Saturday, April 9, 2016

Celebrate Disneyland Paris 24th Anniversary With the Best Special Offer Ever on the Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality Book !

Disneyland Paris celebrates its 24th Anniversary on April 12 and to celebrate it from April 10 to April 30 the "Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality" book in its english regular and updated edition OR in its french collector edition has an awesome special offer at the special price of 60 € (+ 15 € shipping worldwide) for the english updated edition or the french collector edition, and the 15 first orders whether for a french or english edition will get a SIGNED copy for the same price! The signed copies are sold normally 90€ plus 15€ shipping, so this 60€ offer for a brand new sign copy is really the best deal ever for this fantastic book, and a great way to celebrate DLP 24th Anniversary!

Special note to buyers with a shipping address in ITALY or BELGIUM : For shipments to Belgium or Italy, the shipping cost is 25 €.

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Those of you who have never seen the book will find below a video presentation of the full book which will show you each of the 320 pages of the book AND you can see more pictures on the book website HERE.

Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality Book

Although you've probably heard about this beautiful book, many of you may have never seen a copy of it. So we've done a video presentation of the full book which will show you each of the 320 pages of the book! The book includes 750 pictures of the park, including 250 gorgeous renderings of Walt Disney Imagineering and stunning pictures of the park seen from above. The book is so big that it took us seven and a half minutes to show you the full book, and that's without stopping turning each pages! So, if you want to have a closer look at a page don't hesitate to stop the video!

Video: copyright Alain Littaye 2012

Friday, April 8, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Week-End Update : At Last, The Perfect Aerial Video !

Here we go for the D&M Shanghaî Disneyland week-end update and I've got an awesome aerial video for you, posted by Youtuber D.Ryan Newark. Don't know if he is the one who filmed it but whoever did it we need to thank him or them as we've got at last a perfect aerial "crystal clear" video with accurate colors - although a slightly bit saturated. And this time you'll see areas of the park not visible in others videos, like Adventure Isle. The video would have been a bit slowdown it would have been 100% perfect, but it was obviously filmed in 4K and that's probably why the footage has such a quality.

As you'll see in the video, rides are in test mode, elephants of the Dumbo ride are flying and the rafts of Roaring Rapids go down the rapids! Nuff' said, here is the video!

With a video as good as that no need to say that i did fantastic HD screen captures for you - don't hesitate to click on each to see them in larger size!  All screen caps are in order of the scenes in the video.

At last, some aerial footage over Adventure Isle and Roaring Rapids! The land behind it that you'll see on the second picture below is the land kept for SDL second park, to be build in ten years or so if everything works well with the first one.

Behind Roaring Rapids, the show buildings for the Tarzan show ( left ) and Soarin' Over the Horizon ( right ).

A closer look at Treasure Cove.

There's something really interesting in this new SDL video and it is - in addition of these stunning views of the park - the areas where there is ...nothing! For instance, on the picture below the land behind Adventure Isle, in the background, is where will be built the second park. But there is something else interesting on this picture, and it is the land which is on the right of Adventure Isle, between Aventure Isle and the lake on the first picture below or on the top of the second picture. There is a huge piece of land there, probably as big as Adventure Isle which mean enough space to build a "medium size land". You'll note that the ground seems even ready for construction. In fact it's a bit more complicated. Until recently dozens of workers houses were there, and now they've removed almost all of them. Meaning that if the land looks cleared it's in fact because the workers houses which were on it are now gone and not necessarily that they've prepared the land for a future park addition coming soon. And it won't be necessarily a new land as i remember a hotel was envisioned to be built there... That said, the day they'll want to build anything on this land, the ground will be ready.

And that's it for this Shanghaî Disneyland week-end update! I'm sure you're joining me to thanks whoever filmed this video for its quality, and i'll meet you next week for a new SDL update!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

First Teaser Trailer For Rogue One : A Star Wars Story !

Folks, Lucasfilm has released the first teaser - trailer for Rogue One : A  Star Wars Story and it ( almost ) looks like a new Star Wars trailer! Directed by Gareth Edwards, action happen shortly before the one of Star Wars Episode 4 and it tells the story of a group of rebels who set out a mission to steal the plans of the Death Star. So, there we go, back again in Star Wars with a new hype starting today and which will grow until Rogue One release next December! Trailer and screen captures below!

Screen captures of a  selection of scenes:

Pictures and video: copyright Lucasfilm

New Shanghaî Disneyland Pictorial Update !

Here we go for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update thanks to new pictures posted on Chinese Weibo website and Instagram. The first picture above is a great one showing Enchanted storybook Castle from the back in a clear blue day. As you can see behind the Gardens of Imagination are on the way to be completed. below, two others great shots of the castle.

Right in front of the back of the castle - if i can say - is the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto boat ride, and here is a picture of its lagoon.

The first scene of the boat ride that SDL guests will see is a Beauty and the Beast scene...

Another scene shows Aladdin genie surrounded by tons of gold!

And another scene is a Little Mermaid scene...

Always in Fantasyland, the Seven Dwarfs Mine train...

Trains are already running in test mode!

In the back of Fantasyland Winnie's Hunny Pots will replace Alice tea cups.

And that's it for today's Shanghaî Disneyland update, see you soon for a new update!