aerial pictures: copyright Junior of DCP Forum, whom i thanks a lot!

Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street U.S.A New Shop "Victorian Collections"

Hong Kong Disneyland opened a brand new shop in Main Street U.S.A and it is called "Victorian Collections". The shop is located on the east side of Main Street and was built between two existing shops. One of the existing shop next to it, the Curiosity Shop, is owned by someone named "Victoria", and chances are that in WDI storyline this new "Victorian Collection" shop is an extention of the other shop owned by Victoria.

The reason why they've built this shop is of course to link the two previously existing shops. From what i've been told HKDL wants to manage more easily the merchandise business on Main Street, because the Emporium and Curiosity Shop are separated, and some of the merchandisings are overlapping to each other. Victorian Collections is making the link and now two shops are becoming one. It's interesting to know that in HKDL Main Street backstory the street is divided into two sides, the left one is "the American residents" and the right one is "the new immigrants". That is the reason why HKDL still have the Indian Native Statue on Main Street in tribute to the harmony of Americans in 1900's.

Apparently, Victorian Collections doesn't have yet many exclusive goods but this should change anytime soon and this new shop is not temporary and is here to stay. That said, i'll have to see it by myself to be sure that its exterior style fits well with the others Main Street shops and, to say the truth, so far i'm not totally convinced. But the interior theming looks good, so let's have a look at it with "day and night" pictures.

Among the items you can see in the shop are old newspapers and magazines all with Main Street official date: 4th Aug, 1898. Very unfortunately you can't buy them, they're here only as part of the shop theming.

See you soon for more news of HKDL, and in the meantime, don't miss the great HKDL Wallpapers HD App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!
Direct iTunes link HERE!

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TDL Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House" Artwork

You've seen yesterday some pictures and videos of the new Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House" that opened last friday at TDL Toon Town. The exterior design of the house looks perfect for a Goofy house and the house itself was already there - they just changed the interior for the new interactive attraction. But when i saw it i knew it reminded me something... Sure, the same Goofy house was previously built at Disneyland Anaheim Toon Town but, going back to one of my previous article in tribute to former WDI Imagineer Hani El Masri that i've posted four years ago i found back Hani's original concept that WDI used for this Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House".

You can see at the top Hani's original artwork and below two others pictures provided by Hani which look like pictures of a model but they are in fact are showing a collectible item of the Goofy's house that was released at Disneyland when Toon Town opened.

But, according to Hani, the TDL Goofy's house version is closer to his original concept. Apparently, at TDL they got it right with the house tower that you can see behind the front on the top picture of yesterday's article. Hani also did for Toon Town the concept that you can see below for Minnie's House which was also built both at DL and TDL.

Hani El Masri artwork: copyright Disney